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Holidays + hosting + home

by | Oct 25, 2018 | Decorating Inspiration, My Books

Holidays + hosting + home

Can you believe we are basically in holiday season right now? I don’t feel ready, ha. My house is definitely not ready. But luckily there’s still time! To get in the GIVING frame of mind, I have GIVEAWAY below, by the way ;-).

Speaking of the holidays, who is hosting Thanksgiving this year (my U.S. friends) or who HOSTED Thanksgiving (my Canadian friends?)? I am hosting this year and am excited to start preparing the menu. I am actually a little curious what our menu will look like! I am on my gluten-free diet now (I’ve had thyroid issues for years and was finally diagnosed with Hashimoto’s…I’m feeling GREAT, though! I will be sharing more of that journey soon).

Holidays + hosting + home
Besides the addition of gluten-free options, my daughter Kylee and her husband Lance have been vegan for years now and several of our family members are “often” vegetarian and dairy free, too. I am thinking this year will be the most unique (and hopefully delicious) holiday meal yet! I’ve been pinning up a storm on my gluten-free dairy-free board here. Accepting all suggestions. :)

While we are no strangers to offering a fresh-twist on a traditional menu or ingredients, we keep food pretty simple. We try to keep the focus on the gathering of people, not stressing out over meal prep.

Embracing simplicity in so many areas of our home and how we celebrate the holidays has made all the difference for me as a hostess.

Holidays + hosting + home

Ever since my kids were small I’ve loved the opportunities I’ve had to host Thanksgiving and bring our family together in our home. Our rickety nearly-antique dining table isn’t big enough for all of us, so we always bring up a card table to extend the surface out to the living room. We toss a tablecloth over it and make one big happy table! It’s not fancy, but it brings together what matters the most. Lots of memories, good food to nourish us, and the people we love.

Isn’t that our goal in creating a home? That we can freely open the door wide and invite people in to a warm and welcoming space? No apologies, no fears, no stressing out trying to outdo ourselves or impress anyone for the holidays, just creating a home where we can truly care about people!

Do you enjoy hosting? Whether you’re the hostess with the mostess, or more hesitant to host…my book Simple Gatherings will inspire you all year long with encouragement, tips, inspiration, and ideas for hosting with simple creativity and ease.

What’s your hosting style?

Take this fun quiz to learn which party hosting style is right for you!

Holidays + hosting + home

Holidays + hosting + home

Today I have a fun giveaway to help us kick off the season of GIVING (and home and hosting!)! Besides these books making great hostess and Christmas gifts this time of year, I’m giving away A SET of my Inspired Ideas series (all three Simple books!) plus some other super awesome goodies :).

Find out about the giveaway and read about each of the three books below. Plus, find some helpful tips and free downloads for home and hosting!

Holidays + hosting + home

Order Simple Decorating at Amazon or Barnes and Noble

Jump-start your style and refresh your home with budget-friendly and practical ideas from my book Simple Decorating! You’ll learn to embrace your style, reimagine your spaces, and transform hard-to-love areas into favorite destinations.

Holidays + hosting + home

Holidays + hosting + home

Order Simple Organizing at Amazon or Barnes and Noble

Getting organized can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. Bring order and purpose to every room when you create an orderly vision for your home, design organizational systems to inspire you, and focus on progress, not perfection.

Holidays + hosting + home

Holidays + hosting + home

Order Simple Gatherings at Amazon or Barnes & Noble

Welcoming loved ones into your home doesn’t have to be intimidating when you discover your authentic hosting style, focus on what guests remember most and celebrate people as the centerpiece of any gathering. You can check perfection and intimidation at the door because this book isn’t hosting a Pinterest-worthy party…Simple Gatherings is about creating an experience that will draw people together.Holidays + hosting + homeWe hosted a giveaway awhile back and the winner never claimed her prize! So, first of all, don’t let that happen to you, always check your emails and promo folders if you enter giveaways or subscribe to my blog :). But the GOOD NEWS for YOU is that we have brought together a few of those pretty organizing elements to create a NEW giveaway!

So if you are the winner of this giveaway…you’ll receive a beautiful basket, a handy file box, pretty file folders, a notepad, drawer organizer, and hangers PLUS all 3 of my Simple books!

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment below! I’d LOVE to send this prize to you! :)



Holidays + hosting + home

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  1. Julie

    I love your table setting – I never would have thought to use different color napkins – it adds more color depth!

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    I always host a Thanksgiving/Friendsgiving that a grown and evolved over the years. Simple food, good people make it memorable. Would love to win you books!

  3. Shannon

    We’re moving into our new home on Saturday & so excited to start hosting!

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    Love the twinkle lights on your little tree-and the furry face peeking over the table top!

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    Melissa you and the girls are so cute!! Thanks for this opportunity to help us get organize for the holidays.

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    I have passed a quiz and I am a perfectionist : )

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    Your style is so beautiful, classic, and comfortable.

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    Have to adore the treasures you provide us with your blog, books, and now an opportunity to have ‘you’ in our homes/work via your giveaway. Getting the holiday season off to a GREAT start!

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    I would love to win your books. I already hosted Thanksgiving in Canada. We eat simply and enjoy everyone’s company. This year we had four generations at dinner. I love getting my family together.

  15. Melany Dallas

    I am all the way in South Africa, so not expecting to win :( But really REALLY love every single blog post and devour them eagerly :)

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    I like the idea of minimizing the stress in order to maximize the enjoyment!

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    Beautiful!! I ordered 3 of your coloring books for gifts. Love them. I really love the idea of your Gatherings book too!!! Thank you for this opportunity!!! <3

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  21. SheilaLovell

    Thanks for the inspiration. We are just getting chilly in Georgia and that makes the holidays so exciting! We were going n Seattle about a month ago at the Market Place and I wondered if you lived across the inlet. It was fun imagining:)

  22. Lila Piercey

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    How do you manage to control all of the clutter that comes with obtaining Christmas gifts and all the wrapping supplies? I always get overwhelmed.

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    I NEED simple, but my durn personality loves more… more deals, more pretty… what if I need that later, or one of my 7 children… ARGH! I can upcycle that roadside ‘treasure’. Organizing or downsizing doesn’t come easy for me.. I need help?P.S. my daughters are begging me not to leave them with all. This. STUFF!

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    Oh How i love your blog! I just finished a 4 month Reno project, adding a bedroom, doubling size of bathroom, remodeling two other bedrooms and closets. You were definitely a big source of inspiration for me. Whenever I felt stuck, I would go back and search for posts. I never copy straight out of images I see, but it sure helps solidify the vision I have for my house. Thank you!

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    I love your books, already own them all, but would love to surprise my newly-married daughter with a treat,! So excited each time I see your blog in my inbox! Thanks for bringing wonderful, normal, doable joy to so many lives!!!

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    I would love to win this giveaway! I am always needing more organizing ideas. I have a huge family and everything is chaos. Lol. Anyway, I hope your books help. P.S. I love reading your blog.

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    Aww, everything is so beautiful! I think I may host Thanksgiving but we are not sure this year! I adore cooking so I kinda always hope I get to host. ? It’s also so fun to me to adjust recipes or find foods that everyone can enjoy plus don’t make them feel bad later! Best wishes on your menu, I’m sure it will be delicious!

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    Hooray! Love your giveaways! Love your desire to simplify and focus on the people and gratitude to the Lord for all His good gifts! I annually host about 20 for Thanksgiving and have vegan and gluten free family members to cook for, too. I highly recommend Sarah Bakes Gluten Free ( for recipes that are always winners! Many (most) of them are also vegan. I’ve never had a “crash and burn” recipe bomb result from any of her recipes.

  49. Jennifer

    Thanksgiving is the one holiday we always offer to host! I just love that time of year and it lets me share our home, and my favorite foods, with all the people I love. Since we live far away from family, our Thanksgiving usually turns into a Friendsgiving and I love it! Bring on the pumpkin pie!

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    Hi Melissa
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    Keep up the inspiring posts.
    Carol Matanda

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  62. Kendra Paabo

    I am so excited for Thanksgiving this year: the first one we get to host in our new home as husband and wife! We are keeping it small, but will be enjoying a (hopefully) tasty meal on the new live-edge dining table my wonderful hubby spent the last 6 months building himself. We are still in the process of building our home (still lots of boxes around and many furniture pieces we still need to buy – dining chairs anybody?) and this site has been so helpful in helping us make a house our home. I look forward to keep learning and make the best home we can to hopefully raise a family in!

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  115. Kate

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  120. Jo Jo

    I love to host and will be hosting Thanksgiving and Christmas! I’m so happy you are doing well, Melissa, eating gluten free and feeling the results. Prayers for you as you continue. I’ve embarked on a new eating lifestyle ( Ketogenic) and am feeling great myself! I’ve lost 38 lbs in a few months. Thank you for your inspiration to keep things simply beautiful in our homes as we share our homes with others. This is my favorite and busiest time of year for hosting and I love it! ?❤️?

  121. Kristen

    Hi Melissa,
    I would love to read your other books, since I loved your first book. I’ve been following your blog for several years, and what I like the most about it is that you are real. You live in a real house, with real dogs, and real issues. I love that you work with your daughters, and that you just embrace simple, beautiful living. It’s refreshing.

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  125. Mary Huff

    We keep our celebrations simple as well, just enjoying being together. I’m sure it is planned on your part, but I love how your beautiful dog seems to always “photo bomb” a few of your photos. I have a cat like that as well, who loves to be part of whatever I am doing.
    I love your blog.

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  149. Tessa Hauglid

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  150. Sea

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  151. Sonja Stouffer

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  161. Tracey

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  162. Jeanine Evans

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  164. Karleen Miller

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  165. Valjean Merkel

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    I always enjoy reading your posts. Your fall home tour soothed my soul. I really like your style. Thank you.

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    As for GF Thanksgiving…we have mostly gluten intolerant people in our home (and one celiac), so our meal is now 100% GF and you’d never know. Whole Foods is a great option for things like stuffing and even pie shells if you want a traditional pumpkin pie. We make apple crumble and have an incredible GF cheesecake recipe. Our favorite Thanksgiving bread is actually Krusteaz cornbread! We do a mix of “easy prep” and gourmet so the kids can all own portions of the meal.
    Thanks for the time you put into posting for all of us every week. Blessings, Karen

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  268. Karolyn K

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  301. Carla Travaille

    We started hosting Thanksgiving the first year we were married and have carried on the tradition for 39 years! We keep it simple and everyone brings a dish to share. I am so thankful for your blog. People are always more important than things! Thanks for keeping that a priority.

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    I love the big basket you have the books in!

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    I have hosted gluten and dairy free Thanksgiving meals for years. Not vegan, however. That said, there are usually tons of side dishes that work for vegans. My husband bbqs the turkey on the Weber–takes just a couple of hours and is delicious. And, it frees up the oven for stuffing (made with gluten free cornbread), carrot souffle and roasted brussel sprouts.

  304. Kriss

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    Would love to win this giveaway!

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    JoLynn Hobbs

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  351. Sheila

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    Cara M

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    We have been (slowly) working on the inside of our home…decluttering, mainly. Now that we’ve made space, I feel stuck and limited…we can’t redo everything at once, yet it looks weird to just complete a task at a time (new wall colors, flooring, furnishings). So, we haven’t yet begun the updating…
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    Love following along and always love entering giveaways! We just moved and know that we are going to be moving again in 10 months, trying to organize & let alone decorate different spaces…overwhelming doesn’t even cover it! I look forward to the chance to read all three books!

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    3.Above all open my home and host weekly home cell for the body of Christ.

    Your are a blessing to those we do life with.

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  517. Bunny

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    Would love to win the gift package, especially your books. I have two of your others already.

  533. Teri Garner

    That table setting! Simplicity, elegance, beauty…and an adorable dog:)

  534. Heather Strohl

    What an awesome giveaway! Your books have been on my want list for awhile now. This would be perfect! Thanks for all the inspiration.

  535. Barbara Jones

    I would love to win the giveaway. We just
    did some minor remodeling after the kids
    moved out. This will be my first time hosting
    Thanksgiving since then. I love your style and would so love to win your beautiful gifts!

  536. Amber Braun

    Ooh!! I would love this!!! Am moving soon and would love some new ideas!?

  537. Amber Braun

    Ooh!! I would love this!!! Am moving soon and would love some new ideas!?

  538. Kim

    Thank you for the inspiration and sharing your talent. I look forward to your blog posts and would love this prize ?

  539. Monica

    I love everything thing about your posts…such great ideas! Just read the Christmas preparations ideas and that is exactly what I need…a clean slate before the “more” comes I in the house! Thank you for sharing!

  540. Julie

    Melissa, Thanks for making the idea of creating a beautiful space “do-able”.

  541. Patricia

    Would love to win!

  542. Kaye Waters

    Thank you for inspiring me over the years to start hosting family and friends for the holidays. It is not in my nature to do so but you give such creative and simple ideas that I certainly cannot go wrong in entertaining. Thank you for extending grace to us all :)

  543. latanya

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    I’m usually hosting both Thanksgiving and Christmas gatherings. Thanksgiving will probably be 16-18 people. Christmas on the other hand gets crazy with way more extended family! We still aren’t sure how many will be coming;it could be as many as 45+ ..

  548. Linds

    I love hosting at the holidays! Thank YOU for hosting such a lovely giveaway!

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    Happy Thanksgiving!

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  553. Andrea

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    I also host Thanksgiving for gluten free, vegan, vegetarians and meat eaters. It was actually much easier than i expected. The gluten free family members so appreciated not having to worry about meal ingredients and being able to eat anything at the table. Looking forward to hearing more about your Hashimoto’s journey when you are ready to share.

  559. Lori

    My Mom also has Hashimoto’s. I look forward to sharing your blog post with her.

  560. Leona

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  562. Lisa

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  563. Kathleen Heckman

    Moving to a new home shortly. Very limited housing here. Ordered your book on How to Love the Home You Have Hoping it will help me to adjust to whatever housing we end up in. Enjoy your stylings, Cleaning, organizing, and decorating are all integral to moving so would love to win your books. Thank you.

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  569. amy white

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  572. Nancy Swecker

    I enjoy all your posts and glean something I can use from each one. Right now I am reading Simple Organizing and working on my kitchen.

  573. Kimberly Somers

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  574. Mary J

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  576. Lisa Matarazzo

    Hello – for the past many years I have a Thanksgiving gathering with my 2 kids and parents and friends on Wednesday. For me it just takes the pressure off. My kids get to see my family and then get to spend Thanksgiving Day with their Dad and his family on Thanksgiving Day. It’s my favorite holiday.

  577. Diana Cortez

    I just bought your simple organizing book kindle edition and I’m loving it. It will be awesome to have your books on the printed edition as well as the other gadgets of the giveaway. I love hosting gatherings at home, its so enjoyable having the house full of family and friends but I do need help to finish up some touches on my house.

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