Our New Seattle House Tour {Video!}

Hey friends! Phew, what a crazy few weeks it has been but we are thrilled to finally be able to take you on a little initial tour of our new (old) mid-century brick rambler! Yeah, did you ever imagine that I would buy a ranch-style one level house with a basement? I actually didn’t think we would ever buy a mid-century rambler. Not that I am anti-midcentury ranch houses at all, they are cool, but you know me, usually I’d say I’m a cottage/farmhouse/craftsman/fairytale lovin’ house girl.

Of course, I guess I shouldn’t be totally surprised that we bought a house from a different era, since our last house was a brand new house when we’d always lived in older 1920s and 1930s houses.

But regardless of its shape, size, age, or style, I just knew it would be right for us and we’d be happy there making a house a home. I have tons to share about the short and longer term ideas we have for this house. I also have a preliminary vision for each room and the exterior that I am excited to share with you in upcoming posts! But because there is so much to share and dream about, I wanted to start with a video tour to give you a little sneak peek.

So, what were some of the reasons we felt this house would suit us?

Here are some of its best features:

Gorgeous natural light — This house is bright and cheery all times of the day on the main floor AND in the basement, even on a cloudy day. That was a big deal. Our old house had beautiful light that streamed through big windows, so I knew what a difference light made in our day-to-day experience. Most of our previous houses had big trees that blocked the light, so this time we knew we should intentionally look for a house that had trees within view, but not so close that they that blocked light.

A sense of space — This house isn’t big, but it has a feeling of spaciousness. With the large expanses of windows with wide views of the sky, the sense of space is increased and it makes you feel like you have plenty of room to breathe. I loved that the house has a separate living room, dining room and kitchen, but they all flow together which makes the house feel more open (while still feeling cozy). I also love that it has a spacious basement for hanging out.

A blank slate — Even though this is a unique era and style for us, I feel like the house has so much potential to become more our style through the addition of character, curb appeal, design details, furnishings and remodeling the kitchen and bathroom. It was very clean and well-kept enough to move right in and start adding our own personal touches throughout the entire house. We knew there were so many projects we could do it to make it our own, it felt like it would be a fun and challenging house to work on. I especially love that there are projects we can do right away, too!

A solid house — You know how some houses just feel right, even if you can’t put a finger on why? This house feels really solid and nice when you are in it, which gives us a great structure and vibe to start with. It has already had plumbing and electrical updates, a finished basement, and yet didn’t have any crazy additions or botched remodels that we would have to “undo.”

The view — Never in a million years did we expect to get a view, but happy bonus, this house has amazing sunset and sky views, mountain, trees and Puget Sound views from the living room, dining room and kitchen. Every day just walking through the house and seeing the wide open views will feel like a gift.

The location — This house is conveniently located within five miles of everything that we wanted to be close to. It’s also in an established area where many people are improving their homes, which is great for resale.

A quiet oasis  — Seattle is a big city. There are a lot of people and loud cars. I love the excitement, but when I am at home I don’t want to hear or dodge cars and traffic on my own street. I don’t want to live IN a city, so the location and setting of this house on a large, more private lot will feel like we will have a retreat, a true escape. Even the backyard is private and has beautifully manicured old growth shrubs and trees that make it feel like an oasis.

The Inspired Room - In Process of Moving In - New Seattle House

Just seeing some of our furniture coming in the house makes me excited to start getting settled (even though right now we have random decor strewn about and bins and boxes piling up all over the place, ha!). I’ll have a post soon sharing our ‘moving in’ process, and some of our best tips for planning a move. If you missed our ‘moving out’ post, find that here!

Stay tuned, we’ll be going room by room through the house sharing our vision, inspiration rooms, and short and long term plans for each space!

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