Tidy & Pretty Home + A Giveaway

Tidy & Pretty Home + A Giveaway

I have always loved the principle of form + function in design. I find that when my useful and practical household items are attractive, I actually enjoy those every day tasks like cooking, cleaning and tidying up around the house a bit more.

When functional items are pretty enough to be out in the open and the house still looks tidy and pulled together? That’s a home decor lovers’ dream.

So as a part of my “fall nesting” rituals I start assessing ways to bring more form and function to our everyday tasks.

I’ll be honest, one of my personal pet peeves is ugly smelly sticky germ-filled trash cans. I know, ew, right? Even worse is seeing a messy trash can sitting out in an otherwise lovely space.

I don’t know about you, but I find juggling messy food, plates, and opening trash or recycling can lids to be a risky and messy situation. It just is. So what can we do about it?

Tidy & Pretty Home + A Giveaway

When simplehuman contacted me about trying out one of their new sensor cans, my heart started to pitter patter. I’ve actually had simplehuman cans in our home for years (their lidded cans are perfect in our bathrooms for keeping pets out!). simplehuman is known for their high-quality design and innovated products, but they have introduced another dimension of ease and efficiency with this sensor can with voice control.

This sensor can with voice control allows users to open the can at their command, whether they’re rushing over with a dripping mess or simply tossing a paper towel from the sink. You ask it to open and it does! I am not even kidding you. Check it out for yourself in our little video demo, above.

Can you even imagine how much easier it is to open a can on command and deposit messy things inside without dripping stuff everywhere?

It also has a motion sensor with an extended range of access for quicker, effortless use, while the voice sensor adds more range and versatility.

Who knew you could fall in love with a humble trash can? This can truly is a dream for anyone who loves design and a mess-free, germ-free experience, too.

Tidy & Pretty Home + A Giveaway

Imagine how it could help you avoid these mess makers and other potential kitchen disasters:

Dripping coffee filters

Cracking eggs

Tossing trash from the sink

Dripping meat or food containers

        Messy hands while cooking 

I would absolutely put one of these cans in my kitchen, if I had enough space for it. In fact, honestly I would have MADE room for it had I known it existed. It’s that awesome.

But, I love having it in my office. It would be wonderful in a laundry room or bathroom, too. It’s pretty, so convenient for everyday needs and makes tidying up a breeze.

Tidy & Pretty Home + A Giveaway

Tidy & Pretty Home + A Giveaway

Here are some other neat features I love:

  • I love that it has dual compartments–one for trash and one for recycling. I chose this can for that very reason! It’s so convenient to have the two separate compartments.
  • The liner pocket conveniently located inside the can makes changing the bag a breeze! It makes for quick and easy dispense when taking out the trash.
  • It’s easy to place anywhere! 6 AA batteries lasts up to 3 months, or there is an adapter for electric operation.
  • I love that this can is energy-efficient.
  • My favorite thing is when products work well and last for years! This can is engineered and tested for years of dependable use.
  • When idle, the sensor range is focused right above the lid, so it only opens when you want it to. Once activated, the sensor area expands, so the lid stays open until you are finished with your task or have walked away from the can!

Tidy & Pretty Home + A Giveaway

Want one of these beauties for your home?

Get one HERE (and see the other finishes and variations!)


Alrighty, friends. Let’s talk trash, shall we?

Comment below and tell us your dream household innovation or favorite simplehuman product to be entered for a chance to win the same trash can I have!

Fall Cooking (and Cookbook Round Up)

Fall Cooking (and Cookbook Round Up)

It’s been raining, gray and chilly here the past few days. I even TURNED ON OUR HEAT yesterday. You know what that must mean. Yes, fall is finally here. And it means I’m thinking about all the comforting meals I haven’t had in awhile! ;)

My girls and I are planning to start “family meal-prep days” soon where we’ll all meet up at my house each week to make a big batch of soup or other delicious things.

Have you ever done a big group cooking day like that?

We thought it would be a fun family activity, plus we would all get to go home with our pot of soup or even just our prepared healthy ingredients for that week. YAY! Fun, time-saving and healthy.

I’ve been flipping through our cookbooks for inspiration and found a few others that look so good (some might be “healthier” than others, but still, they all look amazing for fall comfort):

Bowls of Goodness

Natural: Wholesome Recipes for Pure Nourishment

Scandinavian Comfort Food

Easy Soups from Scratch with Quick Breads to Match

Purely Pumpkin

Kale and Caramel (just ordered this one!)

Love Your Lunches

Fall Cooking (and Cookbook Round Up)


Fall Cooking (and Cookbook Round Up)

Speaking of fall, my girls and I are excited to offer a fun free wellness class on our Pure & Lovely website this Thursday night at 6:30 PM PT / 9:30 PM ET (it will remain available all weekend to view at your leisure). We will be sharing some of our secrets for a happy life with essential oils.

Essential oils definitely improved our family’s life in many awesome ways.

And not in that “hype” sort of way. Cause I’m totally not the hype type. :)

Fall Cooking (and Cookbook Round Up)

Our class is called A Happy Life with Essential Oils (how these little drops can change everything!).

We want you all to have your happiest, healthiest fall ever, so we hope you’ll come to the class and enjoy!

Put the class in your calendar–it begins this Thursday September 21 at 6:30PM PT / 9:30 PM ET.

If you’re on Facebook, please hit GOING on this event invite even if you aren’t sure if you can attend on Thursday. When you RSVP as GOING, you will have all weekend to view the class details and you’ll be able to enter some fun giveaways.

Not on Facebook?

Here’s where you’ll find the class info. A link to attend the class will be posted on that page as soon as the class is live Thursday night, so put the date and time in your calendar so you can check back!

Happy Fall Nesting!

What are some of your favorite fall comfort meals and cookbooks?

Share some of your favorites in the comments!

Fall Cooking (and Cookbook Round Up)