7 Clever & Charming Built-Ins

I love when built-in storage and architectural detail is tucked into little nooks and crannies in a home. Built-ins are not only charming but oh-so-practical, especially in small spaces where furniture can feel crowded. My far away dream is to build a house with custom built-ins everywhere. How fun would that be? So for a little fun weekend dreaming, here are seven ideas for clever and charming built-ins.

1) Don’t waste an inch.

Yes, there could have been just regular drywall around that door (above). But why have a plain ordinary wall next to a door when you can have fun cubbies for trays, breadboards and pretty bowls?

2) Hallways can be more than just a pass through.

If your hallway or stairway landing is wide enough, I think tucking in a library would be the most charming idea. I mean, I would vote for a library in any room of the house, but something about this hallway just makes me certain I would forget where I was headed and find myself lost in a novel all afternoon.

3) Doggie mudrooms should be a must.

OK, so at our house we are forever carrying dogs upstairs to wash off their muddy feet and faces after fun in the rain. But this idea? Imagine this perfect doggie shower tucked into a corner of the garage or a mudroom, with built-in space for dog towels and accessories. I vote yes for this.

4) Efficiency can be charming, too.

So if you don’t have the extra space for a dedicated laundry room, this could be an efficient way to keep up with your laundry while you fix dinner or drink your morning coffee! Many of us don’t have the luxury of spacious rooms for every thing we want or need in our home, so you might as well make efficiency in small spaces feel charming and intentional.

5) Little nooks with big style.

Dying. I love this built-in desk under the window, surrounded by bookshelves and drawers. What could be more inspiring than a charming spot designed to sit and write a letter, catch up on reading or writing, or pay a bill?

6) Why be ordinary if you can be special?

So I love the little built-in bookcase space next to the stairs. But I can’t help but be drawn to the dutch door, too. While maybe it wouldn’t be what most of us think in when we say “built-in” it is a functional, practical and delightful feature to include in a home.

7) Built-in beds and bookcases are a win in small spaces.

I mean, can you imagine daydreaming the afternoon away in a built-in bed cubby like this?

Okay, if you could have just one of these built-ins in your home, which would you pick?

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