All Creatures Great and Small

All Creatures Great and Small
All things bright and beautiful
All creatures great and small
All things wise and wonderful
The Lord God made them all
–Cecil Francis Alexander
All Creatures Great and Small


  1. Oh I love this Melissa! beautiful words but even more beautiful photo! Smily happy westie!!! xo

  2. Now, THAT is a face! I love it!! Oh but I could kiss that sweet face…


  3. Hi Melissa!


    You are one gorgeous boy, love that nose. Oh our two would love a play! Smooch Smooch :) Beautiful quote M! Have a gorgeous Sunday, we think Winston want to go for a long walk or a drive-by!

    Jenn and jacqui xo

  4. Fabulous photo!

    Many Blessings,

  5. I loved to sing that in church when I was little. :-) Rosie

  6. What a riot.!!!!.. little chuckle indeed… !!!!

    Love the quote too but I have to say that picture says it all!!!



  7. Loved the photo! Love all creatures, well…except for spiders. I love what they do, clean the world of other insects they just scare me. Eeeek.

  8. What a cutie!

  9. I am a cat person but this is a beautiful dog.

  10. What an adorable little dog! Have a wonderful Sunday! xo Rachel

  11. What a cutie pie and s/he looks pretty great, too!

  12. Your little guy is adorable Melissa…love that sweet nose. : )

  13. What a cutie pie!

    I love this verse. I’ve also read all the James Harriott books, with these lines as titles. He was a Veterinarian in Yorkshire! I love his books. Not only were the stories of his Veterinary days amazing, his discriptions of the countryside were incredible.

    Great post, Melissa!

  14. So true!! And thank you so much for the lovely Valentine wish.
    Hope your weekend been good.
    Love Elzie

  15. This is from someone who has 5 dogs…..I waaaant him! *lol* Isn’t he just the sweetest guy?


  16. Sweet Cottage Dreams says:

    Hi Melissa girl! You have been on my mind all weekend and I got home to read your comment and their is WINSTON’s sweet and most handsome face to greet me!!!!!! Hi Mr. Winston!!! You are oh so adorable and your mommy took a sweet picture of you to share with all of us and make us smile!!! I wish you could come and play with Duhgall…he would have a great time with you and we could take you to the beach to run around and get all sandy and messy!!!!

    Thank you, Melissa!! I vote for more of Winston posts!!! He is a debonaire dude!!!


  17. Aaaaawwwwww…what a sweet little furry face!

    Kimberly :)

  18. Please tell me that is your puppy!!!! What a cutie patootie!!! Love it! ;)

    Thanks so much for the SWEET and wonderful Valentine’s Card…I have lots to tell you…will write tomorrow!!!

    Take Care,
    Melissa ;)

  19. Oh.My.Word! What a precious face!

    Hope your weekend was wonderful.

  20. A sweet creature you have here. Have you ever seen Robin’s pupster at My Melange?


  21. So precious! I love it when dogs look like they’re smiling!

  22. What a cutie we have here!

  23. Hi Melissa – Abby’s choir recently sang that song. Makes me tear up when I hear anyone, but esp. children, sing those words! And I love your doggie …. oh, Haggis would love to meet him (her?). Happy Monday!

  24. Such a cutie…thanks for sharing!

  25. What a sweet face Winston has! I love doggies….


  26. Hi He is lovely we have a Westie too called Pippin and she has a lovely personality. Tricia

  27. Awwww…how cute!!!!!!!

  28. Hi Melissa,

    Winston needs to get a doggie agent! He has a face that could launch a thousand doggie treats! What a great closeup… :)

  29. So cute! What a great picture. :)

  30. What a wonderful post. Beautiful photo, beautiful words. My sister-in-law swears by Westies! I’m a sucker for any little wet noses! Thanks for giving me a smile today!

  31. He looks positively wise and angelic…

  32. Penny, Mosaic Artist says:

    Beautiful quote and sweet, sweet picture. It that your puppy? Adorable! Does it shed? I am thinking about getting a puppy but need to make sure it is a non shedding breed….

  33. Beautiful post:)

  34. OMG, what a cutie! That picture just has me grinning from ear to ear. :)

  35. Hello Melissa!

    Happy Tuesday! I thought my puppy was the cutest ever, but Winston has completely won me over. How ever do you keep from showering him with treats and hugs all day?

    Have a really lovely week!

  36. Great quote. Cute photo!

  37. ahhhhhhhhhhh!
    soooooooooooo cute!!!!


  38. I want a big wet Winston kiss……right on my kisser ;) So cute!!!!

  39. Oh he is so cute. I have a westie named Kobe (he is my second).

  40. Winston, what would our mommies do without us to direct all their artistic activities so capably?
    from your four footed Texas friends,
    Howie, Annie and Java

    Nancys inspiring blog post..Artists I Admire – Sharon’s New England Life

  41. I love your Westie, Winston. My Basset hound, Tommy Boy would love to do lunch some day with him. :0)

  42. I love Winston! I have a Westie named Otis. He will be 9 the day after Christmas. It was the best choice we could have ever made when we got him. He is a “momma’s” boy. He even goes to the babysitter every day during the week as there is no one home during the day. He can’t stay all by himself. It’s the same babysitter I had and my son. They love him as their own. They have all kinds of Westie items throughout their house. We all just love him. Thanks for the blog!!!!

  43. cutest puppy ever!

  44. Smmmooches Winston!

    Robin Rane’ ~ All Things Homes inspiring blog post..You’re my CuppyCake!

  45. Hello there Mr. Winston! What a handsome devil you are. I used to know a few charming little Westies like yourself. I look forward to your fluffy little words of wisdom.~~Ann.

    Ann Fords inspiring blog post..Major Retraction!!

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