Inspiration: Random Acts of Beauty

Inspiration: Random Acts of Beauty

My neighbor snipped off this fragrant and beautiful lilac for me
as we paused to talk along the side of the road.

A simple, random act of beauty.

Inspiration: Random Acts of Beauty


  1. Hi Melissa

    How beautiful and just so wonderful an act of kindness like that…funny because my neighbour knocked on the door this afternoon with a bunch of handpicked flowers from the yard, she was leaving for a weeks hols and thought I might like to enjoy them rather than them sitting out there on their own.

    a nice thought and makes it all worthwhile when someone is nice, I guess I should do more random acts myself

    A Beach Cottage

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  2. Beautiful …!

  3. when I was in highschool we had a lilac bush next to our front door. Every morning while waiting for my friend to pick me up I would pick a blossom and hang it in hair. They smell so lovely.

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  4. It’s wonderful to know that you live in such a neighborhood…

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  5. Very sweet. And I love the smell of lilacs.

  6. A random act of beauty – I love it! Granted no one did it for me, but I picked up a lovely bunch of flowers from the Farmers Market yesterday. I have a new office that needs a little bit of cheer!

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  7. A random act of beauty – I love it!

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  8. Glad you are getting to know your new neighbors.

    Mrs. Rabe from Creekside Cottage surprised me with a bouquet of lilacs recently. They smelled heavenly.

    God must think beautiful thoughts to have created so many wonderful things! Love your Lilacs.

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  9. My backdoor neighbor has a jasmine vine all along the fence and when we sit out back it smells beautiful.

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  10. Lilacs are my all time favorite flower. Yankee Candle makes a lilac scented candle that is as close the real thing as I have ever smelled!

  11. Beautiful! Lilacs remind me of my Gramma~ It’s good to remember that little acts of kindness matter…
    and to involve all of our senses when we’re creating beauty around the house~
    All Things Heart and Home

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  12. Beautiful!! What a nice neighbor!

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  13. What a nice thing to do! And I’m really amazed at just how beautiful it is! God is THE Great Designer.

    Have a great week.


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  14. Oh, that is beautiful! We don’t have them around here…enjoy!


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  15. I wish we had a lilac bush! I LOVE them!! Lucky you for such a sweet neighbor!!


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  16. Lilacs are one of my faves. What a sweet thing to do!

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  17. Oh, how nice!

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  18. I love this:)

    I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day Melissa.

    Take Care,

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  19. Oh I can NEARLY smell that through my screen. What a lovely gift!

    Angie @ The Creative Mamas inspiring blog post..The kindred-spirit friendships.

  20. Beautiful is right!

    Have a wonderful day, Melissa!

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  21. beth daggett says:

    Gosh, I wish our neighbors were so nice! The people in our neighborhood are pretty quiet and pretty much keep to themselves. The only neighbors I’ve met are the ones that wanted to know if we wanted to split the cost for the fence between our two properties. The flowers are beautiful!!

    beth daggetts inspiring blog post..Gifted

  22. Lilacs have been my favorite flower since I was 8 years old. Nothing beats the smell!

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  23. A generous neighbor with a lilac bush is almost as good as having your own! Lilacs make me so happy.

  24. What a beautiful lilac! I’m glad that you’re getting to know your neighbors in your new neighborhood too. Nothing like beautiful flowers to get the conversation going, right?

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  25. Loved this post! What a nice neighbor!

  26. Things like that are so simple- but are so grand in the way they make you feel.
    Thanks for reminding me to do more simple acts- {like your title, I may adopt it =}

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  27. One of the best smells in the world. Lilacs are my favorite.
    Neighbors are great!

    Ranas inspiring blog post..Generations

  28. I too have lilacs in my house as I write. They smell so good. So pretty too.

    kaseys inspiring blog post..Tulip Festival

  29. OOOoohh! I love lilacs! Mine were Mother’s Day gifts from my mom about 3 years ago! They are in perfect bloom right now. Only problem? I have allergies…can’t cut them but I can look out my kitchen window and admire their color and beauty! Spring has Sprung!!

    Lynne @ Our Happy Homes inspiring blog post..Interview with Brendan – The Mommy Edition

  30. I am going to a neighbor’s to cut lilacs this afternoon. Wonderful, aren’t they?

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  31. Pauline says:

    That really is lovely!!!

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  32. What a sweet neighbor!

  33. Ohhhhh do i love Lilacs!!

    I do not have any yummy bushes in my yard— however I live near a golf course— sooo literally last evening just as the sun was going down; I snuck (is that a word?) with clippers in hand and brought back to my dining room a fantastic bouquet of those fragrant flowers. Makes my heart sing!! Lahhhhhh

    couldnt be nicer… *thinking i need to take a picture of my bouquet…* thanks for the inspiration!


    Claudia @ DipityRoads inspiring blog post..Finding Inspiration

  34. How lovely! Like someone else said, I can almost smell them through the screen! I miss lilacs. Enjoy!

  35. So glorious. There is a lilac festival at The Royal Botanical Gardens soon…and I know a secret place with rows and rows of lilacs. So pretty.

    Liberty Post Editors inspiring blog post..Canadian Eclectic

  36. Janet Watkins says:

    last week I had a co worker bring a bouquet of lilacs in for me. I placed them into one of my favorite vases that I keep at work. My whole office smelled of lilacs. Each time I walked into my office they made me smile and gave me such a enter peace.

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