Farmhouse Laundry Room

Farmhouse Laundry Room

I completely blew it in my previous post when I linked to this fabulous Farmhouse Laundry Room from Raised In Cotton. My link went NOWHERE. Gah and Ugh. I wanted you all to be able to actually find her blog and the rest of the pictures! Sooo sorry about that! Carol is such a sweet lady too, you really will enjoy her new old farmhouse (not just the laundry room!)! Have fun exploring her blog and while you are there, check out her 5th blogging anniversary giveaway!

Farmhouse Laundry Room


  1. I like the rusticness of the seafoam green cupboard.Love the disheveled-yet-organized look of the room.
    Lakshmi recently posted..Hand-painted Turquoise PotteryMy Profile

  2. Marilyn Holeman says:

    Well, Melissa, It didn’t go NOWHERE. It actually gave me another copy of the picture in your post. :-) But I just put Raised in Cotton Blog in Google, and I got there just fine. It just took a little more work than your nice links. Thanks for all you do. You DO inspire me.


  3. Oh Melissa,
    This is gorgeous! I know where I can get an old cubbord like that one… I’m off to get it today – I know where I can use it now. You have INSPIRED me. Thank you!

  4. I’m going over to check out her blog. Thanks for your generosity in the blog world.

    Becky K.
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  5. This is the comment I would’ve left for Carol if I had been able…my comment was sliced in two and I couldn’t find the “submit” button…

    “Beautifully and cleverly accomplished. Love your disguising of all the plumbing in that way. I also liked the chandelier as a little punch to the country style. Wonderful job!”

    I thought that you just wanted us to see a closer view of the room, Melissa. Never gave it a thought that the link wasn’t working.
    Vee recently posted..A Project Long in the Making and Not Yet FinishedMy Profile

  6. so glad you reposted! i love that photo and can’t wait to check out more!

  7. Ha, I googled her right on up….Her laundry is to die for as the rest of her house. Thanks for sharing.
    sharae recently posted..I couldnt resistMy Profile

  8. I am currently overhauling my laundry room area. I don’t think it will ever look quite like hers, but at least this gives me some inspiration for my own. Thank you for sharing this beautiful farmhouse

  9. Melissa, I’ve mistakenly done the same thing before! LOL No big deal…think of it this way…she was shared twice! I am heading over to check out more of her ideas right now. This laundry room photo is to die for!!! Soaking up all of the inspiration like a sponge right now while I figure out what I want to do with mine!!!

    Thanks again for the great inspiration and generous blog friend sharing that you do!
    Mary Joy recently posted..Ive been invited to review Operation Beautiful!!! Have you heard of itMy Profile

  10. Love this laundry room….mine has about …um…a load of clothes on the floor…yeah right! ;)

  11. I googled it and found it too!! No worries!

    But what a cute site! So glad you shared it. Love love love those old farmhouses!
    Fiona Sanders recently posted..Changed My Life-Tithe of My TimeMy Profile

  12. Oh Melissa, You’re a sweetie:)) Thanks so very much and Thanks to all of your readers who come by for a visit to see my farmhouse:)) Many Blessings, Carol
    Raised In Cotton ~Carol recently posted..Raised In Cotton Blog Anniversary GiveawayMy Profile

  13. I love this laundry room :)

  14. Love it! When my little laundry room grows up, I hope it looks much like Carol’s beautiful Farmhouse Laundry Room. I love the inspiration it gives for creating a smaller space as well though with its cozy touches spread here and there. Absolutely love Carol’s blog.
    Happiness to you ~Tracie
    Tracie~My Petite Maison recently posted..Magical Bistro LightsMy Profile

  15. I think if I had a laundry this gorgeous, I actually stay in it long enough to fold my laundry!
    Lesley recently posted..A solution for family photos – plus a giveaway!My Profile

  16. This is my dream room….not a kitchen with granite counters, not a living room with a 60 inch plasma and a leather sectional, not a master suite with a king size bed and closet space that Carrie & the girls would envy…nope, THIS is my dream room :)

  17. Hello! I love your laundry space! Is there a way to find out the paint color on the walls by chance? Thank you!

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