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I know I’m probably a little strange but I love having “destinations” in my home. I imagine some corners in my home as a getaway for reading, blogging or just quiet time.

I’m kind of smitten with this little corner with the fun blue chair, above, from Country Living. I love how it is all nestled in the corner with easy access to all of those books! THAT would be a great destination for me!

Having a lamp and ottomans by my sofa make this “destination” in my living room more inviting, useful and comfortable! It doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive to create a desirable “destination!”

Leave it to Martha to have an awesome coffee area to go to in her home. Pretty fancy, huh?

My coffee corner is not as fancy as Martha’s, but I do like having some syrups, pretty creamers and a variety of mugs on hand to make my morning coffee ritual more special! Not like going to Starbucks, maybe, but still fun to have a “place” to go each morning.

I set up a little herb and potting area last summer by setting up a small gardening table in my backyard.  I cannot wait for the planting season to come around again! Even though I don’t really have a green thumb, it was relaxing for me to go out and snip herbs right in my own backyard. It was so simple to set up, yet that table really does create a place with a purpose — a place I enjoy going!

And if you are really ambitious, you can get more elaborate with decorating and setting up your destinations! I love this tropical backyard destination from Remodeling Guy! Why have a boring back yard when you can have a tropical vacation just outside your door?

What about creating a little spa destination in your own bathroom? I have great plans to work on my own master bathroom someday but for now, at least it has a nice deep tub! That is about as close to a spa as I’ll probably get these days!

So many ways to create a little destination in your home! What destinations do you have or aspire to have in your home?


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  1. Ok, now you just made me want to create a coffee bar in my kitchen! :)
    jessica recently posted..How to build a window seat {tutorial}My Profile

  2. I must say that my office is usually my destination…and it’s so much more inviting when it’s clean!
    Lynn from For Love or Funny recently posted..Me and my stick… A love story.My Profile

  3. I really need to break my coffee machine out, it’s been locked away for years. I’ll find it a new little home :)
    Liz recently posted..{Ikea} Ektorp Sofa Advice PleaseMy Profile

  4. First – lovely lovely new blog home! :)

    And I was immediately drawn into the word “Destination” – that makes my mind rush to places in my home that I want to create!

    love it!
    Stacey recently posted..The Joy Dare :: SometimesMy Profile

  5. i, too, was drawn in by your “Destination”…love the blue and white chair and the lovely bookshelf–really pretty. we moved the tv to the basement so now the living room is becoming that special place for me…it will take a little time to get it the way i want, but i am in no rush these days! love the potting table also. feeling inspired this morning! thank you!!!
    NanaDoll recently posted..Ecuador, Earthquakes and Thomas the DiscipleMy Profile

  6. Two places come to mind right away – my living room sofa filled with pillows, a reading lamp nearby is always my destination for a cup of tea and magazine reading on a sunny morning. My summertime destination is a little corner at the back of the yard under a maple tree where we sit for a glass of wine on an early evening. Thanks for reminding me of these destinations – now I don’t need to look for them outside my own home.
    Heather recently posted..Valentine’s Dessert – Chocolate Raspberry TorteMy Profile

  7. That blue chair is so beautiful. My favorite destination, I think, has to be my bed (: Especially with flannel sheets. Just a lazy girl at heart, I guess!

  8. What a great idea! I keep trying to think if we have any “destinations” in our home but since we’re getting ready to sell our house to find a new place, I don’t think we do. :(
    Tabitha (From Single to Marreid) recently posted..two years ago today…My Profile

  9. I LOVE this idea – my get away space is my home office – painted in a soft blush of a pink – where I blog and quilt and create. I have a string of fabric hearts that I hang on the outside of the door handle that lets my significant other know – do not disturb. I have an outdoor courtyard on the side of my house that is like a secret, relaxing destination in the summer and a big ole chaise in front of an even bigger front window is my reading get away. So nice to read your post here. I think there is an allure with “over there” when more often we can find or create it right here (in our own homes).
    Ms A – the monkey keeper recently posted..Bring the MonkeyMy Profile

  10. I love the idea of a destination area, I have several in my own home now that you have brought it to my attention. I am very thankful for my little peaces of tranquility in my very own home. I never thought of them as a destination before, but you are so right. I go there with one purpose in mind, to just sit and be in the calm!! happy Monday,
    KATHYSUE recently posted..HOW DO YOU LIKE YOUR PILLOWS??My Profile

  11. HI Melissa, I have a coffee destination area too. I have made it pretty since it is the first thing I look at in the morning. Love all of it…the looks, the taste of the coffee, the aroma of the coffee while it is being made….The journey/destination took me awhile to figure out…but why not enjoy the little journeys we make every day. It makes landing at the destination more enjoyable…like landing on the chair, with my coffee, looking at my favorite blogs, and visiting with my neighbors (bloggers). Ha…it’s all good!
    great post.
    Debbie recently posted..Tutorial-Ragged Edged Applique-Cherry pillow and Valentine giveaway!My Profile

  12. This is really cute. I love the idea of destinations in your home.
    Jenny recently posted..The little dish that couldMy Profile

  13. Love the idea of destinations in your home! A nook to meditate and reflect would be nice…, so I wouldn’t have to use the couch for that, lol.
    Maya recently posted..Labor of Love -The Tor House in Carmel Built by Robinson Jeffers for his Wife UnaMy Profile

  14. Yes I am going to make a coffee/espresso bar In My home one day. I need my coffee! and what a great idea in general.

  15. I want a cool coffee bar in my kitchen too!
    My destination spot is the living room couch for a coffee date with my hubby on Saturday mornings:)
    Jill Flory recently posted..Deal of the day!My Profile

  16. You know, that is what my home is missing! Real destinations. Right now, it’s all just mess! I’d better get off the computer and go do something about that ;-)
    Jo recently posted..Orchid LoveMy Profile

  17. I love the idea of destinations in your home. It makes deorating it feel like a wonderful journey!
    Christina Rodriguez recently posted..Decorating Your StaircaseMy Profile

  18. Destination spots earn a thumbs up for me. I would love a reading nook and a coffee center. Coffee to sit and read, blog, relax in my little nook. How lovely. Aside from that lovely thought, I am IN LOVE with that blue chair. I want that for my Valentine tomorrow, love at first sight(sorry hubby, maybe next year).
    Sonya recently posted..Welcome To My Home {Entry Dining}My Profile

  19. Melissa,
    That corner certainly looks inviting. I have a corner in a room that gets lots of sun and it’s where I sip tea and relax on weekend afternoons. I think we all need a getaway spot in our own homes. :-)
    Karen recently posted..{GHP} A blue and white infusionMy Profile

  20. Megan LaFollett says:

    We just moved into our house two days before Christmas and with Baby #3 on the way in the very near future and a limited budget due to our determination to pay off our debt, I knew I wouldn’t be able to do much to decorate or furnish for a while. BUT, I also knew I needed a space I could be in without thinking about what I wish I could “do” to it. So I picked the smallest room in the house, the first one you see upon entry, and turned the “formal dining room” (9′ x 8′) into a calm and cozy sitting room. Painted the walls “Sparrow” gray, took down the fussy curtains, ditched the brass chandelier, then bought a beautiful ivory herringbone sitting chair (on clearance), put it next to a side table topped with my favorite blue lamp and two new coasters, and an estate-sale leather chair for hubby. Added a wall of bookshelves we already owned, laid down an outdoor rug I bought last year on clearance at Pier 1, and balanced out the chairs with our old piano so the kids can practice while I watch from the kitchen.

    We LOVE being in that space. My preschool-age daughter curls up in Daddy’s chair with a blanket and a book first thing in the morning while I cook breakfast. I drink my nap-time tea and write letters there most afternoons. While we wait for the children to settle down to sleep at night, my husband and I just sit and chat in our chairs. It is the only room in the house that I keep free of toys and clutter without fail, to protect the quietness.

  21. My husband and I added a Lagoon colored loveseat to the foot of our bed-absolute destination!

  22. I guess I would say I have two destinations- in the kitchen I have a caffeination station, like my own mini coffeehouse. I have a small counter with the coffeemaker on it and supplies next to it. Yes, syrups too. And the cabinets above the counter have all kinds of coffees,teas and hot chocolate in them.

    In the bedroom, the destination is my bed. It’s a big brass bed with a huge down comforter, cashmere flannel sheets and featherbed covering the mattress. It’s a heavenly destination really.
    Elaine recently posted..Daytripping in Rhode IslandMy Profile

  23. My favorite go-to spot in my home is my sofa in the living room. It is so cozy and loved, and after all these years, it is still so beautiful! My husband and I each have our own “side” on the sofa, it’s kind of funny because we both seem to gravitate toward our favorite spot. I would love to make our patio a destination area. That’s next on my list of things to do! :-)
    Maria recently posted..Style Sunday: Nicole MillerMy Profile

  24. Hi Melissa,

    What a lovely post…and a lovely idea!

    With two men in the house, I often find my “destinations” taken over with computers, sports equipment, and what not . ;-) And our sweet dog is fond of my corner of the couch…and my quilts!

    But I have one special place that is truly mine…a winged back chair next to the fireplace in my kitchen. I just love it. And I have put a little table topped with a basket next to it that I fill with fun reading material. It’s a great place to plop myself down after I’ve cleaned up the dinner dishes.

    Have a great day.

    Mary recently posted..Happy Valentine’s DayMy Profile

  25. We have a coffee corner – but I really should get some fun syrups – great idea!

    I want to find a corner for a reading nook.
    Dana at Cooking at Cafe D recently posted..25 Things…And a Linky Follow Blog Hop!My Profile

  26. I’d really love to have a nice backyard and a potting area and a relaxing area. Like a whole spa pool, cabana area. But that stuff is expensive. One day. have a fabulous day!
    Jen recently posted..An Office Makeover Completed!My Profile

  27. Melissa,
    We just finished creating a Victorian B&B destination bathroom at the Fairfield House!
    I love your special places that you’ve created to relax and rejuvenate. Would love to curl up in that chair with a good book and a cup of tea.
    Happy Valentines Day.
    Fairfield House recently posted..The Necessary RoomMy Profile

  28. I love the idea here, perfect timing for me…Thanks a lot!
    raenze recently posted..Hotel in PaigntonMy Profile

  29. I know just what you mean, but I had never thought of it as a destination. I think my destination places are the chair in the living room, and my office.
    Grace recently posted..My Three Favourite Parts of Sarah Richardson’s London TownhouseMy Profile

  30. I love the topics on your blog! I was recently thinking about this because we are starting our hunt for a house. I want a reading ‘nook’. I needs to be by a window and I’m think I want either one of those big round bambo chairs with the giant cushion or a daybed style chaise type thing. I love having ‘destinations’ in my home. The only one I really have here is our computer room sitting at my desk, which doesn’t sound that exciting but I use it so rarely that I enjoy the productivity I have when I do lol.
    Carla recently posted..Warning: Valentine’s Day Post AheadMy Profile

  31. So funny…I wrote a post today about a room in my house that I’ve used to escape lately. I ended up referring back to this post as a result.

    I love all of the “destinations” you highlighted. So pretty :-)
    Julie recently posted..How About a Little Salsa?My Profile

  32. Never thought about making destinations at my place, Like the concept.
    Mimi recently posted..4 Ways Even You Can Begin Blooming TodayMy Profile

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