A Family Outing: Jack’s Big Adventure

A Family Outing: Jack's Big Adventure


Happy Monday everyone! Yesterday, after a long but awesome weekend of church and concert house activities (I know, I need to do an update on the concert house we have now at our church building! I just started an Instagram for it at voyageconcerthouse if you’d like to follow along), we took our hardworking precious family for an afternoon of soaking in some sun and fun. And Jack got to come along! Best day ever for him!

It is not every day we get such a warm sunny spring afternoon in the NW, so we took advantage of every second we could! We drove up to Poulsbo after church on Sunday and enjoyed a little fun time on the waterfront before our girls had to head back to their homes, school and life. I’m always so grateful they come home every weekend to help us with the church and we get to savor a little time together as a family, especially on those rare times we get to have fun in the sun!

A Family Outing: Jack's Big Adventure

My son was super excited to climb this giant rock. Highlight of the afternoon for him!

I love seeing boys and dogs OUTSIDE! Nothing better than that.

A Family Outing: Jack's Big Adventure

We took Jack down by the water and while he enjoyed it, he was also somewhat terrified of walking down there. He was dragging his feet all the way down and basically crawling as low to the ground as he could. Wish I had a picture of that, he looked ridiculous. We laughed so hard! I think he thought he was walking the plank to his death or something. HA! Once we turned around to come back from the water he practically ran the entire way back up to the park.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before but Jack is a scared-y cat.

I suppose it is because he is still a puppy but lots of new things make him nervous. He is a big baby.

A Family Outing: Jack's Big Adventure

I love seeing the breeze blowing gently through his crazy hair. This was really the first time we’ve taken him on a big family outing outside. He loved it! He is a real family dog.

A Family Outing: Jack's Big Adventure

Jack was a real hit at the park. Lots of people stopped to admire him and talk to him, but we had to keep him on a short leash because he kept wanting to take off running with other dog friends he met. He would have loved to have been set free to explore.

A Family Outing: Jack's Big Adventure

It was great to give him a new opportunity to learn about how to greet people without knocking them over and how to meet new dogs, too. He is definitely still learning his manners, but he is getting better.

A Family Outing: Jack's Big Adventure

There were lots of great trees to climb! We don’t have climbing trees in our yard at home so clearly the tree and the rock were big hits.

A Family Outing: Jack's Big Adventure

On the way home Jack snuggled up to his sister. He always loves to sit super close to his family, usually with his paw on you, or at home he likes to sit right in your lap and chew on his toys. In spite of all the trouble he causes around our house, he is a sweetie.

Now that Easter and Spring break are over, I’m ready to dive back in and finish up my home office! Except that I also have to finish my taxes this week. Nothing like the last minute, right? Grateful to have our own businesses but not so excited about writing tax checks.

Hope you all had a blessed Easter and spring break!

A Family Outing: Jack's Big Adventure

A Family Outing: Jack's Big Adventure


  1. What a fabulous day!! And I LOVE Jack!! He’s so adorable:)

  2. Looks like you all had a great day! Jack is adorable, I love his fluffy fly away hair :) So cute and cuddly!

  3. What a lovely dog! I just wanna give him a big giant hug!

  4. I thought Jack was your son! Great dog! and family, too

  5. I knew you lived by me.

  6. Jack is such a fluffy love! If I could make unsolicited suggestion…check out http://www.fearfuldogs.com. She has amazing resources and tips for socializing less than confident dogs!

  7. Jack is such a cutie! We have a big fluffball too, and she does the army crawl when she gets on any shiny tile. I occasionally take her to visit my grandma in her assisted living home, and she does the low crawl until we reach the safety of Grandma’s carpeted room. It makes all of the residents laugh to see such a wimpy 100lb dog. :-)

  8. I absolutely love JACK! I had a large white cockapoo named Jack many years ago and he was my love! There’s nothing like a dog, especially a big puppy like Jack, to bring happiness to your day!

  9. Jennifer says:

    Love it! We have a goldendoodle too, George, and he is a huge dog and a complete scaredy-cat too—-taking him over the bridge at the Royal Gorge in Colorado I thought he was going to have a heart attack—crawling close to the ground with his toes spread wide. He’s such a baby but such a lover.
    Enjoy Jack, he seems like a wonderful addition to the family!

  10. Mrs. Tibbs says:

    Gosh Jack has gotten HUGE!!! Wish you had a link to all his photos!!!

  11. I so enjoy your blog…I men BIG TIME….but oh that JACK….I just grin ear to ear….Thanks so much for sharing…:)

  12. A wonderful afternoon like that is the cherry on such a special week. Love seeing Jack too!

  13. but wait..where was lance?!

  14. It looks beautiful. Spring has not hit us up here in AK just yet, and the lake by our home is still frozen.

  15. Melissa,
    I so enjoy each morning finding what you have posted. I had forgotten about Terrariums must look for cheap glassware-containers. The pallet garden is ideal for me I live in an apt have very limited space on patio but I make do with every bit. Jack is adorable, I was brought up with a lot of cats and dogs and few other unusual pets living in country. I am grateful family says I have our mom’s green thumb! Thanks for posting have to get ready for work. How do I upload a picture here?

  16. i LOVE jack!
    (i’ve been following his adventures . . .)

    so imagine my dismay when i heard he was in poulsbo
    (i live in poulsbo and could have met him!)

    great pictures
    love your website

    • Oh dear! How awesome that you live nearby, perhaps Jack will have to organize a meet and greet sometime for his local fans :-)He would love that! HA!

  17. I just love your blog! Jack is such a handsome boy! I have a goldendoodle also and I’m completely in love with him as well as every other “doodle” type dog. My boy, Tebow is a big, silly, loving dog! Wish we were close we could have a doodle romp! Looking forward to more blogs with Jack.

  18. Jack has certainly gotten big! A big sweetheart!

  19. I love the Jack updates — he is one cute/funny pup!

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