How My Mind Wanders {Yellow, Turquoise & White Kitchen} & A Barn-Style French Door

How My Mind Wanders {Yellow, Turquoise & White Kitchen} & A Barn-Style French Door

White Kitchen with Yellow and Turquoise via BHG

Sometimes, like let’s say when I’m supposed to be finishing my taxes, I start looking around the internet for color schemes and other random things. And then, sometimes, I run across rooms like this kitchen.

How My Mind Wanders {Yellow, Turquoise & White Kitchen} & A Barn-Style French Door

Turquoise Roman Shades BHG

And then, I think to myself, this is a happy sunny room. I like it.

I wonder if I should get turquoise shades, pillows and yellow pots when I paint my kitchen someday.

Then I daydream about that idea for awhile.

And then I think about putting yellow tulips in white pots on my table.

And then I forget what I was even doing before I started to daydream.

Because, that is how my mind works.

True story.

The end.

Oh wait, not the end.

Because then I see a white kitchen like this:

How My Mind Wanders {Yellow, Turquoise & White Kitchen} & A Barn-Style French Door

White kitchen marble countertops BHG

And I nearly faint dead away from the beauty of the ceiling and the white cabinets, the windows and the marble counters and the dark wood floors. I think about marble counters and how much I miss them. And I remember when I had them in a past house that a neighbor kid let his red popsicle melt on the counter and they had character forevermore.

But before I can fully contemplate the joy and trials of marble countertops, I wander along to find this little gem of an idea.

How My Mind Wanders {Yellow, Turquoise & White Kitchen} & A Barn-Style French Door

French Door on Barn Style Hardware

A barn style French door. And then, I think to myself, yes! that is a splendid idea. And then next thing I know, I am looking all over my house for a place to put a French door with barn style hardware.

And by then, I completely forget I was doing taxes.

The end.

For now.

How My Mind Wanders {Yellow, Turquoise & White Kitchen} & A Barn-Style French Door


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE those double glass front cabinets that reach to the skies!

  2. To paint my kitchen is on the someday list here too. It was planned for the winter, but other projects got in the way. But when I do, yes, when I do – it will be a temple of white too!

  3. Melissa, I love how your brain works. That may or may not be because it’s much like my own. These kitchens are great! Thanks for sharing!

  4. That is me made-over! I keep finding, and finding, and finding, and then I become a jumbled-up mess thinking what do I really like? All of it…hopeless! Love, love, love the turquoise, yellow and white! Very clean look for a a kitchen!

  5. I see pictures like this and I think I think they are fake. These rooms are so lovely. Clean, quiet and perfectly decorated. Do these places exist?! I want a kitchen like this so badly!

  6. oh good heavens…those yellow tulips will haunt me all day!!

  7. Angela Bailey says:

    You sound so much like me!!! I sit and daydream all day. Do a little here and a little here and then forget what I am doing a thousand times….so I never really get everything done. I just think about pretty things and ways to make my house pretty all day. Maybe once I actually have some furniture in this new house I wont daydream so much…probably wont help :)

    I guess I am just a daydreamer!

  8. I would forget too!! Love that barn style hinge. I need one..somewhere!!

  9. Melissa, you know what they say, “Like minds travel upon same path…”
    If my mind didn’t wander or take off in opposite direction I would have someone elses mind in my body. My older sister (9 yrs apart) are always saying, “If you see my mind out wandering around please shoo it home.”
    Get your taxes done woman or else there will be no $$$ for those great plans!!! Happy Wandering Just ME

  10. Gorgeous kitchens. I should be cleaning, but instead I am looking at all my emails from blogland. Love all the inspiration! Its hard to get off this darn computer. To many pretties to look at!

  11. For me, the problem with LOVING so many different looks is trying not to covet and simply be happy with the very nice kitchen we have. Is it perfect? Not by a long shot. But, it’s cute and functional. Pretty much what a kitchen should be.

    Though, yellow tulips in pots…are sure tempting!

  12. Those kitchens are amazing!

  13. There you go again…posting all those gorgeous pictures of white kitchens. And I here I am again, trying my best not to covet. *sigh* JUST this morning, I looked at my cabinets (again), trying to estimate how much time it would take to paint them white. Asking myself, do I really have to sand them??? Couldn’t I just slap some paint on them and hope for the best??? Someday, yes, someday, I will paint them. Today ain’t that day, but I’m still dreaming… thanks for helping to keep my dream alive! I do love your white kitchen posts for that reason! They inspire me! Inspire, inspire! You are very good at that! :D

  14. taxes inspire the best mind-wandering creativity!!!!!! love your inspiration pics.
    have a great day, melissa!

  15. Divine Grace says:

    I am not a fan of yellow colors but this makes me think they are awesome too…I really love the kitchen here…

  16. I think I’m going to pull out the sewing machine and make some pretty curtains for the Cottage Kitchen….thanks for the idea.
    Happy Day

  17. Oh Melissa, I feel your pain! My mind works in similar ways…I sit down to check my e-mail, then head over to check my blog, then wander off to vistit other blogs – then check FB – oh look at my friends from high school…head over to pinterest – big mistake! – love that idea, I need to water my plants in the garden…wait, who am I talking to? Oh yea…Hi Melissa, LOVE your blog! :)

  18. That is really funny!! Are you living in my head? That sounds just like me! I can’t even walk from one room to another without forgeting why I went there in the first place at times!

  19. OH how i love a fresh white kitchen!! makes me want to start painting!!! and i’m TOTALLY with you…my brain is usually going a mile a minute so if things don’t happen when i think of them…or they don’t get written down…they don’t happen!

    ~ Jillian

  20. I do love white kitchens. I guess that’s why I painted mine white. Love those pics. Thanks for sharing them.

  21. Oh, I love that turquoise, white and yellow kitchen! Those are my kitchen’s colours! If you ignore the peachy-wood-grain laminate cupboards, black appliances, and black counters we inherited from the previous owners I think that photo will be my go-to kitchen inspiration from now on.

    And I can totally relate to the internet ADD! No wonder I never get anything done! In fact, right now, I’m supposed to be sending a message to someone instead of browsing blogs.

  22. LOVE the sliding French door!

  23. Kim Porter says:

    I adore the second kitchen and we have a pocket french door that always has sticky little finger marks on it :)


  24. A beautiful journey today. Thank you.

  25. Such beautiful inspiration. I love the barn-style door! :-)

  26. Beautiful kitchens! I am supposed to be doing taxes too. Ohh well… god bless x

  27. Melissa, I absolutely love that French barn door. It’s the best of both worlds. Once visited my friend who has a pure white Kitchen in Atlanta. Walls, floors, major appliances, cabinets, everything was white. She said that she did it so everything would always look clean. At first I thought it was kind of boring, because her pops of color where too bland, And not in a chic way. But an all white kitchen with pops of bold color, which could be changed out, would have been a great addition to that room.

  28. Oh man – I know what you mean all too well. The only way I can get anything done is to have lists and even then it doesn’t always work. Sigh!

  29. what is the pattern of the window treatment called?

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