Storage for Extra Dishes {New Freestanding Glass Door Cabinet!}

Disclaimer: Please excuse the glass being ridiculously dirty on this cabinet…
I promise I’ll clean the glass when the remodel is all done. 

A little earlier this summer I took a fun little trip to HomeGoods with some giftcards that were burning a hole in my pocket. And it was my lucky day, I think, because I found this adorable little cabinet, among other things!

I brought it home not fully knowing where the cabinet would go or what would go in it. I was living life on the edge! Once I got it in the door I realized it was kind of silly of me to bring home furniture since my house was completely torn up in preparation for my upcoming kitchen and flooring remodel. Oops! I was already struggling to find places to stash everything, and now I had to find a place for this little cabinet.  I basically just set it in a corner, empty and unused.

Once the kitchen remodel began for real, I was trying desperately to find places to stash all my kitchen stuff, including my every day white dishes. Lo and behold, this little cabinet came in handy after all! We piled it high with bowls, mugs, plates and more. No styling, no perfect stacking necessary.

But you know what? Just like I’ve always said, pretty white dishes always look good on open shelves or behind glass even if they aren’t perfectly styled. You just can’t go wrong with white dishes. I wish I had cleaned the glass of the cabinet before i took this picture, of course, but you’ll forgive me since everything is dusty, grimy and dirty right now due to the remdoel and subsequent lack of cleaning on my part, right? {I’m so ready for my fall routines!}.

When I saw the dishes in it, I fell in love. It doesn’t take much to make me happy!

Now that I can see the light at the end of my kitchen remodel, I am sad to think about taking my dishes out of that cabinet to put them away. So I’m thinking I’ll keep on using it for extra dishes or even my collection of white pitchers. I don’t really have a place for the cabinet in my kitchen, sadly, because wouldn’t it be adorable in a kitchen?, but I think I’ll move it to the dining room this week and see how it looks with those white pitchers! I’ll let you know if that’s where it ends up!

Do you have a little cabinet in your house where you store extra dishes?



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  1. LOL…forget the dirty windows, I did a double headspin — thought the white doggy was in the cabinet to go along with the white dishes!

  2. It’s gorgeous! Going to look for something like this at the Brimfield Flea Market!
    Alison recently posted..Soiled Ladder “Pick-me-up”My Profile

  3. the image of your little pup captured in the glass … priceless!
    Linda Stoll recently posted..Her Six Minutes InvestedMy Profile

  4. We bought a terrific sideboard at an auction last year that sits in the eating area of our kitchen that holds all the extras. It’s perfect because it doesn’t take up too much space but gives the room some grounding rather than just having the table and chairs floating.
    Heather recently posted..Shades of Autumn JoyMy Profile

  5. I almost fell off my rocker to see this post today, because I just made a mood board for my dream kitchen with a dish cabinet similar to this one (mine would be in the adjoining dining room too I think). How pretty is the finish on yours, with all your white dishes peeking out? It would look great in your dining room!
    Lisa recently posted..Mangia Mondays:: August FeaturesMy Profile

  6. That is a sweet little cabinet and, no, I don’t have such a thing to store pretty dishes in my kitchen. I do have a jelly cupboard for storing pots and pans and small appliances. I’ll forgive you the smudgy glass if you’ll forgive mine. That’s just one of the things I love about you, Melissa. You keep it just real enough…

  7. I love white dishes too. I have 3 sets, one that I bought, one that I inherited, and one that I found at Goodwill. That is my favorite thrifty treasure because I looked up the pattern and it’s Johnson Bros. Regency ironstone. I love it and use it often.

  8. …just love it…white dishes…and white doggie…blessings laney

  9. I did have a SMALL cabinet in the breakfast room to store extra dishes BEFORE we had to “stage” the house to sell it. And it has not sold yet:( BUT, I am going to have a dish ROOM in the basement of the new house!!! I LOVE your new cabinet and love the white dishes in it. Hope it finds a home soon:):) XO, Pinky

  10. Cabinet is beautiful and the dishes look beautiful in it :)

  11. I love that cabinet! It looks great with your pretty white dishes. Speaking of pretty white dishes, where did you get yours? I’m desperate to get rid of my ugly Ikea/Walmart mismatched dishes after 10 years of barely tolerating them. I want white! But I also need inexpensive and/or durable, since I have 2 preschoolers. So I’m just looking at ideas for where to start looking.
    Jo recently posted..Anna and Chrissy’s Fairmont Corn SaladMy Profile

  12. It is darling, Melissa, and of course it needed to come home with you. And, your white dishes look fabulous there. I, too, have dishes stored in extra cabinets. I constantly attempt to control my love of dishes.
    Beverly recently posted..Will You WatchMy Profile

  13. The cabinet is beautiful, and like you I love my white dishes! However, I adore the reflection of your cute doggie in the glass!
    Gina recently posted..Finding HomeMy Profile

  14. I agree with you about white dishes! I’m on the lookout for a cabinet like that, but I really want an old one. I inherited my grandmother’s buffet, but not the matching, glass-fronted china cabinet (which went to my cousin). I need to start searching thrift stores for an old china cabinet!
    Cresta recently posted..A Story of Loss, Faith and FamilyMy Profile

  15. Love that cabinet! Love all those white dishes! Love your presh pup!
    Deb recently posted..Things I “Need” Week – Demilune TablesMy Profile

  16. Ooohhhh.. drooling over cabinet and dishes!! Luving them.
    Also luving the reflection of the pup :-) Alas I have LOTS of dishes and practice what I call creative storage :-) In other words, they are stored in many places, china cabinet, side board, atop my kitchen cabinets, in cabinets :-) I’d need a dedicated room to house them all.
    Cheers, Gee
    Gee recently posted..Sweet Sundays…My Profile

  17. I would die to have room for this cute cabinet in our kitchen. I do have a lovely old china cabinet that belonged to my grandmother in our diningroom and it is chock full of my mothers good china and other sundry items. We will have room for a cabinet like yours in the kitchen of our newly purchased retirement home (believe it or not we will be upsizing as opposed to the rest of the aging downsizing population of North America!!). Can’t wait to have the extra space for lovelies like this one (and our Great Dane doggie!… love your pup!).
    Cathy Norrie recently posted..Crossing the EquatorMy Profile

  18. You’re so right – white dishes look fantastic in here. I would be sad to take them out too – even for a magnificent kitchen reno. I vote for the white pitcher collection – am obsessed with those myself.
    Ally recently posted..Questionable ThriftMy Profile

  19. Love your new cabinet and of course your white dishes. But best of all is your cute white doggie reflected in the window.

  20. So cute, Melissa! Love the cabinet, love the dog peeking through the glass :) We keep our nice glassware in a buffet in the back. All of my plates and bowls are white, and you’re absolutely right, they look good no matter what! That’s what I picked out all white plates. Also because I think food always looks better against bright white :)
    Lauren recently posted..PostcrossingMy Profile

  21. Love. (Esp the doggy reflection.) There is just something so special about white dishes grouped together. I don’t know why, but it makes me so happy.
    Jocelyn Pascall recently posted..Travel EssentialsMy Profile

  22. I love it! It will look great in your dining room with your white pitchers!

  23. can you tell more about your everyday dishes- thanks!

    • Sure! I get my everyday dishes at places like HomeGoods, Target, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Macys, etc. I pick them up when I see them at a good deal, so they don’t all match but they all work great for us. I like that mixed up eclectic look. I’m never worried about breaking one because I have plenty and I can always add a new one in the next time I see something I like!

  24. Pat McClane says:

    Why don’t you leave the white dishes in the cabinet in the dining room and store things that you don’t necessarily use a lot or things that are not quite as lovely in the kitchen where they are hidden behind cabinet doors? I too have white dishes for everyday and am looking for an extra cabinet similar to yours to store my good china and crystal. Love the reflection of Jack!

  25. I sure do have a cabinet that I store dishes in and I love it! That picture with your dog in the background is precious :)
    jessica recently posted..Our bathroom renovation update + bath wainscoting inspirationsMy Profile

  26. I inherited my Grandmother’s music cabinet which lives in the dining room and holds the bulkier dishes, jugs and vases. I also inherited a glass fronted bookcase which I have pressed into service as china storage for the more decorative things, but one of these days I would love to get a proper hutch.

  27. Hi, and yes, I have 2 cabinets. A must for entertaining :) Hey, do we have the same white dishes?

    Can’t wait to see your new kitchen – IRL? :)
    Sandy recently posted..DIY How to Repurpose and Build a Succulent BoxMy Profile

  28. Gorgeous, why can’t I ever find amazing things like this!
    Danielle recently posted..Part 2 : 25+ Craft Projects for $1 or less from the ReStoreMy Profile

  29. How gorgeous! I love that natural wood, too. :-) Can’t wait to see what you do with it!
    Maria recently posted..Friday’s Fancies: Labor DayMy Profile

  30. I love the reflection of Jack in the cabinet windows. He’s sooo cute I saw no need for Windex. :D
    I have several cabinets…but they aren’t little. Um. I guess I have a ‘thing’ for dishes. And…I don’t have white dishes any more. Years ago when I got my Longberger dishes they only came with red or blue trim and I loved them so much because they never chipped (though I wished they were all ivory/white with no design) that I sold all my other white dishes which I was managing to chip. Finally Longaberger came out with the solid color/all white – but by that time I had at least 16 place settings – one with the red trim and one with the blue – another long story. Oh well. I also have a beautiful set of antique flow blue dishes with all the extra pieces and a set of red Staffordshire transferware that was my aunt’s. I’ve been blessed to have acquired at no cost to me an old old striped of paint hutch, a glass door china cabinet, and an antique round front china. All are filled with dishes. :-/
    Maybe it’s time for therapy? Ha!
    Diane recently posted..Joy Day! {His Gifts are Spectacular!}My Profile

  31. I LOVE your cabinet from home goods. Do you know if they still carry this? Or anything similar? I want to make a trip there this weekend but its a good 2 hours away. I hope they still have it!!

  32. Can you provide the style number for this so a home goods associate can see if they still have this in stock? Thanks girl!

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