{Weekend Dreaming} If I lived here…

{Weekend Dreaming} If I lived here...

{Weekend Dreaming} If I lived here...Hope you love drooling over home exteriors like I do because I’m starting a new weekend series featuring beautiful (or sometimes just wonderfully interesting!) house exteriors! 

It’s been pretty much FOREVER since I had a weekend series so I’m pretty pumped about this. Since I can’t do as many Drive Bys these days as I would like (the best houses are so far away from me, but I will still do several a year!), I decided I’d fill in with the next best thing. Online drive bys? Yeah. This new series is going to be fun! Every weekend I’m going to share a beautiful exterior that I drooled over online and if you want you all can chime in with the rest of the sentence starting with, “If I lived here….”

So let’s try this out! If I lived here….I would sit on the porch all summer long sipping lemonade!

Now it’s your turn!

{Weekend Dreaming} If I lived here...


  1. If I lived here….I would have so much fun decorating that gorgeous porch for all the different holidays!

  2. I would decorate porch with numerous potted flowers and rocking chairs for the porch.

  3. If I lived there.. I would have to have a porch swing. I have always wanted one and have never had a porch big enough. Oh yes… me swinging in the evenings… coffee in the mornings. I can see it now.
    The neighbors would be invited for coffee and cake a lot :-)
    Cheers, Gee

  4. Lemonade?? I would say margaritas! Gorgeous!

  5. If I lived here… I would host all the family holidays, and sit out on the porch always so I could get to know all my neighbors.

  6. If I lived here…It would be hard to get out of the car. I would want to sit in the driveway and stare.

  7. I’d do drive-byS on my own house.

  8. If I lived here…I couldn’t WAIT for autumn so I could decorate that lovely porch with mums and pumpkins!


  10. Oh its is a dream exterior! If I lived here I would camp outside with my Dr. Pepper sipping away admiring how gorgeous it is:)

  11. If I lived here I would sit on the porch every morning with my coffee and watch my kids get on the bus. Actually, that house is a nicer version of my home. I always say I’m going to sit on the front porch, but I’m usually too busy in the mornings. I need some porch time!!!

  12. If I lived here I would have so much fun watching my kids and dog play on that patch of green grass. And I just pinned a delicious, easy recipe for margaritas! :)

  13. If I lived here I would make sure I finished the attic into a bedroom or sitting room, those little windows are too cute. I think showing an exterior once a week is a great idea. It’s fun to decorate interiors but nice to get the “bigger picture” once in a while, too.

  14. I would have a beautiful porch swing and cozy up on it while sipping that yummy lemonade!

  15. Vicki Brawley says:

    I would walk barefoot on that lush green lawn while thinking about how lucky I was to live in such a beautiful house!

  16. What a beatiful home! I’d have nice wicker furniture on the porch for my morning coffee and evening cocktail. Then I’d have a bench in the lawn for all the other times I’d want to sit and stare at my house.

  17. If I lived here I would have summer pizza parties on the porch and the most charmingly decorated Christmas house.


  19. Stephanie N says:

    If I lived here I would love listing to a summer rain hitting the copper roof while I sit in my reading chair with a good read and coffee.

  20. If I lived here, I would stand on the porch with open arms as my grandchildren ran up the pathway to greet me.

  21. I think I have actually pinned that picture…(probably several times!) If I lived here, I would be spending as much time as possible out on that front porch. On the other hand, if the inside is as pretty as the outside, i would be entertaining everyday in my beautiful home! have a nice weekend!

  22. If I lived here I would be out in the yard planting flowers and enjoying watching my kids play in the yard :)

  23. I would host Sunday after church lunch every week for friends & family. Dessert would always be on the porch! j

  24. I would…add two rocking chairs for me and my sweetie to rock the day away…

  25. If I lived here I would add a porch swing, beautiful flowering perennials and trees. I would then sir on that porch swing, look at decorator magazines and sip ice tea.

  26. If I lived there, i’d be twirling around with a glass of cold iced tea with a unbelievably huge grin on my face! And my two german shepherds would be sitting there looking at me as though i’d gone ’round the bend.

  27. Lynda Shilhanek says:

    I would be happy forever.

  28. If I lived there, I would put two ADK chairs in the front lawn…facing the house…and sip my lemonade and admire my house. Okay…probably not…but this is a droll-worthy house. It’s soooo me. Um, Lord…did you hear that?
    Wishing you an Extraordinary weekend!

  29. If I lived here I would paint the door red!

  30. if i lived here i would enjoy that front porch with cups of tea and then glasses of wine in the evening. What a joy it would be decorate that porch all year round.


  31. If I lived here I would wake up extra early and take very long walks in my neighborhood as i just know it would have exquisite homes, lovely trees and gorgeous landscapes to admire. Not to mention the thrill each morning of arriving back at my own doorstep over and over again.

  32. If I lived here… I would host outdoor parties every weekend of the summer taking full advantage of that beautiful porch. And I would hire someone to wash my windows because as charmingly beautiful as they are those suckers would be a pain to clean! :)

  33. if I lived here, I’d hang a couple of hanging ferns up on the porch. I’d add a hanging swing where I could sit and read the paper or a good book and also watch the world go by. I’d definitely, get rid of those big pieces of what looks like cement in the front beds and I’d also add some annuals for a little color. :-)

  34. …I would bake gingerbread every day, stand on the porch , eyes closed and take deep breaths, and have my 10 year old sell lemonade-maybe just hand it out for free.

  35. I’d be smiling all the time. Lovely.

  36. I would do the same… sit on that beautiful porch!! I imagine the kitchen is gorgeous, too….

  37. If I lived there, I’d miss the view out of my window!

  38. I would have enormous property tax bills that never stop growing! (Sorry to be the “debbie-Downer” response, but I’m assuming, from the architect, that this house is in Chicago or one of the suburbs.) We moved from a 100 yr old american 4 Square home in Oak Park, Il last year. While not as big and gorgeous as this one, we had a great front porch – with a swing. and comfy porch furniture. and a maple tree out front with beautiful leaves in the fall that the kids would make huge leaf piles to jump in. Lemonade stands in the summer. Block parties. Lazy summer mornings with the kids, eating breakfast and having bible study. evenings drinking wine with the neighbors. It was wonderful and idyllic, and I’m so, so thankful for our 10 yrs there. In the end, we moved to Jupiter, Fl. It made sense in many ways to relocate here, and I am so, so thankful for the warmer weather, sunshine, and proximity to the beach. We no longer have a charming home with a front porch, but that’s ok. Whenever I miss the charm of Oak Park, I just remind myself of our 5-digit property tax bill, and I feel much better! :)

  39. Nancy Drew would be my neighbor and we would tour the countryside in her roadster seeking adventure and mystery!

  40. If I lived here I would think I had died and gone to Heaven!! I would decorate that porch for every season and have neighbors over for drinks or coffee in the morning. I would hang ferns and have pots of flowers. Gorgeous home.

  41. What a beautiful house. If I lived here I might just take up gardening and plant some flowers in the front yard and spend my afternoons tending them.

  42. I would not be dying of curiosity right now to see the Interior of the house like i am right now!

  43. I would drink my afternoon tea out on the porch when I got home from school.. perfect!

  44. If I lived here…………..I would be just a teeny tiny bit afraid. Because as DARLING as it is (and it is lovely) it looks like a “desperate Housewives” house, and their lives were always falling apart. LOLOL


  45. If I lived there…I’d always be sitting in the fabulously colorful rocking chairs, admiring my well groomed grass, colorful flowers and enjoying my kids playing. I might be that “crazy neighborhood” lady always sugaring up the kids before they went home for dinner! Doesn’t that porch just invite Kool-Aid and Cookies or lemon-aid and popsicles?

  46. Everyone says they want to sit on the front porch; not me, I want to sit in the front yard to stare at my house all day!

  47. Loved your drive-bys Melissa!

  48. Colleen Sullivan says:

    Okay so although this house is definitely architecturally “richer” than the reno we just completed ( excuse me “survived”) of our previously “small, architecturally challenged” 1947 colonial here in Ct,, the exterior color ,white trim, atiic window and front porch are strikingly similar – obviously I love the houses- both mine and yours!! With three feet of snow dumped on us last week my new front porch is currently serving as an escape from the “trenches” , but spring will come, eventually. Anyhoo I saw that people were asking about what color your inspiration house was painted.. It took me six months to find my exterior gray which is very similar in appearance to the color of this house on my monitor, so I will share my ummm… “secret”… which is actually the name of my exterior paint color by Benjamin Moore ( I believe its in the afinity line). If it’s not the exact color it is a very close match. Hope that saves someone six months and a lot of money on those testers that my contractor still teases me about! What to do w/ 20 or 30 samples of gray when you finally decide which one to paint your house… that is the question!

    • Wow, thanks for the time saving tip!!! :-) And congrats on surviving the remodel!

      Oh, and for for the leftover samples? Maybe you can mix them all together and paint a room :-)…maybe all the grays together will be the perfect shade!

  49. OHHHHHH!!!! I want to draw this house! i’ve been drawing a lot of houses lately , and victorian/english is always my favorite. i would love love love to get hold of this photo to work from. The whole composition is so gorgeous, with all the landscaping too.i could sketch it from here looking at the computer, but it would be so much better if i had it in front of me. you always find the most beautiful homes!! we can dream, can’t we…?

  50. mrs crowley says:

    If I lived there … I would enjoy the cool breezy nights rocking my children to sleep while listening to my husband’s gentle strumming of a sweet lullaby on his guitar.

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