{Weekend Dreaming} A Stone Farmhouse

{Weekend Dreaming} A Stone Farmhouse

{Weekend Dreaming} A Stone Farmhouse
….I’d breathe in the fresh air,
take a nap in a backyard hammock and probably get an Alpaca.
Your turn!
{ps. this is just for fun, so dream away!}
{Weekend Dreaming} A Stone Farmhouse


  1. I would roll down the hills all day!
    Alison recently posted..Hello from Florida!My Profile

  2. I would pick fresh rosemarey from my garden and make a roast chicken for Sunday Dinner
    Mary Levin recently posted..Friday Find – Nate Berkus at Calico CornersMy Profile

  3. oh lovely…it looks as if it could be a Neighbor to Beatrix Potter’s HillTop. What would I do? Sit out and read, take walks in the fields, invite lots of Friends, hire a Maid (I’m sure that I’d be able to afford her if I could afford this beautiful home)

  4. Looks idyllic and magical! Love old stone on houses! xo Kristin
    Kristin recently posted..HAPPENINGSMy Profile

  5. I would have morning tea on the terrace, buy chintz curtains and hire a gardener to mow all that lawn!

  6. I’d strap on my sneakers and hike every inch of those hills …
    Linda Stoll recently posted..On Church Politics . . .My Profile

  7. Wow!
    ….I’d have gardens as far as the eye could see.
    Mindy recently posted..Taste The Rainbow: A Kid LunchMy Profile

  8. I have a wonderful barn built with 6 stalls and let my horses frolic and graze in the luxurious pastures while I watched them from my window in my beautiful breakfast room.
    Shirley Corwin recently posted..Eating HealthierMy Profile

  9. Well. I DO live “here.” haha!!
    and I still have so many dreams left to unfold in this stone farmhouse of mine.
    Landscaping and hardscaping is at the top of my “want” list! Someday, dear friend! I can feel it!!!
    so, my dream is:
    I would lounge on my stone patio and watch my children play, while sipping on some kind of fantastic smoothie and listening to all our birds in our woods. And I would have a great friend sitting with me, and we would be giggling over something dumb.
    big hug, melissa! Miss you!
    {darlene weir} recently posted..before and after :: In-Home Consultations {+a new service}My Profile

  10. Erin Buchanan says:

    I would never leave home, if I lived there.

  11. I would have the very best girlfriend retreat weekend ever! I would pay one of my favorite bloggers to come in and chat with all of us awhile. :-)

  12. I would go for long walks and sit under a shady tree and drink in the surrounding beauty.
    Sandy recently posted..7 Ways to Add Cottage Style to Your GardenMy Profile

  13. I just love this! Thanks so much for sharing this magical home!
    Christy recently posted..Hanging a Gallery Wall {TIPS}My Profile

  14. I would spin like Maria on the Sound of Music and after I was done with that, I’d plant lots and lots of flowers.

  15. I’d set up a croquet game, relax and read outside, take walks, get a couple more dogs and a horse…..

  16. I’d lay on the hillside and soak up the sun and as it went down have a wine and watch the creek go by! So beautiful.
    Nicole recently posted..Hostess Gift Ideas for An Outdoor PartyMy Profile

  17. Watch grandchildren. run. And play kickball and help them discover tadpoles

  18. I would read a book on the couch in the sunny room over looking the pond… there would be an old Aga in the kitchen warming the house… and a mud room for all the kids boots. An afternoon amble with the kids, every day, and home for cocoa before settling in for the end of the day busy-ness.
    se7en recently posted..Se7en’s Fabulous Friday Fun #161My Profile

  19. I would host brunch with veggies from my garden, and introduce my guests to the goats and chickens in the backyard.

    Ahh, my dreamhouse!
    Kelly recently posted..The blue dresserMy Profile

  20. mcgrathinnola says:

    I would have flowers everywhere leading to my cottage art studio in the back surrounded by my pet scottie, black standard poodle and 2 black cats and swans in the pond! And everyday I would sit outside and sketch and paint. The inside would be filled with tons of books and soft cushy furniture…so nice and cozy with lots of linen fabrics, pillows everywhere, crackling fire…ya’ll come on over!!

  21. Sherri Wood says:

    I would have a lovely garden, appreciating all four seasons. With long-missed friends coming for a 3 day visit, I would cut English roses and place in the Den, the Guest Bedroom and the Dining Room.

    A good dream — thanks!

  22. Valerie J. says:

    I would ring the outside metal bell so the kids it’s time to come back home for dinner. There would be fresh butter, warm bread just coming out of the oven, some homemade pate, vegetables from the garden, a roasted chicken and pie. It would be an ordinary Sunday evening where would play cards after dinner, sitting by the fire.

  23. Paula G. says:

    I would take long walks on the grounds and enjoy meals outside overlooking the green, rolling hills!

  24. If I lived here….I would have my horse grazing in the field behind, eating supper on the patio outside watching my little brood of ducklings paddling away on the pond and I most definitely would be blissfully happy.

    Lee :)

  25. How beautiful!
    I would have a closet full of white sundresses that I would wear with my bare feet, and I would stroll up to my mailbox then back to get my morning coffee, which I would have sitting on the bank with my feet in the water. Lunch would be on a blanket on that back hillside with grandkids. Ahhhhhh

  26. I would take some gorgeous pictures, have a cup of tea, and take a nice long walk, not exactly in that order.
    Nicki recently posted..Living With An Addict- Part 3My Profile

  27. BTW, super fun series, I love stuff like this!
    Nicki recently posted..Living With An Addict- Part 3My Profile

  28. I’d have a family party on the terrace, where we lingered around the table for hours, enjoying the scents and sounds and sights of our secluded locale.
    Lorrie recently posted..March Beauties: Mosaic MondayMy Profile

  29. I think I’d get some ducks for that pond out back.
    Lisa recently posted..Weekends UnpluggedMy Profile

  30. I would walk on the stone wall with my granddaughter and tell her how I used to walk on the stone wall of my grandfather’s.

  31. I would have a GIANT garden.
    And bake some kind of lemon tart every day.
    I would hang laundry outside to dry
    And play in the yard with my pup. And probably buy another pup
    Krissy recently posted..Ready to Slooooooow DownMy Profile

  32. No wonder that property looks familiar, it’s in my hometown back east. LOL!!! What a small world.

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