Dream House

hgtv dream home front entry

Do you have a dream house?

A dream house in your mind?

The house you’d snap up in a heartbeat, if money were no object and no obstacles in your way?

I kind of have a dream house, in my mind, I think. But trouble is, I probably have several dream houses.

How would I ever choose?

hgtv dream home deck and siding

This lovely little place is the HGTV dream house for 2013.

I think I could be happy here.

I do love to look at houses and dream (haha, obviously). But that doesn’t mean I’m not happy or content with reality. I do try to create my own little dream house as best I can and be happy with the one I have!

There are always doable and practical take aways from dream houses, so I don’t ever want to stop dreaming!

Yes, you might see dollar signs and huge property tax bills when you see a lovely home like this. Hahah. Yes. And when I see that gorgeous setting, I do feel a wee momentary bit of envy since I don’t have that. But after I pick my jaw up off the floor, I get inspired.

hgtv bedroom ideas

I start looking at the ideas I can take away from such a beautiful home.

I find color ideas, am inspired by use of texture, dream of pattern possibilities, styles and mixtures of furniture, get new ideas for blinds, curtains, rugs and lighting. I look at paint colors and flooring. I think about the hardware they use and even notice what is on their nightstands. I love looking at exteriors and gardens too! I think of decorating in new ways and stretch myself to maybe risk trying something different in my own home.

It becomes a challenge to find ways to get a new look on a budget and scale I can afford. It is a fun challenge!

hgtv dream home 2013 master suite bathroom

hgtv dream home bunk beds

hgtv dream home master bedroom

hgtv dream house master

hgtv dream home wide hall and colored walls

hgtv bedroom blues and greens and textures

hgtv dream home siding and black window trim

hgtv dream house deck 2013

hgtv pool in deck

I chose some of my favorite rooms from the HGTV Dream House to share with you today, but there are so many awesome photos you’ll have to go visit HGTV to find the rest. All of these photos are from HGTV.

Happy dreaming!
And PS? All of my blinds are installed now in my kitchen. High fives to my hubby. Thanks to him and his DIY effort this week, you’ll get to see the blinds and the kitchen reveal very very soon.
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  1. I LOVE this house! And it’s on Kiawah Island, which is our favorite place to vacation. Have you ever been there? :)

    Hope you’re doing well! I’m really looking forward to seeing the complete reveal of your kitchen. Kudos to your husband!
    Richella Parham recently posted..How to make your own bird’s nest for penniesMy Profile

  2. I do have a dream house. Several as well, in fact:) But I also try to remember that my current home is probably the dream home for many in this country-and to be thankful for it. I am saying this probably for myself more than anything:)
    Amy recently posted..Enjoying while I canMy Profile

  3. I also really enjoy looking at homes and stores with home accessories. I go to open houses to get ideas but mostly just to enjoy the environments. This process adds to my peace. It has taken a long time (years!) for my husband to know I “look” for pure enjoyment and inspiration and not because I “want to move” or “buy stuff”. I love to look and I am content. I do gleen ideas and make minor changes in paint color, or change a room arrangement, or shop my house, or move acccessories, but the goal is to encourage my creativity.

  4. This beautiful home is filling my head with ideas.

  5. KATHYSUE says:

    MELISSA, Be still my heart, when can we move in!? I like to dream too!! I have two list, a someday list (things that I will most likely get to do someday) and the DREAM LIST (most likely will never happen except in my dreams) I don’t mind having a dream list, fun to think about. Still very grateful for what I have! We creative types have to dream.
    Happy weekend,

  6. I would love to join you and the gals for that wonderful weekend. I guess it is the thought that counts..Lol! My hubby and I dream about living along side a lake or even the ocean someday. We do feel very blessed to have a nice home and each other. I love your blog! Thanks for all the organizing ideas.

  7. The most beautiful House I’ve seen. I’m ready to move in.

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