Mother’s Day Gift Ideas {The Vintage Pearl Giveaway!}

Mother's Day Gift Ideas {The Vintage Pearl Giveaway!}

With Mother’s Day coming up, it is always nice to receive or give a sweet sentimental gift. But what to give? That is always the question.

Jewelry from The Vintage Pearl  has been one of my long time favorites to receive, I even like to give their jewelry to myself — that is how much I love it!

I have several pieces that are very near and dear to my heart.

Children’s names, initials, special words or sayings …. they all choke me up. They even have cute PUP CHARMS now, maybe I need one with Jack’s name on it since he is Pup of the Year and all.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas {The Vintage Pearl Giveaway!}

I adore the new “love notes” necklace! They make the charms using your child’s handwriting or artwork, is that not THE SWEETEST thing ever?! You might want to send your hubby  a link to the Love Note necklace at The Vintage Pearl, you know, as a subtle  little hint. Or do what I do sometimes and just order it for yourself.  You know you’ll love it!

Mother's Day Gift Ideas {The Vintage Pearl Giveaway!}

I love this little Love Links bracelet, too!

Mother's Day Gift Ideas {The Vintage Pearl Giveaway!}

The Mother’s Day cutoff is April 24th for custom orders, so don’t delay if you want any of these little treasures for yourself or grandma or a sister or anyone else you love.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas {The Vintage Pearl Giveaway!}

And remember, these aren’t just for Mother’s Day, you can give these sweet gifts any time! Isn’t that Pearl Nest ring sweet?

Mother's Day Gift Ideas {The Vintage Pearl Giveaway!}

Check out The Vintage Pearl for all the lovely gift giving ideas.

HOORAY! I’ve got two $50 gift certificates to give away this weekend, too, so leave a comment telling me what piece you’d like to give and to whom if you win! You can’t win if you don’t enter, so if you are reading this via email, click leave a comment below!

Don’t forget to shop early and follow The Vintage Pearl on Facebook for special promotions, too! I see a Mother’s Day discount that is good today only!

The Vintage Pearl is a friend and sponsor of The Inspired Room.

This giveaway is closed, winners are Melle from Feathered Ruffles and Leigh from Funky Faith Girl.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas {The Vintage Pearl Giveaway!}


  1. I would give my sister the champagne briolettes and I might get the crystal cluster earrings for myself :)

  2. I would give my mom the Chunky daisy cuff bracelet

  3. Brandy E. says:

    I like the love notes necklace. I would give it to my mother of course. ;)

  4. It is all fabulous! The Love Links bracelet is just so charming and I would love to own one to put the names of the ones I love…I am crossing my fingers. Dianntha

  5. I love your idea & would choose the “names on my heart” necklace with our pup Mac’s name on it to give to my daughter away from home! But honestly, that pearl nest ring is simply beautiful…love it!

  6. I love it all! Probably would get “Double Layers of Love” necklace for myself. Thanks!

  7. I would give the love notes necklace to my Mom…She would love it!

  8. I love the Secret Message necklace. I also love the Dainty Drops. So many things to choose from! I would love to get each of my girls something. This would be great incentive to do that!

  9. I’d give myself the Love Links bracelet! :-)

  10. Valerie J. says:

    I would give My Mom the mother of peral necklace.

  11. I would get a piece for my grandmother that has all 17 of her grand and great-grandchildren’s names on it somehow. Thank you for the giveaway.

  12. I would give myself the love links bracelet too ;). Especially nice to remember both the children we have now and the one we lost in miscarriage.

  13. I’d give myself the precious pearl nest ring!

  14. So many great choices? Probably the love notes necklace. Thanks for the chance to win.

  15. The mom you are… necklace. I would give it to my daughters teacher, who has become like a mom to our family. She has taken care of us and has been such an angel in our lives during two of my open heart surgeries and another one soon. I have 4 beautiful young children that I didn’t know how we were going to emotionally going to survive these surgeries. I was unable to care for them for over 12 weeks. She was an answer to my prayers and gave my daughter who I am most concerned about the extra love and compassion that she needed and also helped her get the extra help that she needed in school since I was unable to help. She has become a mom to me because of her love, support and helping take care of my family. I wish more than anything that I could give her this necklace to help her know how much we love and appreciate her. She is the most self less woman I know. She dedicates her life to being the most incredible loving and beautiful mother and teacher to all her class. She has offered to watch over my family if my life is shortened by heart disease. I feel so blessed that I have this beautiful woman in my life to help give me strength.

  16. There are so many, I don’t know how I’d choose, but I love the ampersand neckace!

  17. I rreally like the pearl ring, for my daughter probably…and the necklace with the pearl and shell is really pretty. It would be a difficult decision:)

  18. Oh I would love to give my mom one of those gorgeous love note necklaces! I’d have them stamp something about ‘mom and grandma.’

  19. I would love to give my daughter expecting her first baby a necklace… thank you!

  20. Jennifer K says:

    I’d buy something for myself (my husband hasn’t picked up on my hints yet) :). And I love their new love letters – so precious!

  21. i would chose the “rustic bloom” necklace for my niece amber…she and her beloved husband have two cherubs: lily and emma, whose names would blooms so sweetly on this gift!

  22. Its a hard decision – but maybe the gold dainty names necklace with all the grandkids names for my mother-in-law.

  23. I love the necklace that I could put my daughters name on and give it to myself!! Thank-you!!

  24. I LOVE…and would give the notes necklace to my momma!

  25. I would love to give the Circle of Love bracelet to myself!

  26. I would give my sister the champagne briolettes earrings for her birthday.

  27. Would love to win! Was just talking to my sister today about getting this for my mom for Mother’s Day. We haven’t yet picked out which one we think she’d prefer, just something with her grandkids’ names on it.

  28. These are so beautiful!! I’m pondering how to hint without telling them GET THIS for me! :) Besides the love notes necklace, I just love the pearl nest ring too….sigh!

  29. I love TVP, too – I got the Mama Bird necklace last Mother’s Day from my peeps. (: But that pearl bracelet would be awesome to have, too!

  30. I would give it to my mom!

  31. LOVE the love notes necklace!! would like to keep for myself but will give to my mom – she definitely deserves it and would love to own it herself!! But then she will probably just turn around and give it back to me – that is just how she is!!

  32. I am about to give birth to our third child and since we’ve become parents I haven’t really had a mother’s day or baby delivery present beyond flowers. I would love to have a necklace with mementos of my three children.

  33. I would get Golden Love for myself.

  34. I’m loving the golden teardrop briolettes earrings for me and my sisters and the carefree necklace too!

  35. I’d love the Circle of Love necklace with my kid’s names on it!

  36. I would love the “Love Notes” necklace…precious!

  37. I just love the Eclectic Charm Bracelet. I would have our Grandchildren’s names and it would be for me!!

  38. cindy b. says:

    there are several pieces that I like -mostly likely a bracelet for myself.

  39. I am so loving the Pearl nest ring. I would actually love it for myself.

  40. I would give the pup charm to my sister for her australian shepherd Nala. :-)

  41. Annum S. says:

    I would love to give the Pearl Nest ring to my mom!

  42. I would get the dainty eclectic necklaces for my daughter and daughter in law… Love the Pearl nest ring too (for me).

  43. I love so many of the necklaces. I would actually love to get one for myself!

  44. I’d give the pearl nest ring to my sister!

  45. What a fabulous giveaway!! I would get the dainty eclectic necklace for my mother.

  46. Pamela S says:

    I most certainly would give a “pearl bracelet with a charm” or the “love links bracelet” to my mom for her Birthday or Mother’s Day (they are both in May) simply because of who she is. My Mom is the reflection of unconditional love that I have ever known, and the joy that lives within her overflows to everyone she meets; yet, the love she has poured into our family, especially her grandbabies has to be the most beautiful reflection of selfless love one could witness. Her cup does overflow, she never tires. The most amazing woman and Mom. I consider it a blessing and a privilege to sit by her side, her hugs are a blanket to the soul, they cover you and comfort you and make everything just right.

  47. I like their Love Links Bracelet and I also like their dainty layered hearts necklace

  48. I would get my daughter who has been through a lot the last year, the circle of love bracelet with her three children’s names on it.

  49. I’d get my mom a bracelet, I think… with all her grandkids’ names. Or else I’d be selfish and get myself the carefree necklace.

  50. I love the mother of pearl. I would like to get one for my sister-in-law and then myself. Beautiful!

  51. Barbara Pligavko says:

    One of my daughters has a Birthday coming up and I would love to give her the pearl cluster earrings or the crystal cluster earrings!! The layer of pearls necklace is gorgeous also!!

  52. I would love to give my mom the Secret Love Message Heart necklace with a special message inside to remind her how much I love her on mother’s day and every day!

  53. Love the Golden Necklace. Such a unique gift, yet I would love it for myself.

  54. A little vintage love for me!

  55. Anna Starner says:

    I would love to have a necklace with the picture of my mother holding my hand as I learned to walk. She just passed away and I was adopted so this is the first picture I have of us. It would be such a special mothers day remembrance to have to honer such a special lady.

  56. Amanda S. says:

    Owl always love you necklace for my mom.

  57. I, too, adore their stuff! I would want the bangle bracelet to give to myself; i already have my quote picked out. OR I might get all sacrificial and give it to my graduate with an appropriate quote.

  58. My children would give me the Love Links bracelet, and I would be very excited!

  59. I have one of the necklaces with my kids names on them I received a couple of years ago for Mother’s Day. It’s one of my favorite things. :)

  60. I love the Vintage Pearl and I love the Inspired Room! If I were so fortunate to win this giveaway I would love to have the layered mother of pearl necklace with the names of my 4 beloved children, husband and my sweet golden retriever!

  61. I would get the love notes necklace, and I would love to just give it to myself!

  62. I love the She Flies With Her Own Wings necklace.

  63. Sarah S. says:

    i would get my mom a necklace that showcases her grandkids names!

  64. My friend, Aubrey, would love the carefree bird necklace, and my daughter would love the my cat necklace. We just adopted a cat after months of her asking for one.

  65. I’d give the a simple sweet-heart necklace to my mom.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  66. So many wonderful choices. Definitely the love notes necklace. Thanks for the chance to win.

  67. This grandmother of 7 was thinking that she would love to give Mother’s Day gifts to her three daughters. Wouldn’t these be perfect?!

  68. Charlotte Orth says:

    My mother’s name is Stella and it seems that old fashioned name is coming back in style. I saw the charm with her name on it and would love to get that one for her.

  69. Would absolutely give the love notes necklace to my sister with her 3 daughters names on it. She’s an awesome single mom whose life revolves around her girls and never buys anything for herself!

  70. Brenda C says:

    My daughter-in-law would love to have one of these for her first mother’s day.
    She and my son have given us a beautiful first grandson.

  71. Doris Krebs says:

    I would love to have the love notes necklace.

  72. Melinda Lee says:

    My dear friend was just blessed with grand baby #1 and is anticipating #2 in September. A Vintage Pearl treasure would be a charming welcome to grandmotherhood.

  73. I love the love notes necklace and would give it to my sister.

  74. Anne Marie says:

    I would love the sweet little feet necklace for my daughter who is soon to become a mother.

  75. Jill Liverett says:

    I love the perl nest ring and I would give it to my mom!

  76. beautiful…simple…love the the vintage free bird necklace and (with a new found fondness for gold again) the gold, leather, and pearl charm bracelet…the necklace would be for my nature loving mother-in-law.

  77. The pearl nest ring would be my gift to my sister. Thanks!

  78. Betty Anne says:

    I would like to give my daughter the Love Links bracelet.

  79. Darlene Lewis says:

    The love Notes would be just right for my sister!

  80. Kathleen Welch says:

    I would get the gold names and a pearl with the grandkids names for my mother-in-law. It is hard to choose from all of the beautiful pieces of jewelry.

  81. This new to me site has some very nice pieces…..I have 2 grown daughters with families of their own….great gifts for them !

  82. tammy clouthier says:

    I like the chunky love necklace and the pearl nest ring. I would love to have them for myself :)

  83. Christina says:

    I would love to get 2 love links bracelets. I guess I am a little selfish–1 is for me to remind me of the reasons this life is worth it. And the other is for my Mawmaw. She has always been so much more than a Mawmaw to me. She has filled in in the absence of my mother. She has always been my friend and my confidant. She is a very special person.


  85. My mom has been my rock for the past two years, lifting me out of darkness. She will be 72 this year! I’d love to get her one with a heart that says “My heart beats for you” which is how we close our nightly phone calls now.

  86. midwestgirly says:

    I would love to receive the rustic cross necklace. I wear a cross often and always when I travel . Happy mothers day to me!

  87. I love the pearl bracelet with a charm.

  88. Waynette says:

    I love them all! I would have a terrible time trying to choose!

  89. I would give the love links bracelet to my mother, because it is simple yet beautiful, like her.

  90. All the pieces are wonderful but I especially love the love links bracelet!

  91. I would love to give the pearl nest ring or the dainty love notes to my daughter…..and I wouldn’t mind having a pearl bracelet with the charm for myself. All so lovely!!!

  92. So many beautiful pieces… Either a flower and a circle or layered mother of pearl – my mother-in-law would love it!

  93. I would give my daughter who just miscarried her first child the necklace that says “you are my sunshine” with the pearl and charm for the baby. You have so many beautiful pieces!

  94. Diana JOHANNESEN says:

    I love the pearl nest ring….unique.
    Daughters I will be ordering love notes necklace.
    Very nice, all your designs.

  95. mary lou says:

    i would order the love notes necklace for my two daughters!
    happy mothers day to everyone!

  96. I went to the website and I really like the bracelet that has the saying “What good is a dream if it stays in the notebook”

  97. I’d love to give the birthstone necklace in the first group to my daughter, she has two beautiful little girls that she had to fight to keep every day of her pregnancy because of a physiological uterine malformation. She is a most devoted mother, wife, nurse and a daughter any woman would be proud of. She is very deserving.

  98. I would honor my niece, a hard working, loving mom, with a treasure. A sweet Vintage Pearl bracelet would be my choice. She and her family recently lost their home but a little treasure could be a reminder that in time it all could come back.

  99. Sherry Anderson says:

    You are my Sunshine necklace with the name Lucas Alexander on it would be the most perfect 1st Mother’s Day gift for my daughter and 1st grandchild.

  100. Jennifer says:

    The Pearl Nest Ring would look lovely on my mother!

  101. I have admired this jewelery for a long time. Is it selfish to say I would love one of the necklaces with my childrens’ names on it for myself?? I like so many of them! I would need ot find one that fits 4 long names. Thanks for a chance to enter!

  102. Janet Gauthier says:

    Love it all! The Vintage Pearl has become my friend on facebook–love it!

  103. I would give my mom the pearl bracelet with heart and tag. It’s beautiful!!

  104. I would get the Love Links bracelet for my Mom & have all her children’s names on it for her, she would absolutely adore it! <3

  105. Can I be honest? If I won, I’d give the gift certificate to my husband so that I would know I was going to be getting something marvelous for Mother’s Day.

  106. I’d go for the pearl nest ring–for my sister-in-law–and would desire one for myself. As of recently we both now represent the oldest generation in both families. My sister-in-law is a peach!

  107. Cindy M. says:

    I love this jewelry. I have several friends who wear them and have always wanted one for me! Vintage Name Charm Necklace is my favorite. I would love to give one to myself. Thank you bunches for the opportunity!!!!

  108. Erin Buchanan says:

    I’m loving the layered circle of love necklace. I’d give it to myself since the “men” in my life wouldn’t know the first thing about ordering it.

  109. I love them all! It would be a tough decision – but one I would love to make!

  110. would love the pearl bracelet for myself. Our daughter is graduating college in May and son from high school in June. Would love to put their names on it so remember them as they go off into their journeys!

  111. I love the eternity heart necklace and would give it to my mom and mother-in-law.

  112. I would love to give the wide leather cuff to my son and eldest daughter and the skinny message ring to my youngest daughter. I LOVE their ring selection!!

  113. Karen Johnson says:

    Love it all! How do I decide which one??

  114. Marianne says:

    Love pearls!!! What unique jewelry!

  115. Jacquelyn Oswald says:

    I love the bracelet with the names on it. Actually I love them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  116. Ellen Ellis says:

    Just my cup of tea! What a thrill to have my precious family around my neck! it would make me sooo happy!

  117. Missy Anderson says:

    The I love you to the moon and back is my favorite. One of my favorite children’s book too!

  118. I would give the Love Links bracelet to my daughter, mother of 5, for Mother’s Day.

  119. The vintage starfish necklace is so pretty! Anything with the beach, I’m all in! My mother would have loved it. I could give it to myself and wear it in memory of her. Thanks for the giveaway!

  120. I would LOVE the You are my sunshine necklace… and honestly.. for myself. it was my lullaby for my little when he was small…. (sometimes, even tho he’s all grown up at 12, he’ll still ask me if he can crawl into bed and snuggle with me…. then he’ll whisper to me…. “mom, will you sing my song to me?” i always changed the lyrics… one time thru it was sunshine… the second time thru was “you are my eli, my only eli… you make me happy for all my days… you’ll never know dear, how much i love you…. in my heart you will always stay…”

  121. I love that nested pearl ring!

  122. I would like to have the ring for a to me from me gift!

  123. I would love to give the love links bracelet to my mom.

  124. Pam Ballard says:

    The carefree necklace is cute. It would be so hard to chose.. Thanks for the chance. I am in love with alot of stuff they have to offer.

  125. Pam Ballard says:

    The carefree necklace is nice. Thanks for the chance.

  126. Thank you so much for this post…love everything at The Vintage Pearl, especially since my birthstone is the pearl. I would choose the Christmas Tree ornament to give to my mother and personalize it with the names of her five grandchildren. Every year, she, my sister and I exchange Christmas ornaments and I know it would easily become her favorite. Thanks!

  127. Amy Murillo says:

    So many beautiful choices! I would pick the You Are My Sunshine necklace and give it to my daughter Jessica – the best Mom that I know. Thank you for the chance at winning this wonderful giveaway – Amy M.

  128. “Her children rise and call her blessed” vintage necklace for my mom because we do! ;) Thanks for the opportunity!

  129. I would give my Mama the Love Links bracelet. Thanks you!

  130. Hoooooow does one chose?? My Mama needs something lovely for Mother’s Day. Maybe the carefree necklace? A layered necklace? So many cute choices!

  131. What a delightful giveaway; thank you for the opportunity. I’d give my sister the pearl bracelet with the names of her two boys on either side of the silver “coin”.

  132. I love the vintage pea pod…only wish it came with 6 peas! I also like the vintage flower.

  133. I would give my sister the bronze initial ones with the ampersand. She loves ampersands! :)

  134. I LOVE the vintage ladybug necklace. All the jewelry is beautiful!

  135. I’m in love with “golden love”…. My oldest child will soon be leaving for college (can’t imagine him not being here with us). I would love to have a necklace with each of my kids’ names. Thank you for doing the give-a-way! Happy Mother’s Day everyone!!!

  136. Lisa Budzzynski says:

    I would give the dainty charms bracelet for myself and the pup bracelet for my daughter, since we are getting a new puppy. They are all beautiful.

  137. I’d love to get my mom the simple sweet-heart necklace! :)

  138. Arlene Selser says:

    I would love to give my daughter the Pearl bracelet with charms. I think every girl should have a pearl bracelet or necklace even if it’s not their style right now. She’s more into tatoos and piercings. But it will be one day. I have my mother’s pearl necklace and at the time I received it, I was only taking it to save it. Now I find every opportunity to wear it. It’s timeless.

  139. I would give the pearl vintage bracelet for myself..if my mom were still alive I would give it to her , but this way I would carry her with me every time I wear it . thanks for the opportunity!! Pam

  140. I still can’t decide which style to pick, there are SO many cute choices to pick from. I think for my mom (grandma) I would choose a simpler style, probably one with all her grand kids one one circle with the heart in the middle. For my self, I can’t decided between the individuals with the birthstones or the cute charm bracelet…….decisions, decisions!

  141. I would love to give my mom the circle layers of love so she could have her kid’s and grandkid’s names on it! Beautiful!

  142. I would choose the layered mother of pearl necklace for my mom!

  143. I adore the love notes necklace and the Texas state necklace!!

  144. I’d have to give one to myself- and probably buy one for someone else — they are all toooo gorgeous.. I love the collage above and love the middle right photo in the collage.. A necklace with 2 names and a pearl!

  145. I think I would choose The mom you are… necklace for my mom to show her how much she is loved. This would be a visual reminder of how much I love my mom and am so thankful for her love.

  146. I would give the love links bracelet to my sister and I adore the Pearl nest ring for myself. I would love to win the beautiful jewelry.

  147. Andrea E. says:

    I l-o-v-e the gold & necklace. I would get my husband and my initials and love wearing it every day! so pretty and original!

  148. I love the pearl bracelet. I would give it to my mother who is 84 years old. I would put all of the grandchildren’s names on it. That is such a pretty piece for an older lady (I love it too though). Hope I win but whoever wins that will be a very special present for someone. Good luck everyone.

  149. I would buy one for myself. I love being a mom to two kids. What a beautiful reminder of the greatest joy in my life…..motherhood

  150. Kristen L. says:

    I would get the Golden Circle of Love bracelet – one for me and one for my sister! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  151. I would give the dainty drop bracelet to my mother in law.

  152. Thanks for the chance to win such a great giveaway. So many wonderful pieces to choose from. I especially love the “Always and forever” necklace.

  153. I would love to get a pup necklace. My mom and i love the pets more than anyone.

  154. I would get the bracelet for my daughter. The love links bracelet is so cute.

  155. Mary Frederick says:

    I would be honored to receive anything from this collection. They speak to my heart.

  156. My mom would love the love links bracelet : )

  157. Carol schooley says:

    Just what I have been looking for! I would get a necklace with the dates that my brothers passed away and the words “Be Kind” it was one of the last things my older brother said to my sister and I. One for my sister and one for myself.

  158. I really like the Love Links bracelet….would be perfect with my 4 kids’ names.
    Thank you.

  159. I love the love links bracelet and the pearl nest ring! the ring for my mom that is allergic to Gold!

  160. I like the love notes necklace. I would get one for my niece.

  161. Sara Dee says:

    I love the tags necklace, shown in the first group of nine photos, with the names Bella and Micah. I would love it for myself, with my children’s names on it! :)

  162. I love everything! I would probably get the gold heart bracelet and just give it to myself :-)

  163. I would have to say one of the necklaces or the bracelet;I would have to leave it to to Mom decide which one she’d like for Mother’s Day,I wouldn’t be able to say for sure.

  164. Karen Martin says:

    I would get the dainty drop necklace for my niece who is a single mom with three children. She works so hard taking care of her children and supplying all their needs there is very little left over for her, yet she never complains about her problems she just quietly goes about her business doing the best she can in a difficult situation.

  165. linda (burlap+blue) says:

    adore erin’s shop! love the sweet nest necklace!

  166. patricia says:

    I would buy the vintage baby feet with names and give it to my daughter

  167. I really like all the pieces. They are quite nice. If I had to choose, I like the pearl braclete the best. My mom is spending her 4th year in heaven, so Mother’s Day is a really hard day for me. But I’m BLESSED to have two wonderful kids to celebrate with.

  168. pam clare says:

    Since my mother passed when I was very young, I’d love to give the “love notes’ necklace to my eldest sister, Lori. She’s the bestest mom :)

  169. I have some artwork that would be perfect for the “love note” necklace.

  170. Rebecca Hearsey says:

    I would give my sister the Eclectic Charm necklace with a charm for each of her 4 children. Our Mother passed away 9 years ago, and she was so giving and thoughtful. This was exactly the kind of unique gift she would have given to my sister and I. It would be wonderful to pass along Mom’s whimsical spirit!

  171. Kelly McK says:

    I would love to get my mom one of their beautiful necklaces!

  172. Love all the necklaces and pearls are my favorite, I love pearls better than diamonds!!!!!
    Perhaps, my name “Margaret” means pearl!!!! I love all the marvelous jewelry! Thanks for sharing!
    Margie :)

  173. I would give my mom a necklace with her two grand babies names on it. She would absolutely love it!

  174. I think I would choose the Circle of Love necklace for my daughter.. inscribed with her 4 childrens names!
    It would make an incredible Mothers Day gift.
    Cathy B*****y pbprojecthope at yahoo dotcom

  175. Elizabeth G. says:

    I would give the Layered Mother of Pearl to my mom!

  176. Angelique says:

    I’d love to get my mom the necklace that fits a lot of names on it because I’m the oldest of nine children & she’s one of the greatest moms ever! It would mean the world to her to receive such a beautiful necklace with meaning. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  177. i have always wanted one of these necklaces! my kids would be so proud to know i want to have a piece of jewelry with their names on it..thanku for an opportunity to win one!!

  178. Oh how I would love to have the Love You to the Moon necklace! My kids and I love that book . . . what a special keepsake that would be!

  179. They’re all so unique and beautiful! I’d love to give my mom the lovely links bracelet with the names of my sister’s kids and my kids. What a treasure for her to carry her grandbabies with her daily. :)

  180. Karen Ring says:

    I would give my daughter the beautiful pearl bracelet with charm. If not a girly charm. She is a mom of 2 boys and due mid May with a little girl. She has a necklace now with names of boys on them.( from you) But I feel she really needs a girly mommy baby gift!

  181. I love the Vintage Pearl, my husband has bought me a few necklaces, they are my favorite! I need to get my mom something!

  182. Christina Williams says:

    I would give my daughter the you are my sunshine necklace. When she was little we used to sing that song together and she just had her first ray of sunshine 3 weeks ago! Hope we win!

  183. Cheryl Mericle says:

    I would love to give my daughter Chloe the pearl ring for Mothers Day. I know that sounds silly but I am just so proud of her. She is a first yr nursing student and a Young life leader. She has been working so darn hard. I don’t need anything for myself. I am so proud to be her mom!

  184. Danielle G says:

    My mom would LOVE the love notes necklace, especially with charms featuring my young brother’s & sister’s handwriting.

  185. So pretty!

  186. My daughter is getting married in Sept and I would love to buy her something “new”from your beautiful
    vintage pearl jewelery. Thank you!

  187. Just found the Vintage Pearl online all the pieces are so beautiful, what a great Mother’s Day gift.

  188. I’d love to give the I Love My State necklace to my sister.

  189. I love the pup charm! That would be perfect for myself for Mother’s Day as I am mom to a puppy =)

  190. The vintage starfish necklace I would give to my mother, she loves the beach & is a big boater!

  191. I love my vintage pearl necklace and get comments on it every time I wear it. I am loving the new love notes necklace. I am imagining all of the possibilities……… :)

  192. Kathy Fullerton says:

    Love vintage pearl necklace with children’s names and birthstone charms! It would be for myself!

  193. Kristine says:

    Everything is amazing but i would love to get the ‘Names on the Heart’ for my mom with my children’s names for her because she is several thousand miles away and cannot be with with them but can have a symbol close to her heart. Thank you for the entry!

  194. I would give my sister the love links bracelet. So cute!

  195. There are so many pretty things that it was hard to decide. I would get the Danity Layers necklace for my mom with the initials of all of her grandchildren.

  196. The Love Links bracelet would be perfect for my sister Caris in honor of her three small blond people. :)

  197. On second thought, I would keep the Love Links bracelet and put each of my 5 grandchildren’s names on it.

  198. Hi Melissa, Thanks for the giveaway. I’d probably give the Love Links bracelet to my sweet mother-in-law.

  199. The pearl bracelet – to myself.

  200. I would love to have my kid’s initials, and probably would add my dog’s too!

  201. I love it all! I’d love the pearl bracelet and my daughters would love the ring.

  202. I’d love to give the initial on a chain to my Mama!

  203. Jane Squires says:

    I would love to win lots of it. I have 5 grandchildren.

  204. Amanda Barnett says:

    I would love the pearl nest ring. Very beautiful.

  205. I love so many of their wonderful jewelry creations!
    I would love to give the “vintage lovebirds” necklace
    to out oldest son’s fiance’…
    Many thanks, Cindi

  206. The Love Links bracelet is very special. I would love to get it for my daughter.

  207. I love the “Redeemed” necklace and i would give it to my daughter.

  208. So.So.Adorable! I’d choose the love notes necklace. I’d love to preserve my kids handwriting and give it to myself. All moms need to treat themselves once in a while.

  209. The Golden Ampersand necklace would be awesome for my MIL with the initials of her favorite grandchildren!

  210. Hannah Randell says:

    I would get the vintage silver charms necklace for my sister who is expecting her first baby in September!

  211. I’d love to win the Mother of Pearl for my amazing mother!

  212. I would love to give my mother the layered mother of pearl necklace and print my 4 sister’s names on the middle ring and all her grandchildren’s names ( if I can fit them :) on the outside ring.

  213. Stephanie Gossett says:

    I would give the love links bracelet to my sweet and wonderful mom! Thank you for offering the chance!

  214. If I can choose for my kids, I’ll be grateful to have the one with the moon ^_^ I often say to my child “I love you to the moon and back”
    for my sweet and lovely mom, the Love Links bracelet would be a great present.

  215. Laura D. says:

    My mom would love the layered mother of pearl necklace!

  216. I would love to get any piece with the 3 names of her children,for my Mom.
    Her birthday is May 2.

  217. I love Vintage Pearl, they have such beautiful necklaces!

  218. I love the pearl bracelet with charm! I’d give one to my mother (and maybe one to myself ;)!

  219. My mom is deaf, so she’d loooooove the “I love you” necklace. I’d kinda love one too :)

  220. I LOVE the “love notes” necklace. It would be such a great Mother’s Day present to give my mom with my daughters, her granddaughters’ names engraved.

  221. Michaela hoenigman says:

    I would give my mom the love notes necklace. How divine.

  222. I would make one for my adorable mama!

  223. I would get the pearl bracelet with the charm for my mother in law. I got one for my mom last year and she loves it. I also have one of my own so I know my mother in law would love one too!

  224. The gold, leather & pearls bracelet… Wow! Gorgeous. My MIL would love it.

  225. I LOVE the pearl nest ring. I would donate it as a gift to the Go Red for Women Suburban Chicago silent auction on May 17th in St. Charles, Il. I care about the hearts of women…and warning others to carefully watch out for high blood pressure…which caused problems with my own heart.

    This item would be one I could see being a crowd favorite and a real money raiser!

  226. Laurie T says:

    I LOVE the pearl bracelet! Anything from the Vintage Pearl would be great :)

  227. Kris Bailey says:

    I just love the names of kids…I would do a bracelet for my daughter with her two children and then I would do one for myself of my four grandchildren…Vintage Pearl does great work!!! Love it all. Great ideas!

  228. Jennifer C. says:

    I love the chunky message ring!

  229. I’m in love with that pearl nest ring!

  230. domestic diva says:

    I’d get a circle of love necklace for myself.

  231. Brenda Kuhn says:

    I’d get the cupped square with love for my lovely daughter who has given me the most wonderful grandson!!

  232. Thanks so much for sharing. I lost the necklace my husband got me with my daughters initial on it and have been looking for something to replace it. These are so beautiful!!!

  233. The Love Note necklace is my favorite!

  234. I’d give my sister the secret keeper necklace.

  235. Carolyn S says:

    Love the heart to heart ring…I would give it to my mom!

  236. April was in CT now CA says:

    The Vintage Lovebirds has always been a favorite and I think I’d have to gift it to myself!

  237. The Love Links bracelet…although I looked through every single page and there were so many lovely pieces of jewelry it was hard to choose. I would either give it to my Mom or for myself. Thank you.

  238. Tiffany Mitton says:

    These are beautiful! They have touched my heart — especially with children leaving the nest faster than I’d like.

  239. Rachel B. says:

    I love the wrap ring.

  240. Sara Lauderdale says:

    I love the necklace. I would give it to my sister in law because she is such a great mom always putting my niece before her needs, and because she adores silver!

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