What are the Paint Colors in My House?

What are the Paint Colors in My House?

Do you know what one of the most FAQs is here at The Inspired Room?

Yep, it’s “what are your wall paint colors?”

Finally for your convenience, I  have a beautiful new paint colors page (thanks to my talented daughter) that should answer the ever burning question “What color is that room?” in a room by room paint colors guide.

Check out my wall paint colors here! I’ll be updating it and adding to it as colors change so you’ll always be up to date!

PS. I have TONS of new projects and updates in process right now around the house, everything from new curtains and chair in the family room to new throw pillows, a new slipcover and rug, to new plants and grass outside. I’ve been away all weekend at a conference so I’m just catching up, but I’ll be sharing updates on all my projects and plans for the summer this week!

Hope you all had a FANTASTIC weekend!

Today I am over at Jones Design Company, come see all the bloggers she is featuring this month AND an ADORABLE summertime giveaway selected by ME! {Thanks so much, Emily!}

What are the Paint Colors in My House?


  1. Thanks Melissa! I am one of those readers of blogs who wonders what the paint color in a room is!

  2. Candace Petree says:

    Hi! You have a beautiful home & I love all of your paint colors! An aside though, where did you find the rug in your family room?
    Thanks so much!

  3. Thank you! I’m so guilty of the paint color question… :)

  4. I love your house paint colours – the blues and greys are so beautiful together. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Guilty as charged…been wondering about your paint colors, too. And I’ve been hoping you’d come over to my house and help me paint! :)

  6. Is it safe to assume the black paint used on your stair railing is the Martha Stewart paint (same as your door)?

  7. Camille B. says:

    Thanks for sharing, this is one of my favorite color schemes! What sort of shades and colors do you usually pick for accent pieces, the contrasting shades that give a little pop?

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