Dream Porch {farmhouse style}

Dream Porch {farmhouse style}

Southern LivingĀ 


{not really, but a girl can dream}.

Dream Porch {farmhouse style}


  1. How’d they get those windows to sparkle? Oh, wait. Is that what a house looks like when the windows are washed?? *smacks head*

  2. I think I could sit on that porch for days!

  3. Melissa: I have followed your blog for quite some time and what a surprise to open my email today and find this home that our firm designed as your Dream Porch! You have inspired me so much and now I’m glad that we, in a small way as the architects, can help you share inspiration with your readers! It is a heavenly porch and what you don’t see is that there are phantom screens that extend downward to transform this to a screen porch at the touch of a button!

  4. Swoon!

  5. I am thinking porches this week too! Love this one!

  6. I can get on board with dream – especially if someone else cleans those windows for me!

  7. What a beautiful porch. I wouldn’t mind having that for sure!


  8. That porch looks like you could have a fun little party right there and not need to go anywhere else!

  9. Can I live on this porch?

  10. carol jane says:

    Beautiful! I want that too!

  11. Can you imagine sipping a cosmo on this porch! sigh

  12. This is a beautiful porch; I love all the flower pots with the table in the middle! What an interesting idea :)

  13. Lovely!! Maybe one day… :)

  14. I thought I recognized your fiddleleaf fig in the corner there on the porch! Can I come for tea sometime? (:

  15. This is beautiful. I currently live in a mobile home (it isn’t mine but I’ve been given free creative license with it) and have been working on transforming the inside but am now thinking about ways to work on the outside! I’ll probably blog about it when I do! I added your blog to my blog roll also! Thanks for the inspiration and for not just reporting the same things over and over!

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