Inspired Idea: Changeable Photo Gallery

Inspired Idea: Changeable Photo GalleryBHG

I have a little crush on clipboards. I love love love the idea of a rotating, easily changeable photo gallery. Put the two together? And you have a match made in heaven for a perfect stairwell gallery wall! I love it. And, that door isn’t bad either! :)

Inspired Idea: Changeable Photo Gallery


  1. That’s a whole lot of decorating happiness in a small space!

  2. betsy clark says:

    NO, NO, NO clipboards on the stairway wall! That is a nice look for a loft or industrial space……not a home. Interchangeable white frames would look great here. More finished looking. Clip boards are very unattractive (unless again, you are in an industrial or office space) and it looks like you just did not want to go to any trouble. Eye goes to the clipboard and the photos become irrelevant (they disappear in your photo too).

    • Oh, I like them for a fun casual hallway! :-) We had a second staircase in our old house, kind of a back stairway and I totally can picture this idea there. I think it’s adorable and not too industrial at all in the right space!

  3. This is just such an awesome idea. I love it.

  4. Well you can easily rotate pictures with this idea!

    What got my attention was the fabulous red door. (I love to see outside elements brought inside for texture and interest.) So I guess it slides to hide the staircase?

    darlene :)

  5. What a unique idea! I really like this idea. This would be especially fun in a hallway or in my craft room for inspiration! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Patricia Hall says:

    Referring to your non-swine laundry room update post: like you, I had a really gross laundry sink. It got used and abused for years. Mine is fiberglass (I think) but I didn’t want to go to the effort of replacing it. I reasoned if I replaced it, I’d be hysterical if anyone used it to actually clean a paint brush … I tried scubbing it with cleanser, scouring pads, a spin brush (that one helped), barbecue grill brush (well, it couldn’t get any worse than it was) and finally a razor blade style scraper. That one worked! About 20 minutes of sweaty scrubbing and scraping and swearing and it was … TA DAH! Adequate. I’m not ashamed to have anyone see it now. And a can of scouring powder lives permanently in plain sight … just a reminder.

  7. I love this idea, too. I like the fact that the clipboards come in beautiful colors and some are even transparent! Check it out!

  8. I think you’d get sick of them pretty quickly and would look tatty after a while. Cute and different idea though.

  9. Super cute idea, especially for families!

  10. I’m not sure I would use this idea in a public space as I too would get tired of them, but WILL (maybe even today) use the idea on my pantry day. I use this space to tape up my 5 year olds crafts, school papers and drawings. I love the jumbled mess it is, but would clipboards (maybe 6) would be even better. I wouldn’t even need to search for the tape! I think it’s really important to display our children’s work. And this is perfect. Really enjoying the inspired room. Really good stuff.

  11. My daughter has interspersed clipboards on the gallery wall in her bedroom. Cute idea when you want to make some simple changes. Otherwise I hear her up there with the hammer pounding on the walls!!

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