Favorite Home Decor Accessories {To Give & Receive}

Merry Christmas Glitter Garland from Pottery Barn - The Inspired RoomThis post was created in partnership with Pottery Barn

Have you been enjoying all the Christmas home tours around the internet? It sure is a festive time of year, I just love seeing how everyone makes their house a cozy and festive home. Today I wanted to show you a few of my favorite things for decorating this time of year! And at the same time, hopefully these items will give you a few great ideas for gifts.

Pottery Barn Merry Christmas Glitter Garland - The Inspired Room Mantel

For quick and easy festive decor on furniture or walls, I just love having a fun seasonal banner. My new German Glitter Merry Christmas garland would be perfect anywhere in the house, in any room, from the mantel to the tree to a dresser to the wall, so I know I’ll use it year after year.

I had fun styling my banner on our mantel this week and I LOVE how it adds sparkle to the room, especially on a dark and stormy day like today!

Merry Christmas Glitter Garland - Pottery Barn
It comes in a nice little box too so it’s really easy to wrap and give!

Cozy Cable Knit Throw - Pottery Barn - The Inspired Room

This cozy cable knit throw is not only my favorite thing to grab on a chilly winter night, but it’s a beautiful, no fail, sure to be loved gift for anyone. It’s thick, lined with faux sheepskin on one side and chunky cable knit on the other.

Pottery Barn Glitter Merry Christmas Garland on the Fireplace- The Inspired Room

I am on a mission lately to collect blankets because I find so many ways to use them. I don’t think you can have too many!

This throw would look beautiful in any room all winter long. I love having a pile of blankets folded on a shelf ready to pull out for a cozy evening or for guests. I always have a throw or two in every room this time of year for added texture on the backs of chairs, laying over ottomans or in baskets.

Pottery Barn Merry Christmas Glitter Garland - The Inspired Room

Jack and Lily love cozy blankets, too!

Cable Knit Throw - Pottery Barn

This blanket comes wrapped up in a perfect tied bundle, all ready to box and give to a lucky recipient.

Simple Winter Centerpiece - Faux Snow and Gold Deer in a Hurricane - The Inspired Room

As I’ve mentioned, I love to decorate with classic tasteful items that can flow effortlessly from season to season and year to year, and throw in a few festive items to make the season feel special.

Simple Centerpiece with Candle and Moss - Pottery Barn Branson Hurricane - The Inspired Room

The secret to decorating with ease and without having to store a bunch of excess seasonal stuff is to have a few basic foundational elements on hand that you can effortlessly adapt for any season!

Easy Centerpiece - Book Pages in a Hurricane - The Inspired Room

For surfaces, glass hurricanes and candle holders are pretty much my FAVORITE items because they are SO versatile in all the seasons. Pottery Barn makes some beautiful pieces that would make wonderful gifts, the Branson Glass Hurricanes and Branson Glass Pillar Candle Holders are really lovely.

Easy Centerpiece - Pinecone and Moss in a Hurricane - The Inspired Room

With just a few moments and decor I already had laying around for the season, I was able to quickly create three different simple centerpieces that would be appropriate for winter but so easy to change for any season. You certainly could fancy them up more, or use them in a different way by putting them on a mantel or on a console table, too. You could group several of them together or combine them with other decor. Really, the variations are endless. And that’s what I love about glass hurricanes, they can always be used in a different way!

Simple Centerpiece - Branson Glass Candleholder from Pottery Barn - The Inspired Room

Simplicity is always beautiful and a glass candle holder is always an appropriate gift, don’t you think?

This month, Pottery Barn is hosting surprise daily deals over on their Instagram on all the goodies in this post! So be sure to follow and check in with Pottery Barn on Instagram (and The Inspired Room, too!) to find out about each daily gift deal and you will be able to shop for deals directly from Instagram.

Tomorrow you are invited to part two of my Christmas House Tour so I hope you’ll come by for another look!

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  1. Your reasoning behind building on what you already have in your home is an excellent tip. I don’t like to take every accessory out and start over, only to trade it back again after the holidays. I love your dogs. The look on their faces is so comical!
    Brenda Kula recently posted..My Thoughts On My New Melitta Coffee MakerMy Profile

  2. I’ve only recently discovered your blog, and I love your design philosophy. Thanks for the inspiration! Your home looks lovely and so welcoming, and your pups coordinate perfectly with your holiday decor. I love that photo!
    Anna recently posted..Chautauqua getawayMy Profile

  3. Is that coconut as snow…clever you =)
    Love all your ideas
    teresa recently posted..Birch Wood Christmas OrnamentsMy Profile

  4. I love seeing your cozy home on your blog. I like to use things I have out already too. I have three glass hurricanes and threes glass bottle with etched numbers on them that hold candles, down the center of my dining room table, right now they house glass ornaments and have greens around them and battery pillar candles in them. In summer they are filled with shells, in fall gourds and pumpkins and in spring, Easter eggs. Fun and I don’t have to store the Hurricanes! I would post a photo but I don’t think that works here. Keep sharing!

  5. Karen on Bainbridge Island says:

    A lovely post as always.

  6. Your home is lovely….Jack and Lily are adorable…..

  7. I love the glass hurricane idea. Maybe I’ll try it next year. This year, I collected all of my glass votive candle holders–some are “mercury” glass, some are gold inside, and some have silver decorations. I grouped 10 of them in a variety of sizes and shapes on a round painted silver tray I found at Target. On Christmas Eve I will scatter some small pine branches and fresh cranberries between the glass holders. I’m not usually crafty at all, so this is a big step for me! Thanks for so much inspiration and simple ideas for living beautifully. And, by the way, I visited all of the Christmas home tours in the group you were in, and Melissa, I thought yours was the best. Your home is just right–great style but not trendy, welcoming and friendly–always, not just at Christmas.

  8. Like you I love just adding a few things that say Christmas….finding I am decorating more “winter”. Thanks for the evergreen hanging basket idea….did a little shopping today and one is hanging on my porch!

  9. Denise kass says:

    It is your simplicity that evokes this calm, clean , feeling that touches a chord in my soul. I just feel like saying “ahhhhhh” as a walk through your rooms. Such beauty and peacefulness!

  10. Where is your the turquoise ottoman from? I LOVE it?

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