NOT a DIY Diva: How to Create an Authentically-Inspired Life in a Pinterest World


My new ebook, NOT a DIY Diva: How to Create an Authentically-Inspired Life in a Pinterest World is born! It is now available as a pdf download! {faints}.

This book is a new and pretty compilation, revision and repackaging of some favorite posts from the past four years on the topic of authentic living at home.

Who is it for?  Read the full disclosure so you understand what to expect. And then maybe read the endorsements if you need further evidence that this book is what you want before you buy.

First, a little back story. I started blogging here at The Inspired Room about the topic of authentic living at home in July of 2007. It was my passion then, and is my passion now. That is one of the best things about blogging. You get to share YOUR passion with the entire world.

I had so many people along the way who encouraged me to keep going with my blog, stay the course, and keep on sharing. I’m grateful. You all know who you are, the list is very long or I’d name every one of you sweet people. This online community I’ve been blessed to be a part of is supportive and encouraging.

Let’s admit it. It is common online to feel pangs of jealousy or competitiveness. It is all too easy to become discontent and discouraged at times with who you are and what you have to offer in this world. Whether you are a blogger or not, most of us know what it feels like to be discouraged about our own homes or level of creative or homemaking ability, or even our blogging success!

This book is about embracing your authentic style and way of living at home so that you can be content, even in this “perfect image” world we live in. I know first hand it is so freeing to choose to grow to be who I am instead of trying so hard to be something I am not.

That is what I would like to strive for online.

I enjoy building an authentic community of women who are committed to growing in who they were made to be, women who are committed to creating authentic homes for their families,  and women who can cheer each other on for making those tough choice to NOT be amazing — to choose contentment and authenticity over  perfection.

I have so many people to thank on this project!

First of all, MUCH credit goes to my editor, Sarah Parks.

OH MY GOODNESS. I gave her a MESS of words and random posts and she made sense of my tangled ideas. I’m sure she is cringing right now reading this. Anyway, she treated this ebook like it was her own and poured time and energy and creativity into it. I am grateful.

Along the way various people poured little bits of themselves in to this project. I know it is just a little ebook, but still, I’m grateful.

  • I was encouraged and taught many things by the awesome Amy of Blogging With Amy.
  • Deanna, for her help including providing many years of laughing about pink poodle purses.
  • My interior design student daughter, Courtney, who graciously opened and read 50 bazillion versions of this book.
  • My husband who never questioned the time spent on this project. He brought me coffee, meals, chased dogs around and drove our son to and from school every single day so I could finish this book.
  • My son Luke who never once complained when I was working on my ebook. Again.
  • For the special (in)courage girls who went out of their way to encourage me to do this.

And last but not least, so grateful for my daughter Kylee (above) who painstakingly made me new buttons and banners and designed this ebook to be the pretty little book it is. She also came up with the clever title. So proud of my girl! She is a new blogger too, so welcome her to blogland!

I’m looking for authentic living kindred spirits!

I hope you will delurk today so we can chat a bit in the comments and find fellow kindred spirits, I’d love to hear your personal story or testimonial about seeking authenticity or contentment with your home, life or online. 

A few comments may be chosen to be featured in an upcoming post on struggling for authenticity! You will be contacted for permission first, don’t worry. If you have a blog be sure your blog name shows up in the comment link so I can link your comment back to you from the post. Also, chosen comments may go on a “kindred spirit” page on

Want to leave a comment but don’t want to be quoted? Don’t worry. You can still leave a general comment! 


Most of all, grateful for YOU. The readers of The Inspired Room who have read to my thoughts and pondered my ideas and have encouraged these words to jump right into this ebook! And to those helping to promote this book, I adore you. xoxo

You can download NOT a DIY Diva right now! It is a PDF download and will be delivered right away to your email inbox. It is just $3.99, about the price of a cup of coffee! We aren’t quite ready to have the ebook on yet for the Kindle or Nook, but we are considering it. You can visit NOTaDIYdiva. com for more details on the book including a sample page from the bookendorsements, buttons, affiliates and disclosure statements.

NOT a DIY Diva is on Facebook! Come say hi! I’ll have cookies!

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Inspired Holidays {Day 23}:: pssst….I wrote an ebook.

So, from the very first day I started my blog, I intended to write a book. Only, I didn’t write a book because I wrote a blog instead.

Four years and lots of words later, I finally got around to creating that book. You can find the website for it here.

This project has been a labor of love. This ebook is the short, pretty,  and sweetly reorganized message I’ve been sharing for four years. My message is living authentically at home, which is the essence of The Inspired Room. It isn’t new content, but rather it is the main message I’ve been sharing here and around the web, reformatted into an ebook! You can find the disclosure here.

Feel free to get a button if you are an authentic living kindred spirit! You can link it to

I cannot even begin to tell you all the support I have had for this book and this message from the very beginning of my blog. It has been humbling and encouraging to hear from so many of you who resonate with what I’m saying. It has given me confidence to keep sharing it!

Putting yourself out there is never easy and yet, writing on this blog feels somewhat safe and familiar. You guys get me. You know I don’t feel remarkable. But sending my message out beyond this blog, well, that is a little like those nightmares of showing up to school in your pjs. Or worse. You suddenly want to hide and duck and hope no one starts laughing at you.

Anyway, I wanted to let you know this ebook will be released on Tuesday — I’ll put an announcement post up that day. It took the effort of many people to create this book and I’ll be sharing more about the process and help I had another time. But now I could use YOUR help! I am such a newbie at this ebook promotion thing  so if any of you want to help me spread the word about this upcoming book, I would appreciate it.

Tuesday it will be available as a PDF download. You will be able to get via the Not a DIY Diva website. Sometime in the near future, I’ll have it on amazon for Kindle.

How can you help me?

Spread the word in any way you are comfortable with! You can start talking about the ebook now and let people know you are looking forward to its release on Tuesday! The website for the book is so you can see what it is all about!

Share it with your friends on facebook! It is easy, just hit LIKE and then you can share the book links and facebook page with your facebook friends! That would be so awesome of you.

  • PIN the ebook website image to your Pinterest boards. There is an easy PIN IT button on the home page of the book website. Easy peasy!
  • Share the ebook on your blog!

If you’d like to tell people what you like about the message of the book on your blog on Tuesday, I could send you a link to the book so you can see it first, I’d be grateful! I will give out 50 free books if you would like to be a part of the fun and let people know about the book’s release!

Could you email my new VA at theinspiredroom {dot} blog {at} gmail {dot} com  (yes, I have a Virtual Assistant now, more on her later!), Lindsey is her name — and  let her know you’d like to share about the book? Put SHARE EBOOK in the subject line and please give your blog link in the body of the email. If you do not hear back, it is because we already reached our limit of 50 free books this time! Stay tuned on Tuesday for more giveaways!

  • Sign up to be an affiliate! Even if you don’t get a free book, you can earn money from sharing! 30% of each sale goes directly to YOU!
  • If you’d like to tweet about the book, that would be great too.
  • Put a button on your blog!  You can find several of them here!

Phew. OK. I’m done talking now. Thanks for your support, as always, friends.

By the way, are you going to Relevant? I am, thanks in part to my awesome sponsor Studio JRU! I’d love to meet you there! Let me know if you are coming so we can find each other!  I hope you’ll introduce yourself! I will be the one in my pj’s hiding in the bathroom … probably.



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