Authentic Living

More than any other time of the year, Fall is when I start craving a life filled with tradition and purpose. In the summer, life gets a bit more carefree. A great day is one in which you were happy not doing much at all, other than activities … ** Read more **

Choose Taupe, Live Your Best Life

You know, I was reading about my friend Terri's harrowing experience on an airplane this past weekend. I am so grateful she is alive! And grateful for the opportunity to be reflective. Near death encounters will do that! She and I share many of the … ** Read more **

Authentic Coastal Style

I love Coastal Style. And I have mentioned that fact several times on the blog. But, as a sweet reader pointed out, I have neglected to talk about the fact that our family has a beach house on the coast! Yes, I did mention it in my "About page" and … ** Read more **

Christmastime is here…

Christmastime is here. Bringing lots of cheer... Well, not really. But you would have to wonder if you looked around my house! Boxes of decorations are strewn about, wreaths are being hung from ribbons and stockings already adorn the fireplace. … ** Read more **

Sweet Escape, kind of

I can't decide where to go today for my sweet escape. Usually I am busting at the seams with ideas for people to see, places to go, things to discover, yet today, nothing. No idea. I visited blogs that were delightful and thought about taking you … ** Read more **

Classic Style — Participation Required

  Now that we all agree (well, everyone who commented yesterday, I am sure there are plenty that disagree!) that timeless beauty (with room for a little trendy flair in a few accessories perhaps) is the way to go for our homes, we need to come … ** Read more **