All is calm. All is bright.

All is calm. All is bright.

Because I know you are all wondering how I fared over the weekend (thank you all so much for your support and hysterical comments on this post!), I successfully dug the table out from under the avalanche. Go me!

Ironically, as I was taking the top pic the boys jumped up on the sofa and smooshed up the cushions I had just fluffed, but I’m OK with that.

All is calm. All is bright.

I put the freshly washed slipcovers back on the sofa. Yes, I just wash, dry and put back on. No ironing!

I swept the floors, vacuumed, dusted, did the dishes and cleaned toilets.

I hung a few things on the wall in my daughter’s freshly painted bedroom (yahoo! the ‘swine’ elimination continues).

I got most of our Christmas shopping done. OH YEAH.

All is calm. All is bright.

And, Jack even got his hair washed for the holidays.

BOO-YA. Deadlines are our friend.

And finally, after careful consideration, I decided to NOT put the ornaments back on the lower half of the tree.

It is really for the best because shortly after my last post, Jack walked right over, casually lifted his leg, and peed ON our Christmas tree. With my family as a witness, I kid you not. You cannot make these things up.

I saw the whole incident right in front of me, but was too stunned to take a picture. And I definitely didn’t want to recreate the incident for the camera.

In his own defense, his explanation was he was just pleased we finally got indoor plumbing for him.


Yeah. Understandable mistake.

Moving on.

After the Christmas Tour. The Unraveling.

After the Christmas Tour. The Unraveling.

After the Christmas Home Tour.

Sometimes I just have to laugh. Or wonder what is wrong with me. HA! I see so many people with their homes seemingly (still) all decorated … perfectly, shiny and pretty. They are hosting parties in their homes this weekend, leisurely enjoying making crafts, baking their favorite Christmas cookies, their gifts are all wrapped with cute paper and bows.

That is just how it is at my house!

I’m totally ready! We’re just sitting by the fire singing Christmas carols!


Truth. I’m sorry this is going to get ugly. Feel free to avert your eyes.

I haven’t bought or wrapped hardly any gifts yet. Really. I haven’t baked anything. Our tree has been undecorated by Jack.

After the Christmas Tour. The Unraveling.

Our garland on our stairs is crunchy and leaving bits of evergreen all over the railing and floor.

After the Christmas Tour. The Unraveling.

I killed at least one of our poinsettias.

After the Christmas Tour. The Unraveling.

My slipcovers had to go in the wash (again), so my family room is torn apart. It got so messy I had to keep the blinds shut. Just in case a blogger with a zoom lens was driving by.

After the Christmas Tour. The Unraveling.

Dogs are walking all over the furniture.  Now you know why I have to wash white slipcovers all the time.

After the Christmas Tour. The Unraveling.

What was a really pretty dining room table all set for the holidays during my Christmas tour just got buried in some sort of freak avalanche.

I’m just about to do a massive cleaning frenzy so I can recapture my holiday spirit.

But other than that, I’m READY! WHOO HOO!

So, how are you doing the week before Christmas? REALLY?

HA! It is seriously OK if you are leisurely making crafts, hosting parties and baking gingerbread cookies. Really. I am not jealous ONE BIT. I hope to join you in the festivities. Next week. We just had a little setback and I’ve got a few things left to do around here first. But I have time, right?

After the Christmas Tour. The Unraveling.