The Value of a Personal Retreat

If there is one thing I have enjoyed about this past week while recovering from my surgery, it has been slowing down! I have not had this many days in a row without my husband and kids, ever! Not in over 20 years! Don’t misunderstand, I love being with my family and I miss them terribly, but the time spent on my own has been really therapeutic for me. You don’t really get to experience a lot of peace, quiet or a slow pace when you have a full household!

Just prior to my surgery I was actually dreaming about taking a “personal retreat” —  little did I know I would actually get one! It didn’t come without pain, unfortunately (HA!), but I enjoyed it for what it was — a chance to be alone with my thoughts, rest at will, and be free of the daily expectations us moms face every moment of every day!

I wouldn’t trade my family for anything of course and I am thrilled to be going home soon, but having this personal time has reinforced in my mind the value of slowing down and time alone. It is amazing how clear your thoughts are when you can complete a full sentence in your mind without several interruptions. I can only imagine how lovely it would be to take a few days off sometime when I can actually go for a walk in the middle of the day or head out for coffee mid-morning, rather than just lie in bed! Maybe someday!

There are seasons of life where much time alone is not really possible or feasible, but even an hour or two at a coffee shop with a book can do wonders! I dream of a personal retreat at some beautiful bed and breakfast or quaint hotel, but that is fairly unlikely. I can dream though.

Do you all take personal time for yourselves?
Have you ever taken a personal retreat? What is your experience?

How was your week, dear blog friends? Did you find time to slow down, look at the beauty in your life and live on purpose? I hope so. I’m glad you take the opportunity to reflect on what really matters each week and link up your posts to encourage others! Please link only to A Beautiful Life related post and as a courtesy please link back to The Inspired Room!

Images of The Hart, New Zealand — A dream escape!!
discovered via Absolutely Beautiful Things

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Medical Emergencies
& Other Random Blogging Tidbits

via flickr: aussiegall

T hose of you on Twitter and Facebook (add me! may have already heard bits and pieces about my unplanned emergency (and life-threatening!) surgery a couple of days ago! Thank you for all the well wishes, concern and prayers. I am starting my road to recovery and all will be fine. No worries, I won’t mess up the front page of my blog with stories of blood and gore and turn The Inspired Room into the chronicles of my surgery.

But for those inquiring minds who would like to know more, you’ll be able to follow along with all sorts of personal ups and downs via another new channel at The Inspired Room. INSPIRED! will be a collection of personal anecdotes, behind the scenes stories, and other randomness right here with a click of a button, anytime you’d like to read more.

Like our new DIY channel, INSPIRED! will be separate from the main front page of the blog but still accessible right here for any one is interested. For instance, I’ll use that INSPIRED! channel to post the crazy story of the past week as well as other behind the scenes topics of life as randomness pops into my head. I think it will be really useful and fun to have. Just keep your eyes peeled here for the new buttons linking you to the new categories which will appear in the side bar very soon.

Blogging coberetly (ha, yes, that is how I spelled it — drug induced typo, of course) on oxycodone is a bit difficult if not downright impossible, so if none of this makes sense, it will soon enough. The Inspired Room will  continue on as usual, but keep your eye out for all the new fun behind the scenes posts, DIY ideas and fantabulous stuff coming soon! First up will be the life threatening tale of my week, stay tuned! Right now, I’m dozing off.

A Beach Cottage: Life By the Sea

by Sarah of A Beach Cottage

W hen I first started on this Beach Cottage journey I have to admit I was rather disillusioned with things, the realities of renovating the cottage from grot to glam hit home and I was the Whining Queen of Sydney.

Now though, appreciating the little things every day that before I may have passed over as unimportant helps make me see the bigger picture.  You know?  Insignificant little things like the fabulous Camellia tree in the Beach Cottage garden or the fragrance from the laundry drying in the coastal breeze or how finding a piece of junk and painting it chills me out.

Melissa at The Inspired Room continually inspires me in this journey, to stop and smell the roses, and I attribute much to her Beautiful Life series keeping me focused on doing the little things to make it all nice….

And speaking of nice things, do you like my new original Gail McCormack starfish painting?  I love it and enjoyed foofing around with this little vignette.  To me, vignetting is one of the things in life that make this tiny mind happy – a half hour here and there to pretty things make, for me, a beautiful life.

special thanks to Sarah of A Beach Cottage for the lovely guest post and photos today

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