The Unraveling

Jack the Goldendoodle - Dog Shaming

Well, it happened. I knew I was probably jinxing their good behavior when I posted about the pups in part two of the Christmas tour mentioning that “we are keeping our fingers crossed that they are more civilized this year :).”

Jack and Lily - The Unraveling

Wouldn’t you know it, ON THE DAY OF THE TOUR, I turned my back for a minute and I heard a ruckus coming from the family room. And that’s when the unraveling began! Every year I set everything up all pretty and before we even get to Christmas, the ornaments are knocked off the tree, sweet little woodland ornament creatures are decapitated and skinned with their stuffing strewn about, garland is knocked down off the stairway and there are two guilty pups with bits and pieces of the aftermath hanging from their fur. Today I caught Lily in MID-AIR leaping into the tree to grab another little animal out. How? Why? It’s not like they don’t have any toys! I later caught her playing with a white woodland ornament and launching it from her mouth like a ball. Not okay.

Jack the Goldendoodle - Unraveling Christmas

EXHIBIT A: The Remains of an Innocent Woodland Ornament

The Unraveling - The Inspired Room Christmas

Jack the Goldendoodle - Christmas Ornament - Dog Shaming

Jack the Goldendoodle - Christmas - Dog Shaming

Jack the Goldendoodle and Lily the Labradoodle - Dog Shaming

Exhibit B: Cedar Garland Torn Down from the Stairway

Jack the Goldendoodle - Christmas Unraveling - Dog Shaming

Christmas Unraveling - The Inspired Room - Jack the Goldendoodle

Evidence: Two Guilty Pups

Jack and Lily - Christmas Unraveling - The Inspired Room

Update: This just in…

The Unraveling - The Inspired Room - Jack and Lily

And also, this unfortunate discovery today:

Email - The Inspired Room Unraveling

Missing - The Inspired Room Unraveling

PS. These felt and bottle brush ornaments are on a great sale at West Elm right now, you can find them here! Just keep your pets far, far away if you get them! :)

You can read more about the situation in my post about The Gift in the Unraveling, today on (in)courage.

We seem to have real setbacks in our house sometimes before the actual holiday arrives. Feel free to reminisce on these gems:

This is {not} Glamorous – Thanksgiving 2007

The Unraveling {2011}

The Garland and Starfish Incident {2011}

Pretty Wrapping Paper Inspiration

Copper Gift Wrap - Cox and CoxCox & Cox // Get copper wrapping paper here and copper tape here!

Simple Gift Wrap Idea - Brown Kraft Paper with Photograph Twine and Greenery - Photo by Fawn Deviney for Artifact UprisingArtifact Uprising | Photo by Fawn Deviney

Pretty Gift Wrap - Gold and Green - Oh So Beautiful PaperOh So Beautiful Paper

Pretty Gray and White Gift WrapUnknown source (anyone know it?) // Chapel Hill Magazine

Pretty Neutral Gift Wrap - Spruce Sprig Bakers Twine Wood Grain Paper and Gingerbread Cookie - by Eye of DetailsEye on Details

Bakers Twine Snowflake on Brown Kraft Paper - Gift Wrap Idea by Fellow FellowFellow Fellow

Pinecone Printable Gift Wrap - Fellow FellowPrintable Pine Cone Gift Wrap by Fellow Fellow (click here for the download!)

Black Tree Stamp and Garland - Gift Wrap by Hello NaturalHello Natural

Hope you are all enjoying some peace and calm leading up to Christmas, even though (like me!) you still may have so much to do! We certainly can’t get everything done perfectly or sometimes even at all, but take a deep breath and enjoy the moments. 

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