An Adult Coloring Book for Home Decor Lovers!

An Adult Coloring Book for Home Decor Lovers!

Calling all home decor lovers (and I’m just guessing we are probably ALL home decor lovers around here?)! I have really great news about my coloring book. It looks like Amazon will be releasing The Inspired Room adult coloring book early! You may even get it next week if you already pre-ordered or if you order it now. I’m SO excited about that!

This adorable home decor adult coloring book is only $8.80 on Amazon right now, WHAT? That’s a crazy good deal, retail price is $12.99. If you don’t find it locally where you see other coloring books sold, would you do me a favor and let the store buyer or owner know about this one? I would appreciate it. There are very few interior design coloring books like this out there so I really want people who would enjoy it to be able to find it.

Besides being a fun way to relax (trust me, if you haven’t colored in years coloring will take you back to carefree relaxing and creative days of childhood!), it is going to make an adorable gift. This would also be a super fun way to bring your girlfriends together to spend time around the table chatting and coloring.

An Adult Coloring Book for Home Decor Lovers!

I’m really proud of how this book turned out, it is such a great quality coloring book with super adorable artwork on every page. There are 80 pages, each page is single sided and perforated so you can remove or frame your favorites. You’ll find rooms to design color schemes, pages with fun vignettes, furniture, accessories, and patterns to color. You’ll even find a few adorably designed quote pages that can be torn out and used as wall art!

An Adult Coloring Book for Home Decor Lovers!

An Adult Coloring Book for Home Decor Lovers!

My favorite thing about coloring these pages is how you can transform the rooms inside the book simply with your own special color choices! It’s so fun to dream up color schemes. My girls and I have tested these out for months now and it’s so fun seeing the uniqueness of each of our rooms and vignette pages.

An Adult Coloring Book for Home Decor Lovers!

An Adult Coloring Book for Home Decor Lovers!

Even if you haven’t gotten into the “adult coloring book” craze yet, I think you will LOVE this one. It’s a dream coloring book for home lovers like us. I can’t wait until you see it! Thanks for being excited about it, too. Who knew I’d ever have a coloring book? Not me, but it so fun to be able to share it with you.

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(COLORED PENCILS! For those who have asked before, our favorite colored pencils are these and these!)

When you get your coloring book, will you take a photo of it and tag me on Instagram @theinspiredroom? I have a special hashtag so you can show off your coloring pages. I’ll be regramming images of your colored pages on Instagram to inspire others, so be sure to tag #TIRColoringBook on Instagram so I can find your images!

The Happy Medium in Design {Get to Know You}

The Happy Medium in Design {Get to Know You}
Elle Decor / Design by Rita Konig / Wallpaper by Pierre Frey / Photo by Eric Piasecki

Yesterday on social media I posted a link to a post I wrote a couple of years ago called Finding the Happy Medium in Design. As I reread it I realized I would say pretty much the exact same thing today about my style preferences! I feel best with a happy medium, what I think (for our house) is a good balance between serene, serious, or calm elements and fun or somewhat more lively ones.

The Happy Medium in Design {Get to Know You}Elle Decor / Designed by Nate Berkus / Photo by Roger Davies

When I think of what I would consider a very serene room, I picture a quieter mood with solids or textures and less color and limited bold design patterns. When I think of a really lively room, I picture lots of colors and wilder or more bolder patterns all in one space. Of course, it’s all personal and there are so many ways to dial up the energy or tone it down to suit your taste.

The Happy Medium in Design {Get to Know You}Sam Allen Interiors

I actually really love completely serene or calm rooms I see in some photos, but I know for myself I probably wouldn’t be as happy living in them unless there are at least some surprises in patterns or stronger colors somewhere in the house. It’s all in the balance for me, both in the room itself, and in the house as a whole.

And on the other extreme, too much liveliness is just too much for me. I like rooms that show some restraint.

The Happy Medium in Design {Get to Know You}Brown Eyed Fox

Design is so very personal! Even if we love certain design style or color schemes in photos online, what we actually feel best living with can be something altogether different. I really enjoy looking at so many design styles for inspiration and ideas. I find it interesting to see how varied style options actually are. If you follow only certain bloggers or a specific magazine, you almost think there’s only one look or color scheme everyone is going with, or that everyone is leaning one style direction or another.

The Happy Medium in Design {Get to Know You}JAS Design Build

But when you look at a variety of sources, you’ll find there are still SO many fun options in colors and looks! It’s fun to see how interesting design is around the world, across the country and among people who bravely make their homes so unique and personal.

Your home should tell YOUR story, so whatever design layers, colors and pattern mix feels right to you is just right.

I love all of the rooms in this post, by the way :).

 The Happy Medium in Design {Get to Know You}

Today I thought it would be fun to do a little “get to know you” time in the comments, it’s been awhile since we’ve done one of these posts!

So, delurk, introduce yourselves and let’s talk in the comments about whether you feel most at home with one a more calm serene look or a more lively one, or if maybe you land somewhere in the middle! Ready, set, let’s chat!

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The Happy Medium in Design {Get to Know You}