White Farmhouse Kitchen with Jadeite Dishes

Hello! It’s Courtney here. Although I have a degree in interior design, it’s become clear to me over the years that what I really love is the concept of creating a home. Much more than the mix of colors, patterns, fabrics, textures, and shapes that make up a house…I just love everything that a home represents for those who enter it.

I get excited about creating a comfortable home, the kind that warmly embraces you back after a long day. I love creating a home that invites others in and makes them feel welcomed right at the front door. I love adding personal details that encourage conversation and help to represent those who live in it. I love creating a home that inspires, rejuvenates, and motivates. I love getting a home organized in such a way that life is less stressful and more efficient.

I love all the details, down to the scents and the sounds that fill up a home. I’m thankful for the memories attached to each place that I’ve lived in, and how each home served our needs during the time we spent there.

Hand drawn quote by The Inspired Room blog

What are you most grateful for in your home?

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