An Adult Coloring Book for Home Decor Lovers!

Home Decorating Adult Coloring Book - The Inspired Room

Calling all home decor lovers (and I’m just guessing we are probably ALL home decor lovers around here?)! I have really great news about my coloring book. It looks like Amazon will be releasing The Inspired Room adult coloring book early! You may even get it next week if you already pre-ordered or if you order it now. I’m SO excited about that!

This adorable home decor adult coloring book is only $8.80 on Amazon right now, WHAT? That’s a crazy good deal, retail price is $12.99. If you don’t find it locally where you see other coloring books sold, would you do me a favor and let the store buyer or owner know about this one? I would appreciate it. There are very few interior design coloring books like this out there so I really want people who would enjoy it to be able to find it.

Besides being a fun way to relax (trust me, if you haven’t colored in years coloring will take you back to carefree relaxing and creative days of childhood!), it is going to make an adorable gift. This would also be a super fun way to bring your girlfriends together to spend time around the table chatting and coloring.

Home Decorating Adult Coloring Book by The Inspired Room

I’m really proud of how this book turned out, it is such a great quality coloring book with super adorable artwork on every page. There are 80 pages, each page is single sided and perforated so you can remove or frame your favorites. You’ll find rooms to design color schemes, pages with fun vignettes, furniture, accessories, and patterns to color. You’ll even find a few adorably designed quote pages that can be torn out and used as wall art!

Interior Design Adult Coloring Book - The Inspired Room

New Coloring Book for the Home - The Inspired Room

My favorite thing about coloring these pages is how you can transform the rooms inside the book simply with your own special color choices! It’s so fun to dream up color schemes. My girls and I have tested these out for months now and it’s so fun seeing the uniqueness of each of our rooms and vignette pages.

Home Decorating Adult Coloring Book - by The Inspired Room

Home Decorating Adult Coloring Book - The Inspired Room

Even if you haven’t gotten into the “adult coloring book” craze yet, I think you will LOVE this one. It’s a dream coloring book for home lovers like us. I can’t wait until you see it! Thanks for being excited about it, too. Who knew I’d ever have a coloring book? Not me, but it so fun to be able to share it with you.

Order on Amazon // Order on Barnes and Noble << 

(COLORED PENCILS! For those who have asked before, our favorite colored pencils are these and these!)

When you get your coloring book, will you take a photo of it and tag me on Instagram @theinspiredroom? I have a special hashtag so you can show off your coloring pages. I’ll be regramming images of your colored pages on Instagram to inspire others, so be sure to tag #TIRColoringBook on Instagram so I can find your images!

Easy DIY Art & “Wallpaper” For Your Home

Easy and Inexpensive DIY Art and Wallpaper for the Home

I‘ve enjoyed making my own art out of quality paper for years. When you just want something pretty on your walls or when you don’t have the “right” art, I’ve found that heavy duty wrapping paper is perfect for so many applications including “wallpapering” a wall (like I did below with my map wall and some push pins) and framing it as art (like I did in my old powder room bathroom, as you might have noticed in The Inspired Room book)!

The Inspired Room Map Hallway

After we painted our bedroom in this house, I realized I didn’t really have the “right” art for the space next to my closet. So to create either temporary or long-term art, I selected my favorite sheets of quality wrapping paper (the sheets are much larger than scrapbook paper, more like poster size) based on our color scheme, a neat marbleized paper and a pretty peacock pattern.

The Inspired Room Bedroom - Easy and Inexpensive DIY Art

Because I wanted a larger statement and we didn’t have any frames that would be the right size, I picked up two inexpensive gray frames at IKEA and used a little gold Rub N’ Buff to fancy them up.

The Inspired Room - Easy and Inexpensive DIY Artwork

Once the paper was framed, it makes great patterned statement. I can use any leftover paper and additional sheets in other ways around the house, such as lining drawers.

Celestial Chart DIY

My daughters also made a neat map art in their townhouse hallway with this same type of heavy duty paper and a poster hanging kit!

Below I am sharing a round up of fun papers I could see using on a wall, so check ’em out (and scroll all the way to the bottom to find out what I’ll be sharing this week on the blog)!

Marbleized Paper - Easy and Inexpensive DIY ArtworkBlue on Natural Marble

Botanical Art Poster - Easy and Inexpensive DIY ArtworkBotany

Constellation Map - Easy and Inexpensive DIY ArtworkConstellations

Gold and White Marbleized Paper - Easy and Inexpensive DIY ArtworkGold on Natural Marble

Blue and White Anchor Pattern - Easy and Inexpensive DIY ArtworkLokta White Anchors on Blue

Blue Fish Pattern - Easy and Inexpensive DIY ArtworkSmall Blue Fish on Cream

Gold and White Mums - Easy and Inexpensive DIY ArtworkGold on Cream Mums

World Map Poster - Easy and Inexpensive DIY ArtworkHemisphere Map

Peacock Feather Pattern - Easy and Inexpensive DIY ArtworkPeacock

Green and Gold Scalloped Pattern - Easy and Inexpensive DIY ArtworkGold Scallops on Sea Green

Gold and White Striped Paper - Easy and Inexpensive DIY ArtworkGold Stripes on Cream

Easy and Inexpensive DIY ArtworkBlue Batik Zig Zags

Blue Painted Checks - Easy and Inexpensive DIY ArtworkBlue Squares on Cream

Navy Blue Marbleized Paper - Easy and Inexpensive DIY ArtworkDark Blue Marble

Black and White Dots - Easy and Inexpensive DIY ArtworkBlack String Dot on Cream

Blue and White Floral Paper - Easy and Inexpensive DIY ArtworkDistressed Blue Floral on White

Thanks for your comments on my new bedroom paint color! I definitely think it is worth it to BE BRAVE and try new things that make sense for you and your home, whether they seem like the most trendy, popular or safest choice or not. It definitely turned out to be one of the coziest most romantic little rooms we’ve ever had, and that was our goal. The gorgeous depth of the color really adds something really special to my home, too, so I have no regrets!

I can’t wait to show you more developments around our house so you can see how it is coming together, I’m loving it! This week I’ll show you the brand new light fixture we selected for our dining room…and maybe even a peek at a small update that has already transformed our living room fireplace!

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