Beautiful Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas

Beautiful bedroom wallpaper and teal headboard. Click through for more bedroom wallpaper ideas!
Bedroom Wallpaper Source: Serena and Lily / Bed Source: Serena and Lily

As we continue our Best of the Best series, we are looking at ways to decorate bedrooms. I thought it would be fun to look at something a little bit daring today. Bedroom wallpaper, anyone? Every time I’ve posted about wallpaper in bedrooms (or any room) in the past, I get lots of comments about how you love the look, but don’t love the idea of removing it someday. We removed tons of wallpaper from a couple of our old houses and it wasn’t fun, so I get it. Plus if the pattern or colors feel dated after awhile, it’s quite a project to change it.

I haven’t put up wallpaper in years, but I do have some I bought years ago just sitting here ready to use, so you never know when the inspiration might strike. The biggest factor for me in not rushing to put up paper (besides deciding where to use it and what a pain it can be to install or remove) is not having smooth enough walls. Paper doesn’t look quite as good if you have any bumps in your plaster! You may be able to have your walls smoothed out (or a liner installed) but it can be expensive or messy or both. If you love the look of paper, it might be worth considering.

Today so many of the wallpapers are much easier to remove so don’t let the removal process (or fear of hating it later) scare you out of it if you really want the look. Bedroom wallpaper can make a statement and give a room such a lively and interesting look that plain walls just don’t offer. You can always paper just one wall to give it a try!

Whether you think it’s a look you’d actually use in your home or not, wallpapered walls are lovely to enjoy in photos.

Enjoy the inspiration! Happy Monday!

Beautiful bedroom wallpaperHouse Beautiful

Mid century bedroom with floral wallpaper - Click through for more bedroom wallpaper ideas!
Apartment Therapy / Wallpaper source: Hygge & West Peonies in Copper

Bedroom with blue grasscloth wallpaper - House of Jade Interiors - Photo by Kate Osborne Click through for more bedroom wallpaper ideas!
 House of Jade Interiors – Photo by Kate Osborne

Beautiful bedroom with blue floral wallpaper. Click through for more bedroom wallpaper ideas!House Beautiful

Beautiful bedroom with wallpaper and spindle bedWallpaper: Leaf by Katie RidderHouse Beautiful

Beautiful bedroom with herringbone wallpaper
Wallpaper Source: Serena and Lily / Cane Bed Source: Serena and Lily

Floral Bedroom WallpaperHouse Beautiful

Cozy Bedroom IdeasHouse Beautiful

Beautiful Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas - The Inspired Room

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