Kitchen Remodel Update: The Cabinets Arrived!

Kitchen Remodel Update: The Cabinets Arrived! - The Inspired Room Kitchen Progress Sneak Peek

Thank you all for your excitement over my kitchen design board, you make sharing this project so much fun. As you can imagine, I was SO thrilled to see the cabinets and the sink finally brought in! This is just a quick peek so you’ll know our cabinets arrived, but rest assured, you’ll get to see the finished product in the big reveal.

Also, remember that our plan is for the walls and ceiling to be painted white wood (even though what you see here currently is blue plaster walls and the unfinished wood ceiling).

Kitchen Remodel Update: The Cabinets Arrived! - The Inspired Room Kitchen Progress Sneak Peek

Yes, this is us being our ridiculous selves. We can’t help it. As soon as the contractor left for the day, Courtney and I brought in dish towels and accessories and held up hardware and then took pictures of everything because WE COULD! Hahahah. Random, I know. I found the gray striped towels from Trader Joe’s, by the way, and the buffalo checks are from here. The cute wood measuring spoons are from Polder’s Old World Market.

We discovered our sink corners had cracked in the box during shipping, so it didn’t get fully installed. That was a disappointment, but the contractor went ahead and used the damaged sink to build the frame for it in the cabinet so at least we got to visualize how awesome it will be! We taped up the cracks in the porcelain since my contractor cut his hand on it. Now we are waiting for a replacement (for the sink, not his hand…his hand is still intact, thank goodness). Friday a template will be made for our countertops and our hardware will be installed. The countertops will be installed in about a week!

Kitchen Remodel Update: The Cabinets Arrived! - The Inspired Room Kitchen Progress Sneak Peek

I’ve been so happy with how every detail came together this week. I always worry that a decision is going to be wrong, or something won’t look quite as good as I imagined it would in my mind. But so far this room feels just as light, efficient and beautiful as I hoped it would and maybe even better. Big sigh of relief.

If you’ve remodeled or built a house, tell me you’ve styled your kitchen before it was finished, too :-D.

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Kitchen Remodel Update: Design Board

Kitchen Remodel Update: Design Board

Hello, there! Today there is a pretty exciting development happening our kitchen. I can hardly believe it, but the cabinets are being delivered and installed! No photos yet of the progress since the work hadn’t started when I published this post, but you can imagine I’m doing a HAPPY DANCE AND SPORTING A HUGE GRIN ON MY FACE!

If you happen catch a glimpse of the kitchen on Instagram stories or see it later this week on the blog, you’ll notice it currently has dark blue walls and a natural wood ceiling. The blue is just a primer and while the tongue and groove natural wood ceiling is pretty, it will actually be painted white. And man, let me tell ya, those two elements have been throwing off the whole vibe I’m going for! I can’t wait for the day it all gets painted. They have projected a completed space by December 21 (!) so you can bet I’m counting the minutes.

Even though our kitchen is obviously a small one, a lot of thought went into each and every detail we wanted to work with. I think with a small galley kitchen you need to think through elements more carefully. We had to consider how each piece would work together even more than I might have otherwise, because everything we bring into that room is going to shout at us visually in just a few square feet of space.

While our kitchen will have a fresh and clean feel, we didn’t play it safe or boring. It will definitely have its own personality. We chose to avoid dramatic or boldly patterned design statements as they would potentially overpower or close in our entire small kitchen, and instead we strived to ramp up the interest in other ways.

Our starting point for the design was to create a subtle backdrop while using interesting contrasts, shapes and textures. The newly updated architectural elements like the archways, the round window, the lights and other choices bring personality to the shell of the room. That personality means we can keep the rest of this space simple and clean and edited. Or if we are feeling like something new, we can play as much as we want with color and patterns through seasonally changeable items like plants, rugs, dishes, cutting boards, and dish towels.

I do love to change the look of a room, so I know I’m going to really enjoy the flexibility of this space for years to come. You can see some of the elements together in the design board today. We couldn’t capture every special detail of the room on the board, but rest assured, more will be revealed and any questions will be answered in due time!

I’ll also show you the layout and happily offer more detail down the road about why each element was chosen. There are some sources linked below in case you are curious, but I will do a more detailed/complete source list once the kitchen is finished. I haven’t had new appliances in years (we kept the same stove and fridge in our last kitchen remodel) so having all new KitchenAid appliances installed is truly going to be a dream, too. I can’t wait to tell you more about them and I’ll be sure to have all the model numbers for the source post, too.

We can already sense that this kitchen will transform the feel of our home in all the ways we hoped it would.

Kitchen Elements Sources:

Wall color: Simply White by Benjamin Moore / Dutch door color: Blue Note by Benjamin Moore / Cobalt and brass wall lights / Farmhouse sink / Brass faucet / Hardware: Crystal Knobs, Small Knobs, Drawer Pull, Round Knobs / Plaid kitchen towel (set of two) / Appliances: Refrigerator / Stove / Quartz countertops: Daltile / Tile floors: Daltile (Haze color)

A more detailed source list will be provided when the kitchen is complete!

Happy Tuesday!

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