Cozy Fall Nesting {Settling In}

The Inspired Room - Moving In - Fall Nesting

I‘m extra excited about fall this year! Not that I’m not always excited about fall, but you know. Every fall is new and exciting :). Even though we are in that awkward and less than pulled together state of being all in moved into our house but not at all set up, I still am loving that I can putter around the house and start to cozify it.

The Inspired Room - Fall Nesting

There’s something so comforting about creating a cozy place to call home for your family in the fall, the best season of all! Even just pulling out the warm plaid blankets and the plush pumpkins has been a good reminder that in time, layer by layer, this house will become our home.

Plush Pumpkins - Fall Nesting

You can find this mirror hereThe lamp seems to be sold out everywhere I check, but it’s called the Safavieh Color Swirls Lamp in Navy! I got it on Overstock.

The Inspired Room - Fall

It’s the layers that will add the warmth, the character and the personality that will make this house feel less like real estate photos and more like a reflection of the people who live here now. Nesting takes a bit of time, trial and error, patience and happy experiments, fails and wins. Little by little more of the pieces of the house-puzzle will start to fit and soon the whole picture of what our home will become will start to be revealed.

Jack the Goldendoodle - The Inspired Room

The deeper joys of nesting don’t just come from setting up the most perfect vignette or decorating with seasonal elements, but rather through the process of settling into a new comfortable rhythm of life. Puttering around the house might seem like a frivolous or even unnecessary pursuit, but the fact is that nesting in the fall isn’t wasted time at all. It’s a comforting way to welcome us home.

The Inspired Room blog - Nesting in the fall isnt wasted time at all

Plush Pumpkins - Neutrals - Velvet Linen and Leather

Today my friend, Chris Ann, from the LoveFeast Shop, is giving away a Velvet Pumpkin Large Set of Six! These are not just ordinary velvet pumpkins, they are heavy weight works of handmade art. Those stems! That chubby plushness! If you win, you can select the color of the set that will look best in your home, or give a set as a special gift. Just leave a comment below to enter! One winner (U.S. only) will be announced Friday.

The Inspired Room - New Coffee Table Book

PS. Exciting news! I have a copy of my new book in my possession right now! Eek! I can’t believe it! It’s so surreal to see it sitting in my new house. We are so proud of how it turned out, it’s absolutely gorgeous in real life. In a couple days I’ll share some more details, show you a sneak peek of the interior and do a giveaway of the very first signed copy! :) You can pre-order it now for about $19 at Barnes and Noble or Amazon!


*Don’t forget to enter the Plush Pumpkin giveaway by leaving a comment below!*

Are you beginning the fall process of settling in and making things cozier?

Share what fall nesting looks like to you over at Home Love Stories!

{Inspiration} Repurpose Furniture into Bathroom Vanity

repurposed desk into vanity

I was looking around at inspiration pictures this week and just happened to stumble up a slideshow on Better Homes & Gardens’ website with really cool repurposed furniture. I love a unique bathroom that has a bit of character and personality, and these vanities are awesome!

Table to vanity makeover inspiration

Each one made me think about furniture I already have and how each piece might have the potential to be transformed into a vanity! Not that I’m planning to use my furniture in that way, it was just an observation. Look at each inspiration picture, and a comparable piece I already have in my own home!

DIY Bathroom Vanity - bhg

Furniture repurpose inspiration

Your piece might need a little reconfiguring, perhaps adding a new top or taller legs, but with a little imagination, you could make a vanity out of just about any table, cabinet or console table.

repurposing furniture to bathroom vanity

You could do the same with pieces in your home. Perhaps you already have! If you’ve revamped a piece of furniture or turned it into something new, show it off over at Home Love Stories! It’s easy, upload photos and tell us your story, what furniture have you reimagined?

What do you already have that could be transformed into something new?

images from my home and the BHG website

Master Bathroom: A Simple Refresh {update}

The Inspired Room Simple Bathroom Paint Refresh - Before and After
This post is in partnership with Homewerks.

A couple of weeks ago I shared that I was ready to paint my master bathroom. We’ve lived in this house for six and a half years and hadn’t painted our walls in the bathroom at all. They were still the same dried out flesh colored builder paint (a.k.a. swine) that was originally on every single wall in our entire house. It was not only a yucky color to begin with, but it was dinged up and dingy after years of family life. It was beyond ready for a refresh.

This bathroom is the very last room in our house to be rid of swine. Can you believe it? It’s like an era is ending. Ha. Anyway, the plan all along has been to update some of the features in the bathroom at some point down the road to make it a little more reflective of my style. While I decided against redoing this room in a more significant way, I certainly never imagined it would take us over six years to at least paint the walls! Sigh. I wasn’t in a hurry though because overall the room really was still in fine shape and served our needs well all these years.

The Inspired Room - Simple Bathroom Refresh

I really wanted a spa-like bathroom. But now that we are moving, we decided we at least needed to paint the walls in order to freshen up the bathroom. So that was our goal, new paint for the walls, but we got a couple of little extras just for fun (including a pretty cool new wireless speaker and fan I’ll tell you about in a bit).

To save time and funds and to just focus on essentials as we are getting the house ready to sell, I decided to leave all the tile, cabinetry, lighting and mirror the same. (Funny how your dreams have to come down to reality sometimes, right?) But even though this makeover was going to be quick and easy, I thought I could still give it a little bit of a spa ambience with a few simple accessories.

Simple Bathroom Refresh on The Inspired Room blog

Bathroom Refresh - The Inspired Room

Since we have a nice big soaking tub in the corner (located under a skylight which is perfect for nighttime soaks under the stars!), I surrounded it with some plants in pots, candles, fluffy white towels, pretty accessories and good smelling soaps to give the space a little more of a spa-like feeling. A little bench creates a comfy perch next to the tub.

Glass Shelf Between Double Sinks - The Inspired Room Simple Bathroom Refresh

I brought in a small glass and metal table that I thought would work great as a shelf for accessories on our counter. We hung our white robes on hooks and added a couple of mirrors to the wall. We found some new stone hand soap dispensers, too, to replace our disposable plastic ones :). We still might add a frame to our mirror to give it a little more style, but that will be in another phase (if we have time.)

Bathroom Refresh - The Inspired Room blog

Copper Framed Mirrors - The Inspired Room Bathroom Refresh

Master Bathroom - Simple Refresh by The Inspired Room

What is a relaxing soak in a tub without soothing music? Now we have something pretty awesome to add to the ambience.

Bathroom Refresh Update - The Inspired Room Blog
Have you heard of these cool new bluetooth stereo speaker and bath fans by Homewerks? I’m super excited about this part of our update. See that round object on our ceiling? That’s our new wireless speaker and fan! Our previous bathroom fan wasn’t working very well and was getting kind of noisy so we decided to replace it with something a little more hi-tech.

Now we totally feel like we live in a ‘smart house.’ We love playing music wirelessly via our bluetooth enabled cell phones through the speaker in our bathroom as we are getting ready in the morning, or relaxing in the evenings. It is seriously the best thing ever! It has a fan and a built-in nightlight (which glows white or blue!) which is pretty neat, too. You can control it all via a wall switch as well as a handy remote!

The Inspired Room Master Bathroom Refresh

We aren’t very handy and we were running out of time to finish our bathroom, so we had an electrician come out to install ours for us. It was pretty straightforward so if you are confident with a little DIY, it is a project you could tackle on your own. There’s a video here about the product and a video here for help with installation. Our electrician was so excited about our fan that he actually went straight over to Home Depot to get one for himself!

Jack the Goldendoodle – The Inspired Room from Jack Michaels on Vimeo.

Now Jack really thinks our bathroom IS a spa, check him out in this short video being all zen next to the tub listening to my music. Ha! He is never this relaxed.

If I manage to get more done in our bathroom before we move, I’ll be sure and post updates. But for now, I’m thrilled with how fresh and pretty my bathroom feels! I’m ready to take a long soak in the tub (with cool water, though, it is WAY TOO HOT around here this week!).

Home Netwerks Bluetooth Fan Speaker Giveaway

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Fine print: Winner must provide a U.S. shipping address to win. This giveaway is offered by Homewerks and they will be providing and shipping the prize to the lucky winner!

Thank you to Homewerks for the fan and partnership with this post! And thanks to Jack for his unexpected cooperation in the video.


Copper mirrors

Shelf on counter (a nesting table from Pottery Barn)

Terrarium on counter

Ceramic ‘Things’ Canister on shelf

Paint color: Dove White (Benjamin Moore)

Ceramic pots: Home Depot

Stone soap dispensers and canister

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