Beyond Typical & White: Fresh Kitchen Ideas

kitchen yellow cabinets

Country Living While many people love an all white kitchen, I've been receiving emails asking to see images of kitchens with wood cabinets and cabinets painted something other than white.  It is interesting because while I too have loved white … ** Read more **

Ideas for a Creative Home {Away from Home} Update on Voyage!


Voyage (Church in Bremerton WA) I've been getting questions about how our church, Voyage, is coming along in its new building and I thought today would be a good time to give you all a little updated peek into my creative home away from home! You … ** Read more **

Fall Nesting Party 2011!


  It is Time For Fall Decorating! My quick and easy fall mantel Girls, it is TIME! Time for letting go of summer and saying HELLO to fall. Yes, I know some of you are still in parts of the country where the sun is still hot and you can't … ** Read more **

Get Your Fall On September 16th: 4th Annual Fall Nesting Party


  So I have FINALLY set the date for our #fourthannualfallnestingparty!!! Yes ma'am I might be a little slow on the draw and throwing this out there all impromptu like,  but I'm as excited as EVER about fall being here! So let's see whatcha … ** Read more **

My Dog Ate My Camera Cord {and other awesome excuses}


So I've had grand aspirations of doing another blog post soon. Really, I've been trying. Between crazy disasters, puppy chaos, being on the other side of the country without a computer, working on several big creative projects, our church … ** Read more **

Weekend Giveaway {Midwest Magnolia}

midwest magnolia

Today I get to give away something I adore! My friend Melissa from the blog Midwest Magnolia and new Etsy shop, designed and created this very special pillow cover for me and I LOVE it. I am also the owner of one of Melissa's laptop bags, made … ** Read more **