The Traps

The Traps

I see the traps all the time, especially in the perfect pictures and longing-for-more statuses on Instagram. It seems like it’s no big deal, until you notice how you are putting yourself at risk by living on the edge of discontentment. Even if I see the traps around me, I can so easily fall into them (or even set them) if I’m not careful.

Like you, I love puttering around my house and moving things around. It’s like home therapy. Making a home cozy offers a small sense of security in this crazy world (or at least a distraction from it all). But what if we get distracted from along the way from our real purpose and blessings and start falling into the traps?

A home should be our haven from the harsh reality of the world, but it doesn’t need to be a showplace. You’ve heard me say that before, right? :) Nothing wrong with making a home pretty, but do we look around to see what everyone else is doing or what everyone else has and then suddenly what we ALREADY have seems to pale by comparison? We start to search for more in all the wrong places.

Maybe our humble abode doesn’t compare to the glorious white farmhouse with the big red barn at the end of the drive, the Nantucket dream house overlooking the water, the brand new shingled beauty with the big rooms furnished to perfection? Or maybe our ability to decorate what we have doesn’t seem to measure up.

Even if we are already living in someone else’s idea of a dream house, we can fall into the traps we set for ourselves. You’d think if you live in a beautiful house you’d be grateful and content all the time. And you maybe are. But perhaps your trap is perfectionism. Even though you have so much more than you actually need you still feel compelled to redecorate because what you have is never perfect enough.

Perhaps you fall into the trap of measuring your home-worth by how much attention it gets online or from your neighbors. Maybe it’s the trap of excess that trips you up. You are able to get more, have more, or buy a better house, so you do because you could.

Maybe it’s the trap of entitlement for what you feel you should have at this point in your life, but you are stuck living where you do. Or maybe you are envious of people in another part of the country who can buy twice the house for half the cost (hello, fellow West Coast friends).

We have to remember what we already have is a gift. We don’t need more. I’m not pointing fingers at anyone but myself, because I have fallen into all of these traps at one time or another. It’s so easy to do, even when you know better (and have even written books about it!)

Maybe you don’t think you have any of those tendencies to fall into or set traps at all, but if you think about it, maybe like me you can easily fall into the trap of simply not acknowledging to ourselves or to others that what we have is more than enough.

Times like these remind us to hug our people close because that’s what really matters, not the stuff.

In a world where everything seems like it is coming apart at the seams and everyone seems to be at risk, it becomes more clear that we already have so much to be grateful for. I love making my house a home and will continue to find joy in sharing that process, I hope you will, too. More than ever we need our home to be a sanctuary, right? But I know I want to take each step forward in my projects with more gratitude for what I already have.

What are you thankful for today and what traps do you need to avoid?

PS. Speaking of what you see online, this post about summer is hilarious! It made me laugh so hard. I added the link here because perhaps it will bring a smile to your face, too. :)


*The rug source is found here.

Shiplap Wall in the Dining Room

Shiplap Wall in the Dining Room

We have had a whirlwind of activity around our house lately! We are working on lots of house projects this summer and I’m LOVING how it is feeling around here. I definitely have to say it is feeling so much more like home. I think I say that with every small update we make, but this time it REALLY feels more like home because of my new planked wall.

You’ll remember years ago when we added planked walls to our old house…well, I missed them. They add the character I love. I’ve had shiplap or painted paneling in every home I’ve lived in as a kid and a grownup, so it’s a look I feel at home with.

Shiplap Wall in the Dining Room

While I plan to add more planking in this house over time, we started with just one wall in the dining room. Since I had a contractor in my house to paint my wall, I realized rather than having him take the time to patch and fill in the doorbell section, might as well just cover it with charming shiplap planks instead! :)

Shiplap Wall in the Dining RoomRemember what this area looked like before we moved in, above?

Shiplap Wall in the Dining Room

It is amazing what an impact the shiplap wall has had on the room and in the vibe of the house. The white will be a perfect backdrop for warm textures and the colorful accessories I love. I think the white feels so fresh and clean with the big windows and natural light. It feels really refreshing as we walk through the house, making a stop in my plum bedroom and two other non-white painted rooms I have yet to show you (in case you’re wondering what our color scheme will be).

We installed a different type of shiplap this time. Because our old house was actually a new house :) we used thick tongue and groove planks to add a lot more texture which I really loved. But since our new house is actually an old house, we decided to make it look a little bit imperfect, like an original “old time” planked wall. It’s definitely subtle, but it feels like it fits right in naturally so we really like the effect in the house.

Shiplap Wall in the Dining Room
For this wall we used shorter and a few random length planks (they do not have a groove) and staggered them for an older look (at least in our minds it feels older). We also let the paint seep in between the grooves a bit for a more “imperfect” painted over time vibe. For our planks we used baseboard trim molding from Home Depot and it worked great! Our contractor used a nail gun and glue to install them for us.

We are so happy with how the wall turned out and what a difference it has made already in our dining room. I can’t wait for our statement dining light to be installed next! While I still plan to create an archway to the kitchen for added character, it was fun to take a first step towards more architectural character with this planked wall. It really added a lot to the room.

Shiplap Wall in the Dining Room

I’ll share more of our dining room updates as we install our new light and a few other updates we’ll be making over the next couple of months in this room. Plus you might have noticed we got our new chairs and window shades installed so I have lots more to show you in an upcoming post! Lots going on around here, like I said :).

Shiplap Wall in the Dining Room

UPDATE: See my post, Shiplap Walls (What to Use and FAQ)

***Room Sources >>


Bamboo shades (you’ll get the best discount available with my link)


Glass cabinet

Stool – HomeGoods

Rattan shelf – thrifted

Brass horses – thrifted

Teal pot – Ross


Shiplap Wall in the Dining Room