The Pioneer Woman: Decorating Adventures

The Pioneer Woman: Decorating Adventures This Christmas I bought myself a gift from Santa. It was The Pioneer Woman Cookbook. You all probably know by now that cooking is not really my thing. I dream about having a delicious pot roast in the oven … ** Read more **

Happy Little Ideas for Spring

kitchen with yellow

Paint something yellow. house beautiful Put some birds in your winter stick trees! Martha Stewart (Here is where Martha Stewart tells us how to make the birds, naturally Martha would make the birds herself!) Pin some flowers on pillows or … ** Read more **

The Evolution of The Inspired Room

Inspired Rooms: ...take time and effort to dream up and design. ...take patience to get things the way you want them. ...should reflect where you've come from, who you have become, and where you are going. The Inspired Room blog … ** Read more **

Drive By: Inspired by Two of My Favorites

I drove down to Portland for a couple of days and was able to lean out my window and snap a couple of photos of two of my favorite houses as I drove by! I loved being in my old stomping grounds in Lake Oswego. I sure miss it there! Both of these … ** Read more **

Conversation Pieces
{Vintage Key Plates!}

Vintage Key Plate - A conversation starter Did you see adorable key plates taken out of old houses? I used to sell these in my shop, but really you can find them at old hardware parts stores. Here is how I used mine! I love finding small ways to … ** Read more **

HomeGoods: Happy Spring Trends!

Sponsored by Homegoods I know many of you are HomeGoods fans like I am! The thing I love about a store like HomeGoods is I can buzz in and pick up a few new accessories to give my home a quick seasonal makeover, without spending a lot of time or … ** Read more **