Decorating with Red

Decorating Rooms with Red

DECORATING INSPIRATION: RED It's almost Valentine's Day! So, of course, we can't let this opportunity to talk about decorating with RED slip by without a mention now can we? I've always loved red and used it in most of my houses. Do any of you … ** Read more **

Pinterest Style

white walls bookcases around window

Source:   Find your style on Pinterest I pinned this awesome living room yesterday. I would feel at home in that room. It inspired me. I like it. It is warm and cozy, white but colorful. Comfortable but … ** Read more **

Tweaking This and That Around The House

black and white gallery wall sketches

I guess I'm a tweaker. I enjoy moving this and that around, living with it for a few days, and then sometimes I think of a better idea. Or I'm stumped for awhile. The black and white framed drawings in the photo above used to be hanging in my what is … ** Read more **

Where to Find Affordable Cool Modern Vintage Industrial Wall Lights, Pendants and Lanterns

where to find home lighting

One of the most important elements in a room is the lighting. Not only for obvious reasons, rooms need various types and sources of light, but I love lighting because of how much personality it can bring to a space! I like my interior lighting to be … ** Read more **

We’ve Been Busy Around These Parts

jack at home

Wow a couple of days went by with no post! Ever wonder what bloggers are up to when they don't post? Well if it is me, it is because I'm doing other life kinds of stuff and sometimes it means I'm doing projects too! It is hard to sit on your rump all … ** Read more **

DIY Faux Tin Ceiling Tile Back Splash

faux tin backsplash supplies

Easy DIY:  Installing Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles as a Backsplash Greetings! I appreciated all your kind comments on my kids' bathroom facelift and your overwhelming support of my little faux tin tile backsplash idea! Glad you liked it and shared it. If … ** Read more **