Favorite Fall Projects {Linky Party!}

October is coming to a close, can you believe it is almost over? How in the world? It seemed to go by so fast! I love October and I’m gonna miss it. Since we still have a little window of time to bask in the wonder of Fall before we can officially declare the holidays to be upon us, perhaps you have a favorite Fall project you’d like to share?

I didn’t do as many little Fall decorating projects as I would have liked, since I’m knee deep in bigger remodel type stuff, but I still had fun doing some cozy fall nesting and a couple of smaller projects! If you missed my Fall decor, you can see it here. I still have a Thanksgiving table to share but I’ve got to take the pics first, so that will be coming up the first week in November when I really dive in to holidays!

I am doing so many projects that make me happy right now, but I’d say my favorite Fall nesting projects this month were my DIY Peacock wreath, my Embellished Beaded Chandy and my new master bedroom curtains and bamboo blinds.

How about you? What Fall decorating or projects did you work on this month and which were YOUR favorites? Link up your Fall Nesting project below! Be sure to add a link directly to your post and go back to put a link to this post on The Inspired Room in your post! This is our last Fall Nesting linky party for October, so enjoy!

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9 Weeks Until Christmas?! {Holiday Nesting & A Link Party!}

instagram pic of my new settee ….still with tags!

Did I scare you or are you excited? 9 weeks til Christmas??! YES! I’m definitely in a holiday nesting mood. In spite of the projects going on around my house, I am really looking forward to the holidays. I’m already thinking about how to make it the best possible season I can. Really it has been many years since we’ve had a truly relaxed and nearly perfect holiday, meaning a holiday where we weren’t moving, getting settled, overly busy trying to keep our heads above water, or remodeling or whatever. If it’s not one thing, it’s another.

Despite my desire to be DONE with everything I’ve been working on around our house before the holidays, this year we wil probably still be in the middle of projects. Not surprising!

Clearly I over estimated what could get done before Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Or maybe I add too many new things to the list!

Or maybe I’m crazy!

Don’t say it. I know what you are thinking.

Probably a combination of all of the above. Wheee! Never a dull moment, I guess.

But I’m not going to let my CARAAAZYNESS  interfere with holiday plans! I’m used to it! I think I can still create a relaxed and enjoyable holiday by my advance planning, and compensate for other things we might have going on in life! Sometimes that is what we need to do, simply plan ahead for what really matters and let go of the unrealistic picture of perfection. Otherwise, we’ll be running around like that gingerbread mom with her head chopped off. And if mama looks like that, nobody’s having a good Christmas.

Lowering our expectations of what we can accomplish and raising our level of creativity and flexibility really helps.

In the spirit of preparing ahead, I’ve already set up my Thanksgiving centerpiece (excited much?) and started dreaming about where our Christmas tree will go this year. I may or may not have ordered a couple of new holiday decor items to get me motivated to decorate. I’ve been thinking about the rooms I can set up now to be the most comfortable for holiday gatherings.

I’m really excited to be working on a few more long-awaited updates to our living-room-turned-gathering-room to make it extra cozy for holiday gatherings and day to day living. I’m still rearranging furniture and shuffling things around the house to better suit our needs, finding new affordable things as needed to make our space work for us and I’m bringing in more reddish/orangish tones for the season with some pillows and throws! Things are feeling more comfortable by the day and we are using more of our rooms than ever before. It’s almost like we added on to our square footage, but we didn’t!

I’ll share more details about the most recent updates and plans for this room in another post, but you can see a bit of a preview today! I’m really excited about getting this room the way I want it since it is the first room you come to in our home and the gathering space for guests and family alike.

instagram pic of Jack lounging on our new settee
(settee, pillow and throw from Pier One)

Avert your eyes and bite your tongue if you don’t like animals on furniture. Normally Jack is wandering in this room unsupervised (he still has his puppyish tendencies so we don’t let him have full unsupervised access yet to the house), but he wanted to try out the new settee to make sure it was comfy enough. We caught him laying on it and covering himself with the throw. Honestly. Spoiled, perhaps? Have to admit, he looks pretty cute there.

For me, holiday nesting isn’t about creating the perfect magazine cover most-Pinteresting holiday home, it is about creating the most warm, welcoming environment we can for our friends and family, having FUN and making memories along the way.

We will all interpret holiday nesting differently, of course, and that is the fun of having your own space. You can create your own special holiday ambience!

Whether holiday nesting right now means you need to get rid of STUFF you don’t need or like, shuffle around the furniture, get the carpet cleaned, plan out your gift list or make your own Christmas ornaments, it is time to get going, ladies!

I’m excited to see YOUR holiday nesting, whether you are working on Halloween, or figuring out what you have planned for Thanksgiving and Christmas — as long as it is holiday nesting related, it’s fair game. Share your posts in the linky below and let’s inspire each other for the holidays!

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{Fall Nesting} Media Room Update! The New Sectional Has Arrived!

UPDATE: Summer 2014: I’ve received quite a few questions recently about my La-Z-Boy sectional and how it’s holding up with our pups and family. I’m happy to say two years later that it’s been a dream! The dogs try to destroy it on a regular basis and so far, they have been unsuccessful! We love snuggling up on it in the evenings, it feels so luxurious and everyone has room to spread out. Clean up is so easy I don’t worry if anything gets spilled! I’m very happy with our choice! Click here for an updated post about the media room progress after we added brass sconces.

So, back in the dark ages I talked about making the decision to create a “media room” out of one of our little used bedrooms (aka storage rooms) on the second floor. It’s high time we see how that project is coming along, right? We wanted a space where our son could invite friends over, where we could hang out together for movie nights with our family, where some chick flicks might happen with the girls. We wanted a big comfy sectional rather than multiple chairs and couches since the room is not really big. And we wanted it to be a space away from the hub of the house, which is our kitchen family room.

When La-Z Boy offered to send us a sectional of our choice, the timing was PERFECT so of course I jumped at the chance! Money doesn’t grow on trees around here so FREE is always the right price for us. Knowing the sectional would arrive at our house this fall, we had a deadline to make enough room for it. Just the motivation we needed to get things rolling.

So, we began the process of clearing out the unwanted, the excess and reorganizing how we used our space upstairs. This room hasn’t been a main focus for us, as we’ve been hard at work on 20 million other projects throughout our home. But, little by little we were able to make room for the new sofa.

This summer we decided on the La-Z Boy sofa we wanted. It is called the Collins and the fabric choice is # C982054. My daughter and I spent a lot of time in the showroom picking out a super cozy fabric that feels like VELVET! And, oh my, has it been exactly as we imagined! We wanted something soft. Something you can sink into and run your hands across and feel warm and comfy on. We wanted a durable fabric because this is a family space so we definitely steered clear of any fabric that was not labeled as such! We knew this gorgeous grayish navy  (changes with the light!) velvety feeling durable fabric was exactly what we wanted.

The white pillow with the gray medallion came with the sofa. It came with four of them! Score!

The rest of the wonderful pillows all came from Target or from our own stash.

I love pillows. I wanted plenty of pillows on the sofa so everyone will be super comfortable curling up and watching movies!

While we have a long way to go on accessories but we thought this gigantic clock and movie reel from Pier One are a good start to the feeling we are hoping to capture in this family media room.

Our plan is to get a few cube style ottomans so we can easily move them around, as well as give us access to the pull out bed!

Yep, we decided to make this room as practical as possible and ordered the sleeper version! It’s a double but it will be perfect for the kids friends or extra guests.

We also want to add shades and curtains to our windows and an area rug to define our seating area. I’ll be sharing more as we complete this room!

So far we really love the sofa and our experience has been great! Feeling pretty blessed to have it! It is the kind of sofa you curl up on and then you don’t want to get up again. Ever. I’ll keep you posted as it gets used more and will let you know how it holds up to family abuse. It isn’t a room that Jack really goes in right now but I am sure he will want to join us too. He may not be allowed on it, we’ll see. He may have to have his own corner with a blankie. We can’t wait to put it to the test this winter, I think it will be the perfect nest for the long cold evenings ahead!

Oh, and keeping it real. There is the other side of the room where we didn’t quite finish our decluttering. You might have seen this on Instagram or Facebook. Our plan is to clear out the rest of this corner, and move our flat screen TV in here above the desk. And then we can officially call this a “media room.” I can’t wait!

*Update – below is our media room currently, as seen in our 2014 Fall House Tour!

Cozy Fall Family Room Sectional The Inspired Room

Do you have a cozy room for family nesting?

La-Z Boy provided me with this sectional for review. All opinions and experiences are my own.

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