Curb Appeal: 3 Memorable Exteriors

Beautiful Gray Shingled Exterior with Landscaping

Traditional Home, Architect Jeff Murphy, Photography by Werner Straube BHG BHG I love homes with great curb appeal. My favorite exteriors grab your attention and draw you in. These homes that would stop me dead in my tracks and force me to whip o … ** Read more **

{Little Rewards That Don’t Involve Chocolate} A Hanging Faceted Terrarium

Faceted Hanging Succulent Terrarium

Do you ever have one of those not so pretty days? When not only is it raining like crazy outside but most of the day is spent washing dirty socks, cleaning someone else's spit off of faucets, picking up dog doo doo from the kitchen floor? I do. I mean … ** Read more **

Spring Gardening {& an Invite to a Seattle Garden Party!}

Whiskey Barrels for Planting Herbs and Veggies

I have an invite for locals to The Home Depot for a garden party at the end of this post so be sure to check it out! I had a great weekend getting a jump on projects in my backyard. We had some friends over from church yesterday and they helped us d … ** Read more **

An Elephant & An Air Plant

Elephant with Air Plant

Do you all know about air plants? They don't need soil or to be planted, you just set them in a container! Yep, that's it! But they do need an occasional misting of water to keep them hydrated. I love that air plants can fit just about anywhere a … ** Read more **

5 Minute Succulent Garden in the Kitchen

Measuring Cup Succulent Gardening

The sun came out in the Seattle area this weekend (YAY for vitamin D in the Northwest!) and it inspired me to do a little planting. While I wasn't quite ready to start an outdoor project (it still feels a tad too chilly for me to dig in the dirt … ** Read more **

Creative Ways to Enjoy Tiny Gardens

Teacup Gardens by The Inspired Room

  While I admitted my plant challenges with the tale of my Fiddle Leaf Fig troubles, I still adore creative gardening in small spaces. It doesn't matter whether the small garden is in a tea cup on my window sill, an old box on my porch, a pot … ** Read more **