Christmas House Tour {Part Two}

The Inspired Room Christmas House Tour - Entry Decorating with Vintage Sled

Greetings, friends!! My internet has been out and our lights flickering all evening. It’s a wee bit stormy around here and more winds are threatening to blow through. I was so worried I wasn’t going to be able to get this post scheduled — yay me for not doing this earlier in the day but that’s me, the procrastinator! But luckily, the internet popped on a moment ago so I’m scrambling to get this scheduled while I can. So if you see this post Friday, you’ll know I succeeded even if it is only partially finished, hahah!

Charcoal Front Door - The Inspired Room Christmas House Tour

First of all, thank you so much to Lindsay of White Buffalo Styling Co. for hosting a great tour of homes this week and including me in it! If you are just joining in, be sure to head over to her place to catch up on all the links to homes!

BSHT Christmas 2014 Graphic

This is the second tour I am a part of for my house this Christmas, but while I only have one house to share :) I took SO many photos of different angles of rooms and close ups recently that you’ll get another peek around today. I saved a whole bunch of new photos just for this tour! You’ll see a few things maybe you missed or another side of a room you didn’t really get to look at in the last post. When you are done with this tour, free to go back through the first tour from earlier this week, too, if you’d like! Also, while these tours are fun to enjoy in their best form, I’m sure you’ll all enjoy seeing what happened in the days following, so after the tours be sure to check out the aftermath post here.

Gray and White Striped Entry Wall - Entry Console Table - The Inspired Room

The Inspired Room Christmas House Tour - Entry

In my dream world, I was going to decorate the bedrooms and front porch for Christmas by today.

YEAH RIGHT! Dreamer. The reality was I had so many obligations this week with book writing and Christmas events and just keeping up with life, I haven’t been able to do much more around the house or get it photographed. (You’ll see a tiny peek of my office, though).

You want to know a little secret?

I’ve discovered on all the tours that I am one of the only bloggers on the face of the internet that doesn’t have Hunter rain boots by the door filled with fresh greenery. But what I do have on my front porch, where the Hunter boots WOULD be (had I received the memo), I have … PUMPKINS.

Yep. I’m that neighbor. (Maybe even the one that might leave her crunchy wreath up until spring. Hahah!).

OK. Now that we got that confession out of the way, let’s carry on with the tour.

Jack the Goldendoodle - The Inspired Room Christmas House Tour

Jack’s been watching out the window, eagerly awaiting your return. He LOVES when people visit!

Console Christmas Decorating - The Inspired Room

Christmas Decorating with Birch Branches - House Tour - The Inspired Room

In our gathering room (the room in between the entry and the dining room, formerly known as our living room heheheh) we have birch branches we collected this year from a little forested area near our house. I put them in a big tall planter (sorry, I somehow didn’t get a picture of the whole thing) and I thought it would be fun to put ornaments on it for Christmas.

The Inspired Room Dining Room - Simple Christmas Decorating and House Tour

My husband recently painted our table for us so it was all fresh and clean for Thanksgiving and Christmas get togethers! I seem to always be inspired to work on the dining room around the holidays (maybe that’s why it is the room that seems to have evolved the most in small increments over the years!). Our house is far from perfect and there are still lots of things we need to do, but each little improvement we make, no matter how small, feels great. After nearly six years of faithfully doing little updates on the house whenever we were able, we feel like we are finally getting to where our house is not done, but where we aren’t so behind any more. :)

It’s amazing what a simple thing like a fresh coat of paint can do for an old table, too. We left the leaves natural because we still really like it that way! :).

The Inspired Room Christmas House Tour - Simple Christmas Decorating

White and Gold Christmas Decorating in the Dining Room - The Inspired Room House Tour

While we only add a touch or two of Christmas here and there around the house, I feel like it’s enough that it feels festive. And not so much that I feel overwhelmed by it all. I guess I’m more of a winter decorator. Candles and fresh greenery are my favorites!

White and gold Christmas console decorating - The Inspired Room House Tour

Gold Deer Antler Pillow - Simple Christmas Decorating

At night and especially for dinner parties, we light all the candles and it starts to feel magical.

Christmas Dining Room - The Inspired Room Blogger House Tour

Little string lights around the mirrors and in glass jars add little dots of holiday sparkle.

Christmas Dining Room Decorating - Polish Pottery Plates on the Wall

The paper whites smell wonderful! I love having lots of plants and greenery around. And I love how the mirror reflects all the flickering candles around the room.

Boxwood wreath hung on a mirror - Dining room Christmas decorating - The Inspired Room

The Inspired Room Kitchen - Christmas House Tour 2014

Little trees in galvanized buckets are so simple, but they are yearly favorite. I get them at Lowe’s or Trader Joes, and I get the buckets at our local farm store.

Holiday Coffee Station - The Inspired Room Christmas House Tour
Simple Christmas House Tour -The Inspired Room
White Paneled Hallway with Wood Framed Chalkboard - The Inspired Room Christmas House Tour
White Velvet Stockings - The Inspired Room Christmas House Tour
Simple Christmas Decorating - The Inspired Room House Tour

Forest and Sea Christmas - The Inspired Room House Tour

Forest and Sea Tree - Felt Ornaments - The Inspired Room Christmas Tour

I’m wondering how long it’s going to take before Jack & Lily (our one and three year old doodle pups) will discover that we have a tree full of adorable animal ornaments just waiting to be devoured. So far they haven’t even noticed, but in past years Jack has destroyed his fair share of ornaments.

Jack the Goldendoodle - The Inspired Room

We are keeping our fingers crossed that they are more civilized this year :).

Christmas Family Room Decorating - The Inspired Room House Tour
The Inspired Room Christmas Mantel - Forest and Sea Christmas Tour

Pottery Barn Glitter Merry Christmas Garland on the Fireplace- The Inspired Room

I was working with Pottery Barn this week on a post (you can see it here) and had the opportunity to restyle my mantel with a new banner, thus the different look of my fireplace in this photo. It was such a dark day when I was taking these photos, but I really love the sparkly Merry Christmas banner!

Pottery Barn Merry Christmas Glitter Garland - The Inspired Room Mantel

We’ve had the white quilted stockings for years!

German Merry Christmas Glitter Garland - Pottery Barn - The Inspired Room Navy Office

I also tried the Merry Christmas banner out in my office and love it in there too. As you can see, I moved the Nespresso to the office and it’s so fun having it within reach for those emergency coffee needs haha! I’m still loving it, you can find more details on the machine I have here, it’s called the Nespresso VertuoLine. You can find the post I wrote about it here.

Christmas House Tour - Red Letter Words Christmas Canvas - The Inspired Room
Forest and Sea Christmas - The Inspired Room

Thanks for visiting today, friends! I’m so glad you came by.

The next stop on the tour is my friend Traci’s from Beneath My Heart, she has such a lovely home and is a real sweetheart, so go on over for a visit!

You can find more photos and part one of my Christmas House Tour here!

For those of you who have asked, here is how I hang garland, wreath and stockings without nails!

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