10 Reasons I Removed My Upper Kitchen Cabinets

10 Reasons I Removed My Upper Cabinets The Inspired Room

How do you have enough storage in your kitchen without your upper cabinets? YO. That is one of my most FAQ from new readers or people who find my kitchen on Pinterest. Yes, I'm a rebel. When we remodeled our kitchen, I removed some upper … ** Read more **

Little Updates and Fireplace Plans

Family Room Rearranging

Hello friends! How is everyone? This has been one of those weeks for me where my to-do list seems to grow faster than my "done" list. Sometimes that's just how life goes, and keeping up with the priorities is what really counts. But! I did find time … ** Read more **

Creative Ways to Enjoy Tiny Gardens

Teacup Gardens by The Inspired Room

  While I admitted my plant challenges with the tale of my Fiddle Leaf Fig troubles, I still adore creative gardening in small spaces. It doesn't matter whether the small garden is in a tea cup on my window sill, an old box on my porch, a pot … ** Read more **

The Tale of Fiddle Leaf Fig Fail {CONFESSION}

Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree Pruned

You might remember when I got my Fiddle Leaf Fig last year. It was really full and green and other than some brown spots or edges here and there, it looked pretty good. It filled up the corner of my family room quite nicely and made me look like I … ** Read more **

The One Decorating Accessory I Can’t Live Without

cookbook shelves

If you've been hanging out around this blog for long, you might have picked up on the idea that I LOVE decorating. Heheh. Seven years of blogging and I'm still here chatting away about how much I love it. But in all my years of decorating and setting … ** Read more **

{Love Language} Create a Happy Home

What's Your Love Language - Create a Happy Home

My house isn't always clean. I get one project done while four others fall apart and twenty more are on the to do list. My life is busy and full. Things are sometimes stressful or crazy. Sometimes I'm frazzled or distracted. But there are always so m … ** Read more **