The One Decorating Accessory I Can’t Live Without

cookbook shelves

If you've been hanging out around this blog for long, you might have picked up on the idea that I LOVE decorating. Heheh. Seven years of blogging and I'm still here chatting away about how much I love it. But in all my years of decorating and setting … ** Read more **

{Love Language} Create a Happy Home

What's Your Love Language - Create a Happy Home

My house isn't always clean. I get one project done while four others fall apart and twenty more are on the to do list. My life is busy and full. Things are sometimes stressful or crazy. Sometimes I'm frazzled or distracted. But there are always so m … ** Read more **

How to Get Inspired for Decorating {New Flea Market Find!}

Entry dresser

Do you ever find yourself in a decorating slump, or just plain ol' STUCK? I do. Sometimes I just can't get my mind around what I want to do or what I need in certain rooms. Or I have too many ideas and can't really do any of them due to finances. … ** Read more **

My Thoughts on Brass & Trends {A Reader Design Question}

Open shelf styling in the kitchen

Reader question: Hi, Every time I see your kitchen I can’t get over how amazing it is. I found a decorating site that identified top trends for kitchens in the years ahead. You’ve hit on most of them…the tile, the two tone, the open shelving etc. O … ** Read more **

New Farmhouse Bar Stools for the Kitchen

The Inspired Room Kitchen farmhouse metal barstools

I've been on the lookout for barstools for my kitchen. While our island doesn't actually have a bar countertop, we discovered when Better Homes & Gardens was here that the island was actually really comfortable and convenient to sit at with a cup … ** Read more **

Organizing & Beautifying {My 2014 Plans!}

organized office

Pottery Barn Greetings. I am FINALLY on the mend after the plague known around our house as the flu. I don't think I've ever been sick so many days in a row. Awful. I thought maybe I would never blog again. I lost all my energy and motivation to do … ** Read more **