Thrift Store Finds {New Vignette in the Entry!}

summer decorating entry table

Thrift Store Finds For awhile I didn't want to bring too many new pieces in to my house, I was trying to weed out things I didn't want while fixing up our kitchen, adding the wood floors and painting to make our house feel more like "us." And I … ** Read more **

Evolution of the Living Room

living room

Today my living room is eclectic. Tomorrow maybe it will be all white.  The next day my living room might be my dining room. You never know around my house! But one thing you can count on, it is always changing! A little over a year ago I decided my … ** Read more **

Summer House Tour {The Inspired Room}


House Tours Greetings, lovelies!! I'm so excited to be a part of the week long Summer Tour of Homes -- 25 of them to be exact! I'm kicking off Day Three here, so if you are just joining us, you definitely will want to catch up with Day 1 and Day 2 … ** Read more **

Gallery Wall in the Family Room!

gallery wall family room

Do you ever have one wall in a room that bugs you because you can't seem to decide what to do to pull it together with the rest of the room? Our long wall on the right as you enter our family room was THAT WALL for me. It was longish, with no … ** Read more **

Kitchen Organization {My 5 Favorite Tips}

kitchen organization

Do you love an organized kitchen? I've had some small kitchens in my day. One of my kitchens was so tiny that we kept most of our bulk pantry canned goods, extra pans and bakeware in the basement, there just wasn't an inch of room to spare in the … ** Read more **

Entry & Front Door Makeover {More Progress}

entry design

Entry Makeover The entry should be a great first impression as you walk through the front door or invite guests in. Since our entry is an open two story space in the middle of the house, it requires extra consideration. It is not only where guests … ** Read more **