Merry Christmas from Our House to Yours

The Inspired Room Christmas

Merry Christmas friends! I know by this point everyone is nestled in after all the celebrations and hopefully still enjoying friends, families or peace on earth! But I didn’t want this Christmas to go by without an official Merry Christmas from our house to yours. We count you among our friends and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for following along with our adventures in creating a home and life. It means more to us than you know, so thank you.

While these are all just random snapshots from our phone and Instagrams, we thought we would share a few snippets of the day and evening with you.

The Inspired Room Christmas - Seattle Ferry

Our little family is spending a quiet Christmas this year, all cozied up in our home. It’s been wonderful! Our kids took the ferry from Seattle to our neck of the woods. It does my heart good to see all three of my kids and our son-in-law back together again laughing and having fun.

The Inspired Room Christmas - Jack Lily Bella Labradoodles and Goldendoodles

The dogs are all together too, having a blast running around, grabbing animals from the tree, knocking more garland down, finding presents to open, basically causing all sorts of puppy mischief. Jack is the oldest at 3 and a half years old, so we have a lot of fluffy youngsters in our house. It’s awesome. :)

The Inspired Room Christmas - Pups

Santa always visits, but this year we actually caught him in the act, so now there is no doubt who fills our stockings (catch your Santa here).

Winter Cider Sangria - The Inspired Room Christmas

We had a fun family White Elephant exchange that involved all of us going to the mall each with $25 and 45 minutes to find a surprise gift to exchange. We’ve also been enjoying making and eating delicious meals and drinking festive drinks like our Winter Cider Sangria.

The Inspired Room Christmas - Ornaments

All of our animal ornaments are now gathered together toward the top of the tree, feeling safe and protected against the dogs who would like to bring them down to play. We did have one other near casualty since The Unraveling, with a sweet bunny ornament that was rescued from the clutches of puppy jaws of death. Look at the top picture and you’ll see that bunny on the dish cabinet, quietly recovering. His tail was nearly detached, but he is ALIVE!

Gingerbread Cookies- The Inspired Room Christmas

We are decorating gingerbread cookies today, just enjoying being together and making memories.

The Inspired Room Christmas - Coffee

We love brewing the coffee and hanging out on the couch, it’s wonderful to not be in a hurry to go anywhere or do anything fancy.

Bella - Labradoodle - The Inspired Room Christmas

Bella is very excited about her first Christmas. She’s having the time of her life with Jack and Lily!

The Inspired Room - Christmas

We love to have Christmas tunes playing on our iPad, but our favorite is to listen to them live on the guitar. Courtney got a guitar for her birthday this year, she is a beautiful singer and my husband is a musician so we are blessed by their talents.

The Inspired Room Christmas - Cookbooks

We keep gifts simple, but this year both of my girls got started on their own cookbook collections, these are two beautiful ones (Sunday Suppers and Plenty, and not pictured, another favorite The Forest Feast)! My oldest daughter Kylee is an amazing cook, she makes the most wonderful meals for us. I’m not sure how she got that talent. It was not from me heheheh.

The Inspired Room Christmas - Red Letter Words

Tonight we will gather around the dinner table, eat something yummy together and read the Christmas story from the Bible, each taking a part.

Then after our tummies and hearts are full, we’ll curl up on the big couch to watch Father of the Bride. Even though we’ve seen it dozens of times it never fails to make us laugh and cry. It’s our favorite.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Winter Cider Sangria Recipe

Holiday Sangria Recipe - The Inspired Room

Greetings! I’ve got a really deliciously festive drink recipe for you, it’s been a real hit around our house! We do love our ciders. I am just popping in to share it, I hope you all are enjoying a late Merry Christmas Eve! I’ve been way off my usual posting frequency so while I’ve been a wee bit scarce on the blog, I’m still here, just trying to be IN the moment with my family. It’s been wonderful! I miss you all though!

Over Thanksgiving we made a really pretty drink and after it was spied in a pic on my Instagram, I promised followers there that I would post the recipe! Well, a few weeks later (eh hem) but HERE IT IS!

We made it again today and snapped a few pics for you, and it’s quite festive and delicious for celebrating. It would be great to make over Christmas/New Years’ break for parties or celebrating all winter long.

Holiday Sangria Recipe-The Inspired Room

Festive Holiday Sangria Recipe -The Inspired Room

I’ll be coming back tomorrow for with some cell phone behind-the-scene snapshots from this week, to wish you all an official Merry Christmas from our house to yours.

Meanwhile, pin and save this recipe and enjoy! (of course, feel free to modify to be non-alcoholic by omitting the wine and bourbon, it will still be just as festive!).

Winter Cider Sangria Recipe - The Inspired Room

Festive Holiday Sangria:

You will need:

1 granny smith apple, chopped

1 honeycrisp apple, chopped

1 orange, chopped (you can keep the rind on!)

1-2 cups whole cranberries

1 bottle of Pinot Grigio

1 bottle of sparkling apple cider

1/2 cup of bourbon (optional)

Rosemary sprigs for garnish


Combine all ingredients and stir well. Chill until ready to serve!

Garnish with a sprig of rosemary, and better yet, we like to dampen the sprig with water and roll in sugar for a little extra sparkle!


If you missed our cranberry hot cider recipe, see it here! >> Mulled Cranberry Cider

Favorite Home Decor Accessories {To Give & Receive}

Merry Christmas Glitter Garland from Pottery Barn - The Inspired RoomThis post was created in partnership with Pottery Barn

Have you been enjoying all the Christmas home tours around the internet? It sure is a festive time of year, I just love seeing how everyone makes their house a cozy and festive home. Today I wanted to show you a few of my favorite things for decorating this time of year! And at the same time, hopefully these items will give you a few great ideas for gifts.

Pottery Barn Merry Christmas Glitter Garland - The Inspired Room Mantel

For quick and easy festive decor on furniture or walls, I just love having a fun seasonal banner. My new German Glitter Merry Christmas garland would be perfect anywhere in the house, in any room, from the mantel to the tree to a dresser to the wall, so I know I’ll use it year after year.

I had fun styling my banner on our mantel this week and I LOVE how it adds sparkle to the room, especially on a dark and stormy day like today!

Merry Christmas Glitter Garland - Pottery Barn
It comes in a nice little box too so it’s really easy to wrap and give!

Cozy Cable Knit Throw - Pottery Barn - The Inspired Room

This cozy cable knit throw is not only my favorite thing to grab on a chilly winter night, but it’s a beautiful, no fail, sure to be loved gift for anyone. It’s thick, lined with faux sheepskin on one side and chunky cable knit on the other.

Pottery Barn Glitter Merry Christmas Garland on the Fireplace- The Inspired Room

I am on a mission lately to collect blankets because I find so many ways to use them. I don’t think you can have too many!

This throw would look beautiful in any room all winter long. I love having a pile of blankets folded on a shelf ready to pull out for a cozy evening or for guests. I always have a throw or two in every room this time of year for added texture on the backs of chairs, laying over ottomans or in baskets.

Pottery Barn Merry Christmas Glitter Garland - The Inspired Room

Jack and Lily love cozy blankets, too!

Cable Knit Throw - Pottery Barn

This blanket comes wrapped up in a perfect tied bundle, all ready to box and give to a lucky recipient.

Simple Winter Centerpiece - Faux Snow and Gold Deer in a Hurricane - The Inspired Room

As I’ve mentioned, I love to decorate with classic tasteful items that can flow effortlessly from season to season and year to year, and throw in a few festive items to make the season feel special.

Simple Centerpiece with Candle and Moss - Pottery Barn Branson Hurricane - The Inspired Room

The secret to decorating with ease and without having to store a bunch of excess seasonal stuff is to have a few basic foundational elements on hand that you can effortlessly adapt for any season!

Easy Centerpiece - Book Pages in a Hurricane - The Inspired Room

For surfaces, glass hurricanes and candle holders are pretty much my FAVORITE items because they are SO versatile in all the seasons. Pottery Barn makes some beautiful pieces that would make wonderful gifts, the Branson Glass Hurricanes and Branson Glass Pillar Candle Holders are really lovely.

Easy Centerpiece - Pinecone and Moss in a Hurricane - The Inspired Room

With just a few moments and decor I already had laying around for the season, I was able to quickly create three different simple centerpieces that would be appropriate for winter but so easy to change for any season. You certainly could fancy them up more, or use them in a different way by putting them on a mantel or on a console table, too. You could group several of them together or combine them with other decor. Really, the variations are endless. And that’s what I love about glass hurricanes, they can always be used in a different way!

Simple Centerpiece - Branson Glass Candleholder from Pottery Barn - The Inspired Room

Simplicity is always beautiful and a glass candle holder is always an appropriate gift, don’t you think?

This month, Pottery Barn is hosting surprise daily deals over on their Instagram on all the goodies in this post! So be sure to follow and check in with Pottery Barn on Instagram (and The Inspired Room, too!) to find out about each daily gift deal and you will be able to shop for deals directly from Instagram.

Tomorrow you are invited to part two of my Christmas House Tour so I hope you’ll come by for another look!

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