Style Refinements (+ dining room updates)

Style Refinements (+ dining room updates)

Do you ever feel like you are in a creative lull with your home? It happens to most of us at some point. Actually, I’m just coming out of one of those lulls. I think it’s common to experience one after a remodel or completion of a series of big home projects.

Style Refinements (+ dining room updates)

It actually makes sense to me why some of us feel like we get in a lull, or even a creative “rut” or a period of restlessness at some point after a big project season is complete.

For months you were problem solving and envisioning new ideas. Then you were implementing your vision and watching it come to life! That’s an exhilarating (but sometimes exhausting) experience.

Style Refinements (+ dining room updates)

Once those projects are done … you’re no longer doing any those activities.

The change of pace and activities can be a welcome relief at first. But if your whole house isn’t “done” yet, and you aren’t planning to start another big project on its heels, you might start to get a little restless for what’s next.

Style Refinements (+ dining room updates)
A period of rest after a big project can rejuvenate the mind, which is helpful to make way for a new vision or creative project to begin. That season can also offer the opportunity to sense gratitude for what you have as well as time to find contentment with what you’ve already accomplished.

Style Refinements (+ dining room updates)

I find that not trying to rush through a lull to get onto another big project can also give me time to focus on other priorities, bringing more balance to other important parts of my life.

By taking a period of time to rest and enjoy what I have already worked on or finished, I actually find myself starting to get inspired again, often by those newly completed spaces! That’s what happened recently for me.

Style Refinements (+ dining room updates)

We don’t have any plans to start another remodel any time soon and haven’t built up the budget for any of the other bigger projects on my “wish list.”

But since I still want to make more progress on our home this year, fresh inspiration needed to strike!

The “lull” after the kitchen project gave me time to think and ponder my next steps in our house. I decided that I wanted to focus on small style updates the rest of this year. By using what I’ve already completed as a spring board, I can start refining other spaces accordingly and as the budget allows.

Style Refinements (+ dining room updates)
Inspired by the mood of my newly remodeled kitchen, I was recently able to make a few simple changes to our adjoining dining room using mostly things I already had!

It’s so helpful to have a completed project, our kitchen, as a style setter for decision making in the rest of the house!

A curtain swap with another room, moving around furniture, hanging some plates, and adding a pair of new lamps to the dining room helped refine our style a little more (at least for the time being.)

Now I’m inspired to keep going in other rooms of the house! Baby steps, but at least we’re headed somewhere.

Style Refinements (+ dining room updates)
Style Refinements (+ dining room updates)

In part two of this post, I’ll share five ways I jump start creativity to further refine my style. Plus I’ll share more about the simple changes we made in the dining room and the impact on other rooms in our home!

Dining room sources:

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Style Refinements (+ dining room updates)

Sources and details:

Blue honeycomb pillows

Rattan chairs: sold out from World Market (similar: 1 // 2)

Wingback dining chairs: sold out from World Market (similar)

Ombre beaded chandelier (or similar chandelier)

Woven window shades


Rattan etagere/bookshelf – thrifted! Similar: 1// 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8

Gray and white striped pillows

Watercolor floral pillow

Peacock art print

Crane art print

Blue and white dishes

Round white rattan mirror

Gray ceramic table lamps and linen lampshades

Woven planter – Ikea

Copper planter

Polish pottery

Striped banquette bench

Sisal rug

It Is Well With My Soul artwork (above fireplace)

Wall color: Simply White Benjamin Moore

Shiplap Wall Details


Life Lately on Instagram

Life Lately on InstagramCoffee Maker here or here (30% off) / Mug Rack / Chemex / Mug Hooks – Ikea

It’s been awhile since I did an Instagram Lately post! It’s fun now and then to share a few snippets of our life behind the scenes and random updates from our family’s Instagram feeds here on the blog!

But first, I want to send a big thank you and Happy Mother’s Day to my wonderful mom :). And another thank you to my kids, you make your mama so proud every single day!

This little coffee station is at my girls’ townhouse, isn’t it the cutest?

Life Lately on InstagramSources: Towel / Gold Flatware

Last week my girls and I had these delicious smoothie bowls one morning during a breakfast meeting. Basically it’s a fruit and yogurt smoothie, but in a bowl topped with fruit and granola. So good, and good for you.

Life Lately on Instagram

Last Sunday our whole clan (fur kids and humans) took an afternoon drive to Snoqualmie Falls. It’s only about 45 minutes from our house, so it’s a great spot to escape to if you are local.

The weather was absolutely beautiful here, so we couldn’t resist getting outside. It was nice just to spend time together enjoying the view.

Life Lately on Instagram

If you ever watched the TV show Twin Peaks you might remember this stunning setting!

Weird show, beautiful view. :) The Salish Lodge sits up above the falls, it’s all so picturesque!

Life Lately on Instagram

It was so refreshing to be able to outside after such a long winter inside. The dogs had a blast.

We had all four dogs with us and we overheard someone say we looked like a straight up a circus. I agree. Ha!

It’s quite a scene to walk four furry doodles.

Life Lately on InstagramDay Bed // Rug // Sign // Stool // Curtains // Shades

I have to say, though, that I think Jack is really just a homebody at heart. Lily loves being outside, but I have to say Jack seems to be the happiest inside with his people.

Speaking of Jack, Friday was his sixth birthday!

Can you believe it? It seems like only yesterday we brought him home from the farm.

Life Lately on InstagramRollers / Oils

Lately my girls and I have had fun making essential oil rollers. We use them for everything. Our happy roller blend is my current favorite. I use it like perfume every day, it smells divine!

We don’t miss artificial scents or unnecessary chemicals in our home one bit! Please let me know if you’d like more details on the oils we use and how we use them.

Life Lately on Instagram

Blue skies and pink blossoms!

Life Lately on InstagramBench / Curtains / Shades

This weekend I got into a real redesign frenzy. Before I knew it, I had come up with a new vision or idea for every single room in our house (except the kitchen, I’m not redoing that, ha!).

Pretty much no room will look quite the same as it does in this post, so stay tuned for the updates to this room and others in the upcoming weeks :).

Life Lately on InstagramChalkboard / Memo Board

Speaking of design updates, I always have such good intentions of updating the seasonal art on my chalkboards, too.

But alas, this one still has fall leaves on it. :)

Life Lately on Instagram

Curtains / Quilt Lamp & Mirror: Ashley Home Store / Blue & White Check Pillows / Polka Dot Pom Pillow / Glass & Wood Diffuser

I’m really excited to be able to focus on some smaller projects again now that the kitchen is complete. It is fun to always be working on the house, even in small ways. Our guest room is one of the rooms that will be getting a little spring refresh!

I love to come up with new ideas and enjoy how rooms can evolve over time.

Life Lately on InstagramCamera / Tripod Brand

We’ve been mulling over a possible small change or two in this room over the next couple of weeks, too. Design is kind of like playing dominos, one little change seems to lead to everything changing!

Life Lately on Instagram
I haven’t forgotten to show you the new floors in my office! Hopefully this week I’ll have the post up.

Life Lately on Instagram

Swanson’s Nursery – Fiddle leaf fig goals

Life Lately on Instagram

Someday I’d love to have a little gardening shed like this in my backyard.

I don’t love going to shopping malls, but I absolutely love going to plant nurseries!

Life Lately on InstagramDaybed

It’s a real wild rumpus when the pups get together every week.

Life Lately on Instagram

Our Lily has the sweetest face and disposition, she is by far the most calm of our pups.

If you’re on Instagram, you can follow all of the pups @doodlesathome or on Facebook here.

Life Lately on InstagramBotanical Art Prints from Ballard Designs / Rug / Door color Ozark Shadows BM

Life Lately on InstagramRug / Hardware and all kitchen sources

This sight gave me quite a little fright out of the corner of my eye. :)
You can follow Jack and his antics on Facebook and Instagram, too.

Life Lately on Instagram

You can follow us on our Pure & Lovely Instagram (@pureandlovelyliving) to get our wellness tips and healthy home ideas. And if you follow my girls on Instagram @kynoelle or @courtneylane1 you will likely even find out where we went to coffee and maybe even what we ate for lunch. :) Because I’m sure you’ve been dying to know ;)

Life Lately on Instagram

If you ever have the opportunity to come to Seattle, Kylee uses the hashtag #KyleeinSeattle on Instagram to showcase some of her favorite places to eat, drink coffee and hang out in this beautiful city we call home.

Hope you all have a great Sunday!

Life Lately on Instagram

Life Lately on Instagram

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