How to Create a Spa-Like Ambience at Home

How to Create a Spa-Like Ambience at HomeThis post is in partnership with World Market 

Have you ever been pampered at a spa? I’ve stayed at spa resorts and I’ve been to spa-inspired salons, but the only time I’ve had an actual “spa” experience was at an outdoor hot springs. While I cannot remember for the life of me where I was (ha! mom? where were we! help! *Answer: Baden Baden, Germany, in the Black Forest!), I do remember it was totally relaxing and dreamy. You know me, though. Even though I so enjoy staying at fancy spa hotels and traveling to lovely destinations, home is where my heart is.

I’m sure an appointment at a spa would be super relaxing and uplifting (can winter be over yet?), but I happen to believe our home is the most important place to experience an atmosphere that nurtures our mind, body and soul. If we cannot relax at home, we need to bring more peace to our surroundings.

Today I have some creative inspiration for designing a spa-like ambience at home!


Sometimes you need those daily reminders to relax, all spelled out in black and white (ha, see what I did there?). I love pinning up quotes and verses on memo boards throughout the house, or writing inspiring words on a chalkboard. I finally jumped on the bandwagon and got a black velvet letter board from World Market. So cute, yes?

The words currently on my board gently remind me to set aside the stresses of the day and even just sit back and relax! It’s super easy to change the words to suit the mood I want to inspire, too. This sign is so portable, it would be adorable in any room of the house.

How to Create a Spa-Like Ambience at HomePink chenille abstract watercolor pillow / Macrame pillow / Rattan lamp


Elements in nature are so soothing. One of my favorite garden stores in Seattle has a beautiful indoor cafe with tons of natural light, trees, and even ponds with koi fish! It’s the most spa-like cafe I think I’ve ever been to so I love spending time there.

Even if you can’t create a koi pond in your home (ha, that would be so cool though!), you can get that relaxing vibe by surrounding yourself with plants, textures from nature like wood cutting boards or baskets, pretty flowers in a vase (like my white velvet plum blossoms above!), or even art with natural scenes.


What colors or personal comforts make you feel the most at home, relaxed and rejuvenated? Even though many people might consider neutrals or soft tones the most soothing color scheme, that’s the great thing about designing your own spa-ambience. You’re in control!

Maybe this time of year you’d feel most refreshed with a pop of pink on a few throw pillows to bring the hope and joy of spring to your home. Every season or even the day’s weather can inspire you to switch things up for your own wellbeing.

How to Create a Spa-Like Ambience at HomeMy Bedroom SourcesWorld Market Bed and Bath (20% off spa event right now!)

I love my moody bedroom because it really promotes relaxation. It’s so peaceful to have clean sheets, soft lighting, and a fluffy robe.

Check out these bath and bed items for a spa-like atmosphere.

How to Create a Spa-Like Ambience at Home


When I was heading into the delivery room to have my first baby girl (Kylee), my husband and I had our huge BOOM BOX and a set of cassettes with us so we could listen to nature-inspired sounds and music. I know. All you youngins might laugh at the whole cassette and boom box situation, but hey, we were hip youngsters ourselves back then. That’s what we had. Side note, we had to get a PAGER just in case my husband was in class when the baby decided to arrive. Times have changed, yes?

These days of course we can relax with tunes playing on our cell phone. At our house we put an Echo Show on our kitchen counter (I love it, Norah Jones is one of my personal favorite artists for a relaxing evening!). I even have a diffuser that comes with a setting to play spa-inspired music.

Our house can get so loud with dogs and boys in the house, so when I need a little downtime I like to as everyone to shut off TVs and computers so I can listen to relaxing music instead.

How to Create a Spa-Like Ambience at HomeGlass water bottle with wood lidLarge cutting board


Rejuvenate yourself by giving your what your body needs to be healthy! Inspire yourself to feel well by stocking your kitchen with quality nutritious food and making sure you have clear clean water to drink.

How to Create a Spa-Like Ambience at Home

How to Create a Spa-Like Ambience at Home
Indigo blue tie dye enamel wood salad bowl

Make eating and feeling well as appealing as possible. Buy fresh organic fruits and vegetables (we use a delivery service so food is fresh right from local farms). Keep slices of lemon, lime, or oranges on hand for a delicious fruit infused spa-inspired water bottle.

  How to Create a Spa-Like Ambience at Home
Copper Tea Kettle


Carve out time every day to relax and treat yourself right. What daily rituals sooth you? A cup of tea? A relaxing bath? Enjoying a craft or curling up with a good book? Set an appointment with yourself to wind down by doing the things you love.

How to Create a Spa-Like Ambience at Home

Blue and White Tea Set / Large cutting board

How to Create a Spa-Like Ambience at Home

Tea Canister with Cork Lid / Mint Rose Loose Leaf Tea / Ivory Stoneware Mug

How to Create a Spa-Like Ambience at Home

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How to Create a Spa-Like Ambience at Home

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What are some of your favorite ways to create a rejuvenating ambience in your home?

How to Clean Your House

How to Clean Your House

Since the very first time I mentioned my daily housekeeping routines many years ago on the blog, I’ve realized that many people have similar curiosities, questions and issues.

It makes sense that one of the most common subjects I’m asked about on a regular basis is in regards to housekeeping. I mean, it’s always fun to talk about decorating and everyone’s unique styles and all that.

But day to day, housekeeping is something we all deal with.

I get questions on specifics like how to keep elements in a house clean (like a sink, appliances, rugs, hardwood floors, tile, upholstery, furniture, counters, etc), my cleaning routines (how often I clean, what I clean, how to keep things clean, how to keep certain rooms clean), how to live with other people who make a house messy or dirty (husbands and kids!),  how I keep my house clean with dogs (or do I?), what products I clean my house with, questions on non-toxic and healthier household products, do I have a housekeeper, how to deal with all that clutter or how to get all the things organized.

It’s stuff most of us deal with, yes?

How to Clean Your House

I’ve written books that include some of those answers. In fact, I actually have a brand new book on organizing coming out April 3 that I can’t wait to share with you! I’ll tell you more about the book later, but if you’re excited, you can check it out and even pre-order it now here! I’ve written blog posts on a few of those topics, too. I’ve answered lots of readers questions in emails and on social media.

You probably know this, but I’m not a perfect housekeeper by any means. Besides the help of my husband on certain tasks, I still don’t have an official housekeeper (actually, I think that would be a dream come true).

But here’s the thing.

We have dogs, teen boys, people in and out, I run two busy businesses, we cook most meals at home, we have clutter, dust, dirt, and grime like everyone else…but in general, we strive to keep our house reasonably clean most of the time.

How to Clean Your House

You know my motto, I’ve shared it lots of times.

I want a “clean enough” house. 

What does that mean?

I have some higher standards for cleaning than maybe some people do, but my standard is not perfection (at least not on very many things hahah). I have certain things I can totally live with and other things that I just can’t or won’t. I’m laid back in many ways, too.

I’ve described a lot of my housekeeping mindsets in my books, but I know there are so many more questions I could answer for readers.

So all that to say, I’m thinking about sharing more details on my housekeeping methods and offering some of my tried-and-true tips.

In fact, because of the volume of questions that have been asked and how often this comes up in conversation, I may actually do a more comprehensive ongoing/periodic housekeeping series here on the blog. Would you guys be into that? I also want to share more of those types of daily things on my Instagram stories if you follow me there (if you don’t, you should! I’d love to see you there!).

How to Clean Your House

Tell me about your housekeeping style! Are you somewhat tidy? Super clean? Crazy house? Dogs everywhere? Out of control? Or ask me questions! Let’s chat!

How to Clean Your House