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A place for everything, and everything in its place. I love that.

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Inspiration from the new book Love the Home You Have - by Melissa Michaels of The Inspired Room

When I can easily find the things I use and love in my homewhen I can open a drawer or a basket or a closet and see exactly what I need and I don’t die in an avalanche of stuff I don’t even care about simply trying to find the one thing I was hoping to locate? GAME CHANGER. But that sense of peace in my home can only happen when I have made the intentional choice to simplify, declutter, and get organized! When we take the time initially to get rid of stuff we don’t need, it gives us freedom to do the things we really want to do! Creating a home on purpose changes everything.

So, that is my goal at home. Less stress. Less clutter. More order. More beauty.

You can download free printable artwork from my new book, Love the Home You Have! There are many hand-drawn inspiring quotes available in different sizes, perfect for inspiration boards and framing! Check them out here!

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