How To Set Daily Routines That Will Transform Your Life

How To Set Daily Routines That Will Transform Your Life

As someone who has admittedly always struggled with procrastination and staying focused on tasks, zeroing in on and practicing my “must do” daily routines was a literal life-changer for me. I desperately needed to figure out daily routines not only to help me keep up with my house, but to help me to focus so I could reach my goals, too.

About seven years ago I shared my basic daily routines on The Inspired Room. Through opening up about my own struggles over the years, I realized I wasn’t alone in needing a simplified approach to home management. Since then I’ve continued to learn so many new things about productivity and being intentional with how I spend my days. I enjoy offering what has worked for me and love when I hear how these simple things have changed other people’s lives, too.

I wasn’t the “born-organized” type, so even if I read all the organizing books in the world or had a list of what to do, the only way I was able to actually become a more organized disciplined person was through beginning to recognize my habits, struggles and limitations and finding super practical ways to work around and overcome those challenges.

In recent years I stumbled upon another life-changing realization: I discovered the key reason I used to be so disorganized. Decluttering and organization was an ongoing issue for me most of my life because I was indecisive and lacked focus in so many areas of my life!

Once I learned how I could in fact train myself to be more inspired, decisive and focused in the areas that mattered to me, I was able to accomplish so much more with much less stress and effort. I still struggle with a tendency toward clutter and disorganization at times, but now I have very specific and practical ways to bring myself back to focus every time and keep myself motivated to succeed.

How To Set Daily Routines That Will Transform Your Life

The simple habits and mindsets I learned have impacted my house, my style, my business and my family in so many positive and healthy ways. I love to share what has actually worked and been successful for me. It makes me so happy when what I learned offers hope to others who, like me, really want to simplify their life and home.

Here are five tips for success in setting daily routines that will transform your life:

  1. Be decisive.
    What are your goals for your home or life? If they are undefined or unattainable, you will not be effective in reaching them. Plain and simple, to have a beautiful, uncluttered and organized home you have to be more decisive both in what you want to allow in your home and focused on the daily steps that will be required to get where you want to go.
  2. Commit to being disciplined.
    Whether you are heading out the door early for work, wrangling kids to school or working at home, what you do from the moment you open your eyes and in the moments or hours that follow determines and sets the course of your day. Discipline yourself to start out every day with a realistic sense of purpose and intention and follow through with attainable goals. Your life and home will not change unless you commit to being disciplined.
  3. Focus on your dailies.
    You don’t have to do everything (in fact, to succeed you shouldn’t do everything) but you have to be very focused on your housekeeping essentials and stick with those every day. Anything extra is a bonus.
  4. Practice productivity.
    Habits aren’t learned in a day, they are acquired through practice over time. If you want to become organized and reach your home or life goals, you’ll need to practice productivity. Don’t give up or get too discouraged by setbacks, practice will make daily routines and chores so much more effortless and rewarding in time.
  5. Eliminate distractions.
    What distracts you from keeping up with your home goals or doing what you love? What non-essentials and low priority tasks are crowding your day, life, or your home and keeping you running around frazzled? If you stick to your daily routines you will be able to better manage a busy and full schedule so you can live life to the fullest! Eliminate the clutter and excess around your home and in your schedule, so you can effectively transform how you live.How To Set Daily Routines That Will Transform Your Life

If you find it challenging to stay focused on tasks or to keep up with housekeeping or to eliminate the clutter in your home, you’ll find lots of valuable insights and very practical tips and encouragement in the new book I wrote called Make Room for What You LoveIt’s different than my other books, so whether you’ve read the others yet or not, I hope you’ll find this one uniquely inspiring and motivating!

So many people who have already read the book have mentioned that they are so inspired and motivated as they read that they find themselves getting up repeatedly to go make progress on their home! That’s the best compliment I could receive! I didn’t just want to offer a list of ways you could transform your home, but my goal was that you’d be inspired to actually go take action and see the results for yourself.

How To Set Daily Routines That Will Transform Your Life

Download this set of Make Room for What You Love Printable Worksheets HERE!

Above you’ll find a link to save and then print the set of FREE worksheets pictured in the graphic. We created these worksheets as a companion and support to a few of the concepts in Make Room for What You Love. If you’ve read the book or would like to, these adorable free printable sheets will be a visual way to help you set goals and begin to find your focus and purpose as you prioritize your home, day, and even refine your decorating style! You can add them to a home notebook or post them on your command center.


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Habits for an Organized Home {My New Book: Make Room for What You Love!}

Habits for an Organized Home {My New Book: Make Room for What You Love!}

I‘m so very excited today to announce that I’ve written a brand new book, one that is very near and dear to my heart! I’ve been wanting to share this for so long! The past several years I’ve been on a focused mission of streamlining and simplifying my life and learning habits for an organized home. I knew for years that keeping too much of the wrong stuff impacted how I felt and functioned. Yet, in my effort to declutter, I’d get rid of things from one closet only to fill up another. Clutter and chores threatened to steal the space and joy away from things I really wanted to invite in to my home and life. I was tired of trying to keep up with stuff. I knew what I was supposed to do, but I just kept spinning in that crazy cycle of clutter and busyness.

I was finally over it. It was time to make changes that would stick. It became clear that if I was ever going to  live a more simplified purposeful life, I would need a new mindset and to adopt new habits. Over time I began to make deliberate changes and became more purposeful and intentional in making room for what really mattered. I’m happy to say I haven’t looked back!

While my house still isn’t perfect (nor will it ever be, life isn’t often as ideal, simple or even clutter-free as we might want it to be), I feel so much more equipped to make better choices every time I’m faced with a decision of what to keep and what to let go of. Once I committed to a new way of thinking, “stuff” stopped controlling me. I have a plan of action that keeps me focused every day on what matters.

Habits for an Organized Home {My New Book: Make Room for What You Love!}

As we were moving into this house (literally), I was also writing this book to share what I’ve learned through this journey of decluttering, organizing and simplifying our home. I’m super excited to finally reveal this exciting news and officially share about my upcoming book today! My new book is called Make Room for What You Love and it will release May 1!

You can preorder my book now at Barnes & Noble or Amazon and it will be shipped to you when it releases! Hooray!

The inspiration and encouragement in this book was (ironically) poured out of my heart and soul at a time of juggling so much stuff (moving has a way of reminding you that you still have too much stuff that you thought was a good idea to keep, until you have to carry it in and out of houses, moving trucks and storage rooms). I should mention here as an incidental side note, that I don’t really recommend writing a book and moving at the same time. But I can tell you that in spite of how busy I felt in that season, the passion I feel for the message I was writing made it my favorite book to write so far.

The lessons in Make Room for What You Love have been such huge game changers for me personally, both in my home and how I view stuff that clutters my life.

Whether you struggle with stuff or just want to find renewed passion for your home and what really matters to you, I hope you’ll find encouragement, lots of grace and new inspiration in the pages of this book.

Habits for an Organized Home {My New Book: Make Room for What You Love!}
I’m so happy to have the opportunity to share my resolve to not let the wrong stuff be the boss of me! What we have in our home and life should inspire us, not weigh us down and discourage us.

This book isn’t about how to become a minimalist in style or how to get rid of everything you own (not that there’s anything wrong with that idea!), and it’s not even about how to organize ALL THE THINGS.

Habits for an Organized Home {My New Book: Make Room for What You Love!}

Make Room for What You Love is an inspiring guide to inviting in what really matters as you learn to declutter with confidence the things that hold you back.

Make Room for What You Love offers motivating home habits to adopt and practical tips for simplifying your home so it will serve your family well and inspire you to achieve your dreams!

The book is divided into ten chapters to encourage you with specific goals and a new mindset for success! You’ll find a practical “challenge” section at the back of the book, designed to set you up with a doable plan for success in decluttering and organizing your home.

Habits for an Organized Home {My New Book: Make Room for What You Love!}

I’ll be sharing more about this book in the coming weeks! If the subject of this book, Make Room For What You Love, resonates with you so far, I’d love to invite you to be a part of one of the two launch teams that will be formed for the book! I would be so grateful for your support in spreading the message of this book to people who need it as much as I do! Space is limited in each group, so if you are interested in reading more about the opportunities to be involved, please see the descriptions and the application to apply HERE. You do not have to have a blog to apply to either launch team. See the form for specifics and limitations.

If you’d like to help spread the word RIGHT NOW, I’d love it if you would pin or copy and share the book cover or any of the graphics in this post! MUAH!!! xoxo

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the kindness and support you’ve offered me as I have pursued new adventures. Book writing and blog creating has been such an unexpected joy and blessing in my life. It means a lot to me that you are a part of this!

Click HERE to fill out the form to apply for our launch teams!

You can pre-order Make Room for What You Love today at Barnes & Noble or AmazonPreordering is a big help to authors, so thank you in advance!

Habits for an Organized Home {My New Book: Make Room for What You Love!}