Homemaking Tips & Ideas Gallery {Organizing and Cleaning Your Home!}

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  Tips for Organizing and Cleaning Your Home I'm extra motivated this year to get my home in shape! Organization and cleaning will likely be at the top of many of our lists of things to manage better in the new year. I know I have a long way … ** Read more **

5 Tips to Get Started with Home Organization

home organization

Home Organization For many of us (including me!), getting better organized at home is going to be high on the list of our New Year's goals for 2013. Since getting started is often the hardest part of any home organization project, I put together … ** Read more **

The Decluttered Home {A New Monthly Home Organization Column & More!}


Home Organization & Decluttering This year has been a BIG year for organization around my home. We've reorganized how we wanted to use our home, how it feels to us, and now have set it up to be much more effective and comfortable for our needs. … ** Read more **

Good Clutter {Issues with Stuff}

chevron pillow and white plates

Lately I've been thinking a lot about stuff I have around the house. You probably can tell, I'm not a minimalist. I'm not ashamed to admit that. Some stuff is GOOD. I don't want to be a hoarder, of course, and less is often more, but I do like to be … ** Read more **

The journey toward a beautiful and functional home ….

white kitchen

lovely kitchen via BHG I have been on a mission for quite some time to get my home in functional shape, as well as getting it in shape visually. This is not an overnight journey, of course. When we moved here three years and nine months ago (HOW … ** Read more **

Pretty Clutter & Organization {A Kitchen Progress Update!}

subway tile

So, it is about time I do another kitchen update, right? Eeesh. The end of summer/start of the school year is always a bit crazy around here for us (you too?) but I am ready to get back on track! It is definitely time for an update on the kitchen! I … ** Read more **