Inspired Holidays {Day 31}:: The End. What is next?

In spite of October being one of the craziest months for me this year (31 days of posts, busy real life, finishing my first ever ebook and flying across the country for the fifth time this year to go to Relevant over the past few days), I’ve really enjoyed writing and putting together this series.

I love this season and love the privilege of writing in this space every day. I don’t take that for granted. It is an honor to be able to write about what I love because it reminds me of what I value and what matters most to me. It keeps me focused on the now and living in the moment. It is like therapy! And I love that you all share in the things I love to talk about. Without you, this would be a lonely room, so thank you for being a part of this.

Writing in this place is an interesting experience because while I am loving every minute of sharing seasonal topics, I’m also being stirred up to write things that didn’t fit this series.

So many experiences, thoughts and ideas that came to mind in the midst of the past 31 days. Thoughts about blogging, about creating spaces for living, about finding your passion and living it out in creative ways both at home and in your career. And of course, about finding authenticity and contentment at home.

And, I have so many things I want to talk about and explore more deeply on the topic of my just barely released ebook NOT a DIY Diva! Much more to come!

While this 31 day series is over, it is over simply because October 31 has arrived.

Tomorrow is a new day. We are still in the lovely season of autumn and entering into the holidays. We will continue talking out creating the home we want, right where we are, in this holiday season.

But now I am free to mingle in all those other pressing thoughts and ideas that came to me. I love the freedom I feel as November 1 rolls around! I can write, or not. I can create instead of write. I can talk about the holidays, or not. I can do whatever I want.

I like options. 

I also wanted to send a shout out to the lovely 7 other women who came together to inspire 700 others to write their own 31 day series. That is the real power of community!

Blogland does not revolve around the voice of one, but around the community of many.

And of course, you can find the 700 other 31 Day topics here.

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It is kind of fun to see the entire list of what I’ve been blogging about for the past 31 days so I’m putting the whole series below so you can catch up on anything you missed!

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NOT a DIY Diva was released in pdf form!

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What are some topics you would like to read about in the upcoming days, weeks and months?

Inspired Holidays {Day 30}:: Fall Drive Bys

Happy Sunday everyone! We are almost to the end of this extremely long series called 31 Days of Inspired Holidays. Ha! I’m thinking next year I’m going to go for 12 days instead of 31.

But, anyway.

You know, it always sounds like a good idea in the beginning — but by the end of this I’m about ready for 31 Days of Silence. I promise I will NOT talk this much in November.

During this series we’ve covered a little bit of everything from nesting in the fall to Thanksgiving tables to some Christmas stuff. Kind of a little smorgasbord of seasonal and holiday inspiration. But, at least we got to enjoy the Fall season and dip our feet into the idea that the holidays really are coming.

I’ve been at The Relevant Conference the past few days and our internet connection is reeeeeaaaaaalllly sllllooooooow.  It is nearly impossible to blog, like almost painful to get a post out. So I thought the best way for me to post today would be to link up to a few seasonal drive by posts you might have missed or would be fun to revisit!

If you are a regular around here, you probably know my “drive bys” are one of my most favorite activities both in the fall and at Christmas time. I love to see houses decorated for different seasons! While I unfortunately haven’t yet had a chance to do a Fall Drive by THIS year, I have done quite a few Fall drive bys in the past that hopefully will still be fun.

Fasten your seat belts everyone! Enjoy the ride!!

Fall fairytale houses Portland Oregon
Fall Neighborhood Drive by Seattle Washington
Fall Drive By Queen Anne Hill
Fall Sunday Drive By: Seattle
Halloween neighborhood drive by

Do you have favorite “drive by” neighborhoods near you? I’d love to come visit your neighborhoods so if you’ve done a drive by, be sure to leave a link to your own drive bys in the comments!

Inspired Holidays {Day 29}:: Dining Rooms & Holiday Entertaining

Southern Living


In just a few days we’ll be heading into the month of November! If you are in the United States, we are gearing up for Thanksgiving and of course, most of the world is getting ready for the Christmas season! WOW! Can you believe it?

I have served Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners in each of my houses over the years. Big dining rooms, teeny tiny dining rooms and potluck style in a living room. It doesn’t really matter what size of a dining room you have, or whether you host Thanksgiving or Christmas as a sit down meal or a potluck buffet.  You can have a fancy dining room or a kitchen table. A sofa or a card table and chairs.

While a gorgeous table in a beautiful large dining room would be a dreamy place to host your holiday meal what really matters is the conversation, the sense of family and community you build around that meal and table.

Southern Living

One of my favorite Thanksgiving dinners I hosted was for my sister and her fiance. They were getting married the next day, so we didn’t have time to prepare a full fancy Thanksgiving dinner.

That particular Thanksgiving my sister and I threw together a simple turkey breast, mashed potatoes, stove top stuffing and cranberries. We sat around the world’s smallest dining room table in the tiniest dining room of my English cottage style house in Eastmoreland and talked about their marriage and future. Even though it was a simple meal, I turned down the dimmer switch on our chandelier and lit candles on the table to create ambience and atmosphere. That was probably 12 years ago now, but we still remember that Thanksgiving as one of our favorite times.

We might have to adapt our sit down dining style or our preparations for the meal to the size of home we are in or the season of life. We might not always have the ideal circumstances or perfect dining room, but we can still create special memories with conversation, a little ambience and a simple meal!

Do you host a get together around the holidays?
Do you use a formal dining room or a kitchen table?
What are some ways you make a holiday meal feel special, in spite of limitations you might face?

Just click to share ideas in the comments!

I’d love to hear about your holiday plans involving your dining room or kitchen table! 

Here are some blogger dining rooms you might enjoy for inspiration!

Find the rest of my Fall and Christmas Decorating Series here!

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