Fall Date Nights

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I‘m writing this on Thursday night and my hubby and I have a date. No, we aren’t going out to a fancy dinner. And no, we aren’t going out dancing or to a movie. We are snuggling up in our bed with a big bowl of popcorn and watching The Office. And we cannot wait! We try really hard to maintain a weekly date. Sometimes it is having coffee in a quaint coffee shop, sometimes it is going out to lunch, but usually it is something at home that we both look forward to.

That is the best thing about Fall, cozy nights curled up with a good book or movie! And of course, my hubby!

Do you all go on date nights regularly?
What are your favorite Fall Date Nights?

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It is time for Beautiful Life Friday! Please share a link to whatever you found of beauty this week!

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Come snoop around this
cottage on the lake!

I know it is only Tuesday, but I could use a little weekend escape right now. Let’s go on another road trip to an idyllic vacation spot!

Just look at this dreamy setting! The water, the trees …

Add in a charming home and you have the perfect summer escape!

Love those blue Adirondack chairs!

It is charming on the outside, but wouldn’t you love to look inside and maybe stay awhile? I would. I love getting to peek inside people’s houses. I am such a snoop.

{A quick side note: Once I was at a house I was head over heels in love with and the owners left the room to go take something outside. I was so excited to be left alone in their kitchen so I could drool and study its fine craftsmanship. I was just running my hands over their kitchen drawer hardware admiring its beauty when the owner walked back in. I was mortified. Busted.}

Lucky for us, today we have permission to snoop around this lovely home! Sweet Emily from Remodeling This Life shared these great photos of her family’s getaway with me (I think it is on a lake somewhere in Florida oops, northern NY) and I knew you’d all want to snoop around too. Because I know you and you are just as snoopy as I am. Don’t deny it. I’ve seen that look in your eyes.

I’ll be quiet now so you can snoop in peace…go ahead. I know you want to.

Imagine waking up every day of your vacation seeing that lake view! Such a serene and happy family home, inside and out!

Thanks for inviting us in Emily! You are so gracious to share it with us. Your family’s home is lovely and I can see it is an ideal place to make great memories. What a blessing to have it in your family!

For more of Emily’s great family vacation homes (yes, don’t be too envious but there is another guest house nearby this one!), check out her blog to see the tours!

Meanwhile, where would your idea vacation home be? Go ahead and dream.

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