A Spring Walk

Jack and Lily Goldendoodle and Labradoodle

When I went to Cannon Beach, I went on a walk with my mom, sister, and Lily of course.

Jack the Goldendoodle On A Walk

Jack and Lily Walking

We flew down the streets as fast as our fluffy legs could take us.

Jack and lily Sniffing

But we sniffed every blade of grass just in case there was something fishy…

Jack and Lily Walking with Court Cannon Beach

And then…
Jack and Lily with the Ocean

We reached our destination. The view of the ocean!

Jack the Goldendoodle Looking Regal at the Beach

I like the ocean. I like walks. I like Lily. I like my family. I like to sniff blades of grass. I like the wind in my fur.

I like the beach.

PS. Did you see our Autumn Walk? There’s a video of us running through the leaves! I also like leaves.

When We Went to the Beach House…

Jack Lily Beach House

 We explored.

Jack the Goldendoodle Laughing

 We laughed.

Lily the Australian Labradoodle Smiling

Lily smiled.

Jack and Lily at the beach house

Jack Lounging on the Couch

We lounged on the couch.

Lily with Mom

Lily at the Beach House with Grandma

Lily sat on the window seat with Grandma.

Jack the Goldendoodle Looking at the Ocean

Lily the labradoodle gazing at ocean

We gazed out at the ocean.

Jack Lily on Cannon Beach

And we got to go see the ocean close up! It was Lily’s first time on the beach. She wasn’t sure about all the wind, but she loved running along the beach with our human brother Luke and dad.

Cannon Beach Jack Lily & Luke

 We love the beach.

For a two-part tour of our family beach house, click here!