A Spring Walk

Jack and Lily Goldendoodle and Labradoodle

When I went to Cannon Beach, I went on a walk with my mom, sister, and Lily of course.

Jack the Goldendoodle On A Walk

Jack and Lily Walking

We flew down the streets as fast as our fluffy legs could take us.

Jack and lily Sniffing

But we sniffed every blade of grass just in case there was something fishy…

Jack and Lily Walking with Court Cannon Beach

And then…
Jack and Lily with the Ocean

We reached our destination. The view of the ocean!

Jack the Goldendoodle Looking Regal at the Beach

I like the ocean. I like walks. I like Lily. I like my family. I like to sniff blades of grass. I like the wind in my fur.

I like the beach.

PS. Did you see our Autumn Walk? There’s a video of us running through the leaves! I also like leaves.

When We Went to the Beach House…

Jack Lily Beach House

 We explored.

Jack the Goldendoodle Laughing

 We laughed.

Lily the Australian Labradoodle Smiling

Lily smiled.

Jack and Lily at the beach house

Jack Lounging on the Couch

We lounged on the couch.

Lily with Mom

Lily at the Beach House with Grandma

Lily sat on the window seat with Grandma.

Jack the Goldendoodle Looking at the Ocean

Lily the labradoodle gazing at ocean

We gazed out at the ocean.

Jack Lily on Cannon Beach

And we got to go see the ocean close up! It was Lily’s first time on the beach. She wasn’t sure about all the wind, but she loved running along the beach with our human brother Luke and dad.

Cannon Beach Jack Lily & Luke

 We love the beach.

For a two-part tour of our family beach house, click here!

My Thoughts on Cats

Jack the Goldendoodle's Adventures

I like being outside. When the sliding doors open, I’m set free to run about my yard, frolick wherever I please and explore the land. I smell each delicate flower, dig holes with my fluffy feet, kick the gravel around a bit…let me tell you, it’s bliss. But there’s one thing that always disrupts my joyous time outdoors.


You see, my neighbors have one of those. He sits on their porch and what does he do? He looks at me. LOOKS AT ME!!!!!! I can’t handle it. I bark–no–I ROAR at him to TURN AROUND and look the other way. But does he do it? Does he respect me? NOPE. So what do I do? I run around. I panic. I find Lily to enlist her help. She barks with me as fiercely as she can, but Lily isn’t fierce. Really, neither of us are fierce. But we can’t let the cat know that. No matter what we do, that cat stays strong and holds his steady gaze.

Eventually we get so tired that we have to come in and take a nap. We’ll venture out again tomorrow.

Jack and Lily's Nap

A Dogs Thoughts on Cats by Jack the Inspired Goldendoodle

(PS: My mom says to tell you that the wallpaper behind the graphic is originally from Anthropologie…but we made it black and white because I don’t like pink)

Flashback Friday {Me at the Fountain}

Jack Goldendoodle at Fountain

Hi guys. I was just reminiscing through some older pictures of myself and found this pic of me at the fountain. I told you guys last year about my day at the fountain in this post. My head is really fluffy but my legs are scrawny. Usually my legs are fluffy but when they’re wet like this I think I look kind of like a bobble head. Or a lion. I like the fountain.

A Pup of My Own

doodle puppies

Guess what? I have a new sister!

Her name is Lily.

She’s 10 weeks old now, we got her last week.

She looks kind of like a Goldendoodle like me.

But she’s not.

She’s an Australian Labradoodle. I’m the Goldendoodle.

But we are both Doodles.

jack vs lily

We even kind of looked alike when we were pups. Except she has wavier fur and curlier ears.

And she has light brown fur and mine was white. We both have a little darker ears.

And I have extra long legs so I can run really fast.

My mom says Lily is going to be 20 pounds smaller than me.

cute puppy

Lily thinks she’s the boss of me, but she doesn’t know I’m Pup of the Year.

There are lots of things she doesn’t know about yet.

Like T.P.

And how to cause a commotion.

I’ll teach her lots of tricks.


I wasn’t exactly sure what she was when I first met her. A rat? A cat? I didn’t know.

All I knew was my mom woke me up early to get in the car to go on an adventure.

She didn’t say where we were going.

One time I went on an adventure to see Attle.

But this time it was to see Lily.

What is a Lily?

That was what I was wondering.

jack & lily

Maybe she’s a snake.

The doodles meet

Mom? What is that?

Oh, she is my sister?

Let’s keep her.

I’ve always wanted a Pup of my Own.

I have lots more to tell you about her next time.

And we have hundreds of pictures and videos to show you too. She’s a funny dog like me.

You can find a few more pictures of Lily today on my mom’s blog.

I think it is going to be fun having a sister.

Jack and Lily from Jack Michaels on Vimeo.
This is me when I was still wondering what Lily was and what she was doing in my house.

Sometimes I take things that aren’t mine.

Sometimes I like to take things that don’t belong to me.

I get bored with my regular toys and I know that if I take something of mommy’s I can cause a crazy commotion and everyone will come running to play.

dog shame

Hangers are a little bit awkward to carry though…and I probably just looked silly.

funny dog picture jack