10 Things We Love About Jack {A Guest Post}

10 things we love about Jack

Hi! It’s me, Lily. I’m here today doing a guest post on Jack’s blog.

He did a nice post about 10 things he loves about me, so I snuck onto his blog today to write a post about what we love about him.

Jack the Goldendoodle Smile

1) Jack is cute. I mean…you already knew that. But seriously, how could we not love this face.

Jack and Lily Nap

2) He takes naps with me.

Jack the Goldendoodle's Poses

3) He’ll stop at nothing to be comfy and doesn’t care how ridiculous he looks.

Jack the Goldendoodle Picked Up at the Hairdresser

4) He is a big scaredy cat. He tiptoes in risky situations and has to be picked up and carried sometimes. Jack teaches me a lot of things, but I try to teach him to be more brave.

Jack the Goldendoodle in a Timeout

5) He knows when enough is enough. Sometimes he goes a little crazy barking at funny business outside, and he knows right away when mom talks to him that he needs to calm himself down with a timeout in the bathroom. He goes right in there all by himself.

Jack the Goldendoodle Lapdog

6) He doesn’t let his size stop him from being the cuddly lapdog he wants to be.

Jack the Goldendoodle Mischief

7) He gets into mischief at least once a day. But he knows that as long as he’s cute and flashes a little smile, he’ll make my family laugh.

Jack the Goldendoodle Jumping

8) He’s an athlete. He jumps, twists, and turns in the craziest ways.

Jack and Lily on an Autumn Walk

9) He adventures with me and always leads the way since I’m smaller. Jack always wants to be in the FRONT of the pack when we go on walks. Even though he’s a scaredy cat, he wants to be in control in case there’s any funny business up ahead.

Goldendoodle Puppy

10) He presses his head on his family when he wants to feel safe. I wasn’t alive yet, but when my family was picking out a puppy, the reason they picked Jack was because he pressed his head on them when they held him. They loved him right away, just like I loved him right away when we first met! 

We love you Jack!

Action Shots

Jack the Inspired Goldendoodle In Action

Hi! I went to my family beach house this week and had the time of my LIFE. I’ll do another blog post soon about my adventures, but for now I wanted to just show you all these crazy pics of me in action.

Jack the Goldendoodle Action Shot

Lily wishes she could jump as high as me…but she’s a pipsqueak.

Jack the Goldendoodle In Action

Jack the Goldendoodle Flying

Jack in Action

Crazy Jack the Goldendoodle

I caught this one–I swear.


Jack the Goldendoodle Smiling

10 Things We Love About Lily

Lily the Labradoodle The Inspired Room

10 things we love about lily1) We loved Lily at first sight when her breeder sent us this video of her. We knew we needed to have her, and we knew her name was going to be Lily.


2) She’s a kisser. We learned this when we first picked her up and brought her to our house. She likes to get right up to your face and kiss you. She’s also a hugger. She likes to give me quick hugs with both of her arms as I run by.

3) Lily has a guilty conscience…unlike me. She gets a sad look on her face and tucks in her ears the moment she’s done something naughty.

Lily the Australian Labradoodle

4) Lily is quiet. She will avoid barking at all costs. Unless there is a cat or funny business going on outside.

5) Lily is tough…and fearless. Even though she’s smaller, she’s more brave than I am. We have found her on the dining table on more than one occasion, and she is usually the first one to attack when we play together.

Lily the Labradoodle Nap_-1

6) Lily is my sidekick and my partner in crime. I teach her all my tricks and she follows me everywhere I go.

7) Sometimes I think Lily is actually a cat. She’s sneaky. She pounces. She sleeps on ledges. She likes small balls of yarn. Cat.

Lily and Jack

Lily the Labradoodle

8) Sometimes if we are watching a movie she’ll tilt her head back, look at us upside down, open her mouth wide and give us a smile.

9) Lily likes to play with ice. Sometimes we get special water filled with crushed ice for a refreshing treat, and Lily sticks her paw into the bowl and picks out a select few ice cubes to chomp on and toss around.

10) My dad calls Lily “Pilly” sometimes. I don’t know why, but I think she likes that name.

We’re so glad Lily joined our family!

My Thoughts on Cats

Jack the Goldendoodle's Adventures

I like being outside. When the sliding doors open, I’m set free to run about my yard, frolick wherever I please and explore the land. I smell each delicate flower, dig holes with my fluffy feet, kick the gravel around a bit…let me tell you, it’s bliss. But there’s one thing that always disrupts my joyous time outdoors.


You see, my neighbors have one of those. He sits on their porch and what does he do? He looks at me. LOOKS AT ME!!!!!! I can’t handle it. I bark–no–I ROAR at him to TURN AROUND and look the other way. But does he do it? Does he respect me? NOPE. So what do I do? I run around. I panic. I find Lily to enlist her help. She barks with me as fiercely as she can, but Lily isn’t fierce. Really, neither of us are fierce. But we can’t let the cat know that. No matter what we do, that cat stays strong and holds his steady gaze.

Eventually we get so tired that we have to come in and take a nap. We’ll venture out again tomorrow.

Jack and Lily's Nap

A Dogs Thoughts on Cats by Jack the Inspired Goldendoodle

(PS: My mom says to tell you that the wallpaper behind the graphic is originally from Anthropologie…but we made it black and white because I don’t like pink)

Thank You!

Jack the Goldendoodle from The Inspired Room

Hello. I just wanted to pop in and say thank you all for voting for my mom to be BHG’s Reader’s Choice Top Decorating Blog! We did it!! Thank you! We love you guys a lot :) (click here to see my mom’s full post about the news!)

A Request

Jack and Lily Have A Request (Come read on their blog!)

HELLO! We are here. We are here and we have something to say.

We haven’t exactly been diligent about blogging lately (the last time we posted was what, November?…ahem) but that is ABOUT to change.


We need your help.

Remember when you all voted for me and I was chosen as Pup of the Year?!? Well, my mom…(the mom who I adore, who hand picked little old me from the farm in Oregon, and who sang me a lullaby when I was scared in my first car ride)….THAT MOM was chosen by the editors of Better Homes and Gardens as one of the TOP 5 Decorating Blogs…and she has a chance now to be voted as number one!!! I know how great it feels to win…being the Pup of the Year and all. But I want my mom to have her shining moment now too. In a sense, I will pass the baton to her as I move on from my title as Pup of the Year. Maybe she can be considered the BHG BLOG of the year…if you help us by voting!

Voting goes until March 5th, and you can vote every hour! (You don’t have to post it on Facebook or have a Facebook account for it to count). Here’s where to vote, just click the vote button under my mom’s face at this link (Melissa from The Inspired Room) and your vote will be counted! THANK YOU!

I promise I will do more blog posts. Trust me, there is NO shortage of mischief/ridiculous photos of Lily and I for us to blog about.

PS: If you’ve been missing me on my blog, do you follow my Facebook page or my Instagram? My mom posts pictures of Lily and I there most days. I also have a Pinterest board of some of my favorite products and pictures of me and other dogs :) Come see me!