Jack’s Christmas List

Well, I’ve prepared my Christmas list. This is it. My Christmas dream. Do I need these things? No. Would I be just as pleased to be given a cardboard box to rip to shreds? Certainly. But nevertheless, I really like these things. Well, most of them. I’m not sure about the sweater. My mom wants me to wear a sweater but I don’t think I like sweaters. I do think I’d look nice in this red one though so maybe I will consider it…

1. Languages Dog Blanket 2. Crochet Baseball 3. Martha Stewart Holiday Penguin 4. Alba Collar  5. Ruby Cable Sweater 6.  Brass Paw Dog Tag 7. Soft Bear Dog Toy

My Perch

Lately I’ve been spending a lot of time right at the top of the new wood stairs. It’s really a prime lookout point. I can see what Winston is doing, who’s at the front door…if my friend Chase is running outside my house…I can see it all right here from my perch.

Lessons From Mom

Sometimes–I do naughty things like snatching my brother’s shoes and sprinting through the house with them clenched in my teeth. I want to be a good boy but sometimes I just go a little crazy. This is a pic of me and mom talking about my antics and how I need to cool my jets. I held her hand and listened and was a good boy the rest of the day.

I Got A New Bed

My mommy got me a new bed and I really like it. This is me laying on it.


Picture this. My sisters come into the house carrying a bag of groceries. I leap into the air and grab the grocery bag with my lips/teeth. The bag rips. It falls. The groceries spill out.

Commotion everywhere. I’m being restrained. I say to myself, “Jackpot. I got the attention I wanted”.


My mom called me a ‘flokati rug’ today. What does that mean?

UPDATE: She showed me this sheepskin rug below and now I see the resemblance. I’ll consider it a compliment.