No One

No one shuts me out of the kitchen. NO ONE.

My Adventure to Seattle

When my mom said we were going to see Attle, I was curious. Who is Attle? Is he a beagle? A hairless chihuahua? A new BROTHER for me and Winston?

I soon realized that I was mistaken. We did not meet Attle…we went to SEATTLE. I met my sister in the Whole Foods parking lot  and she took me to her house. I was scared to go inside so we walked around in the leaves for a bit. I like leaves…

 Don’t tell anyone, but I’m kind of a scaredy when it comes to going new places. The walk in the leaves helped calm my nerves but then I had to actually get IN the house. So I laid here for a bit contemplating the dangers that may be inside.

Eventually… sister carried me in. Talk about embarrassing.

I got to meet some of her housemates and even had lunch on this fancy platter.

After a nap and some playtime…I looked at myself in the mirror and was proud of how brave I was. Another adventure=complete. That was a good day.

I can do tricks.

So my family thinks it’s cute to have me perform like some sort of circus animal. I mean, I know I’m good at it and I do thoroughly enjoy the praise, but mostly I’m only in it for the delicious treats I receive.

Here’s a little video for ya of some of my best tricks. Notice how many times my sister pesters me to play dead after I’ve ALREADY done all of the other ones? I mean COME ON, how many tricks does a guy have to do to get one measly treat? Playing dead is definitely the most humiliating of them all. Why my family takes pleasure in pretending to kill me I will never understand… I do give in though, but only because I clearly wasn’t getting any treats until I did.

Jack Does Tricks from Jack Michaels on Vimeo.

A Flashback and A Video

I was just reminiscing on my early puppyhood and found this little video of me. I was watching a video of a chihuahua dancing. I wish I could dance like him.

Jack Sees a Dancing Puppy Online from Jack Michaels on Vimeo.

One of my new friends (who I met on my Facebook fan page) wants me to post more videos of myself, so I’m going to ask my mom to take a video of my repertoire of tricks. Maybe I could post those next week.

Oh and here’s the chihuahua video I was watching:


I got a new toy. He’s a moose. I like him because his fur is kind of crazy like mine. I pulled all of his stuffing out and then ripped off each of his limbs one by one during tug-of-war…but I still play with him despite his dismembered limbs. I like my moose.

{Jack’s Fall Shopping List}

1. Organic Pumpkin Dog Biscuits 2. Crochet Squirrel Toy 3. Citrus Rain Slicker

What more do I need this Fall, really?
Treats, a toy and snazzy looking slicker. Love them all.