Before & After Wreath:
Dressed up for the holidays


I love to reuse what I have. I am trying to be as frugal as I can be. Here is what this wreath looked like before (sorry for the pathetic photo). I put it out in the garage a year ago and forgot about it. I have had this apple wreath for … ** Read more **

DIY: Holiday {wipe off} Message Plate


I was looking around for something "tall" to set on my buffet. I wanted something a little shorter than my lamp but taller than the pitcher (which I may or may not add holiday greenery to later, if I feel like it). I remembered the easel that came … ** Read more **

Frazzled? Dealing with Christmas Calamities
& Other Signs of Real Life


When I look around blogland, I see perfect Christmas mantels, vignettes, gorgeous swags, delightful crafts, sweet treats and amazing holiday decor. Everything looks shiny, perfect and almost glowingly airbrushed. If your house looks like that, you … ** Read more **

6 Ways to Be More Creative with Holiday Decor

Are you in a rut with your holiday decor? Wish you could break free and try something a little different with your Christmas decor? Or are you the kind who always puts the stockings in the same place, the wreath on the same window year after year … ** Read more **

Organized Simplicity Winners Announced!

And now, the big moment you've been waiting for {drumroll......} Announcing... The Organized Simplicity book winners: Michelle of That Mommy Blog Angie of The Arthur Clan Martha Brady Gritty Grace Olivia of Moo Mama Congratulations to … ** Read more **

Decorating a Christmas Mantel

inspired christmas mantel & stockings

Sometimes I have to laugh about the whole "blogging" life -- I was looking through for ideas yesterday and in four different places I unexpectedly happened upon pictures of various rooms in my own house from the past few Christmases, … ** Read more **