Dreaming of a Dutch Door {My New House}

Dreaming of a Dutch Door {My New House}Luxe Magazine

Dreaming of a Dutch Door {My New House}

I‘ve been thinking a lot about this little house and dreaming about what she might want to be, in time. She’s a girl, by the way. :) Lately the house has been letting me know she doesn’t want to be stifled. She’s got personality, and has been just waiting to burst out of her shell. I believe it. I sense it. She’s ready to evolve like a butterfly.

In her heart, she has a charming personality and doesn’t want to be stuck in a time warp or limited by how she might have been perceived. I can understand that. You can feel pigeonholed and it’s hard to break out of what was…to what is.

Dreaming of a Dutch Door {My New House}

Like a butterfly she’s ready to burst out of the cocoon where she has been so safe and snug to show off her full pretty personality and spread her colorful wings to evolve to a more modern and charming 1950s cottage.

Same girl, more spunk.

The previous owner emailed me to let me know this little street the house lives on once had 54 kids on it, back in the day. It sounds like it was a real bustling family friendly neighborhood street, when it was fresh and new. Kids could roam around freely in safe, wide open spaces. Neighbors gathered out in the street for block parties.

I can imagine she would’ve have loved to have a Dutch door, even then, a friendly door. Dutch doors had a surge of popularity in the 1950s, and I can see why she might have wanted one right here in the kitchen looking over the side porch.

Dreaming of a Dutch Door {My New House}Coastal Living // Photographer: Dominique Vorillon

Can you picture it?

Can you picture this puppy face being Jack looking in the Dutch door to tell me he’s ready to come in? Yes….yes, me too. It’s meant to be. Lily might prefer to keep the kitty door :).

Dutch doors are perfect for opening wide and letting the breeze from the sea air flow through to cool the house and to more easily connect with the outside areas. They are a charming way to call the kids in for dinner or even to pass a cup of sugar to a neighbor without risk of letting the dogs run out. Jack loves to cause a commotion, so I think a Dutch door is perfect for keeping him safely inside.

I cannot wait to share inspiration for updating our kitchen and show you the rest of the “before photos” soon. So much potential in a little compact space. But today I just couldn’t stop thinking about Dutch doors and believing one belongs in this space.

Sometimes you just have to start somewhere, leap out with one giant step in the direction of what is to come. Then let the other design layers unfold, to evolve the entire personality of the home over time.

Dreaming of a Dutch Door {My New House}
Molly Wood Garden Garden Design

Dreaming of a Dutch Door {My New House}
Dearborn Builders / Tory Haynes Interiors LLC – Photography by Max Kim-Bee, Styling by Erin Swift

Dreaming of a Dutch Door {My New House}

Dreaming of a Dutch Door {My New House}Melanie Turner Interiors / Harris Trail

Dreaming of a Dutch Door {My New House}
My 5 Take Away Tips from this Farmhouse Country Kitchen // Friday Kitchen

The little area just outside of the kitchen door is already evolving! It will be a perfect space to access from a Dutch door. I’ll share that vision and project soon.

I’m quite tickled with the vision that is coming together for this little house.

Thanks for letting me share this house with you and for your encouragement and kindness in allowing her to evolve and spread her wings. Is your home needing to or starting to evolve in some way? Tell me about it in the comments, or share on Home Love Stories!

If you’re catching up on my move, click here to see all my posts about the new house, as well as the video tour here!

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A Boy and His Room: An Introduction and Nursery Tour

A Boy and His Room: An Introduction and Nursery Tour

A Boy and His Room: An Introduction and Nursery Tour

Hello The Inspired Room Readers! Cassie here! I am so excited to catch up with you all! You may have noticed I have been absent these last few months. As many of you may know, we were expecting our second little over the summer, and he (and his spunky sister) have been taking up most of my time. I am beyond thrilled to introduce you to our newest family member: Ashland Rion.

A Boy and His Room: An Introduction and Nursery Tour

I am just smitten with this tiny man.

A few months ago, I showed you around our daughters new “big” girl room.  We moved her into a bigger room so we could keep the nursery in our smallest bedroom and we wouldn’t have to change a whole bunch, mostly just the decor and a few touch-ups here and there.

We kept the crib, dresser, rocker, and even the rug we had in the room when it belonged to Evie. I would have loved to get around to painting the crib and dresser something different, but as it turns out, painting furniture while pregnant and during the hottest summers in Seattle history was just not something I wanted to do. So white they stayed.

A Boy and His Room: An Introduction and Nursery Tour

Sources: crib, dresser, sheet (discontinued, by Dwell Studio), mobile, (quilt made by me, cheater quilt fabric available here)

My husband is one of those men that cares greatly about how we decorate and what our home looks like, so I wanted to give him a little say in how we decided to decorate Ash’s nursery. And while I would have probably done a woodland/vintage/rustic nursery, he wanted robots.

A Boy and His Room: An Introduction and Nursery Tour

Robots, it would seem, are actually quite hard to decorate around. Most of what I found was either way to “cutesy” or rather creepy. I ended up doing more of an “outer space-meets-robots” sort of theme.

A Boy and His Room: An Introduction and Nursery Tour

Sources: robotconstellation print, moon print, shelf- Home Goods. 

A Boy and His Room: An Introduction and Nursery Tour

Sources: planet print, wire baskets

Although there are a few more projects I want to finish up (like painting the crib!), I love having a place that feels special and mostly complete where I can do those late night feedings and spend cuddle time with our newest family member.

Until next time!

A Boy and His Room: An Introduction and Nursery Tour

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A Boy and His Room: An Introduction and Nursery Tour