10 Favorite Bins & Baskets {Gather}

Storage Bins and Baskets Round up - The Inspired Room1.Blue and White Senegal Basket 2. Antique Iron Basket 3. Orange Woven Utility Basket 4. Large Metal Clam Basket 5. Natural Round Jute Bins 6. Vintage Wood Grape Bin 7. Natural White Woven Basket 8. Large Slope Basket 9. Zambales Teal Storage Basket 10. Threshold Storage Bin

gatherGather is a round up of gift and decor inspiration gathered by Courtney Michaelsa design intern at Maison Luxe and The Inspired Room. 

*For more Bins & Baskets see our original Bins & Basket Gather post


{Weekend Dreaming} Sleepless in Seattle


…I think I’d sleep really well at night here, thank you very much. I’d open all the windows to feel the breeze off the water and I’d listen to the waves lapping against the houseboat as I drifted off to sleep.  I’d get some cute little deck chairs and a few potted plants to create a tropical garden on my own dock. Every morning I’d sit outside for a quiet start to my day, remembering how blessed I was to have my own cute little house boat.

Now it’s your turn!
What if YOU lived here? {remember, dream big and don’t burst our bubble!}

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas {The Vintage Pearl Giveaway!}


With Mother’s Day coming up, it is always nice to receive or give a sweet sentimental gift. But what to give? That is always the question.

Jewelry from The Vintage Pearl  has been one of my long time favorites to receive, I even like to give their jewelry to myself — that is how much I love it!

I have several pieces that are very near and dear to my heart.

Children’s names, initials, special words or sayings …. they all choke me up. They even have cute PUP CHARMS now, maybe I need one with Jack’s name on it since he is Pup of the Year and all.


I adore the new “love notes” necklace! They make the charms using your child’s handwriting or artwork, is that not THE SWEETEST thing ever?! You might want to send your hubby  a link to the Love Note necklace at The Vintage Pearl, you know, as a subtle  little hint. Or do what I do sometimes and just order it for yourself.  You know you’ll love it!

Love Links Bracelets for Mother's Day!

I love this little Love Links bracelet, too!

Pearl Bracelet gift idea

The Mother’s Day cutoff is April 24th for custom orders, so don’t delay if you want any of these little treasures for yourself or grandma or a sister or anyone else you love.

pearl nest ring

And remember, these aren’t just for Mother’s Day, you can give these sweet gifts any time! Isn’t that Pearl Nest ring sweet?

mother's day gifts

Check out The Vintage Pearl for all the lovely gift giving ideas.

HOORAY! I’ve got two $50 gift certificates to give away this weekend, too, so leave a comment telling me what piece you’d like to give and to whom if you win! You can’t win if you don’t enter, so if you are reading this via email, click leave a comment below!

Don’t forget to shop early and follow The Vintage Pearl on Facebook for special promotions, too! I see a Mother’s Day discount that is good today only!

The Vintage Pearl is a friend and sponsor of The Inspired Room.

This giveaway is closed, winners are Melle from Feathered Ruffles and Leigh from Funky Faith Girl.

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