“Moving” into the Holidays!


HOORAY! THE HOLIDAY SEASON IS HERE! Can you believe it? November has arrived. And with it, all the holiday goodness! I am so excited! I will be kicking off this season with enthusiasm, it spite of the fact that instead of spending every waking … ** Read more **

Treasure Hunt {Family Activities}

Treasure Hunt Ideas Looking for creative ideas for fun treasure hunt? Do you need ideas for creative family activities at home or around the neighborhood this summer? Why not have a pirate or other themed treasure hunt? That is what our family did a … ** Read more **

Inspiration Thursday:
Green Paneled Room

I love the paneling on these walls! What is it about this room that draws me in? I love all the chunky texture, the color, the sofa... all the haphazard art on the wall. What is inspiring YOU today? Photo: House Beautiful … ** Read more **

The Home Accessory
Hiding in Your Cupboard


Country Living Awhile back I mentioned that mason jars were my top party decorating idea ever. Well, I must admit that a glass container of any sort has to be my favorite every day decorating and organizing accessory of all time. Is there no end to … ** Read more **

20 Little Attitudes Of Gratitude


"Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more." Melodie Beatty Now I know I startled you all a couple of weeks ago by mentioning Christmas, but before Christmas here in the U.S. comes Thanksgiving (yes, the … ** Read more **

Something New! Moms Unite!

Moms Unite is under construction and not accepting new ads at this time. But don't worry! We will be back in the fall, better than ever! You can still contact each individual site for other advertising and partnership opportunities. Thank you … ** Read more **