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Our Homes Should Inspire Us Quote - from the book Love the Home You Have  - The Inspired Room

Close your eyes for a moment and picture your dream house. What do you see? Do you see piles of clutter, dirty dishes in the sink, or stuff piled on every surface in your dream house? I’m going to guess not. :) Somewhere deep inside, we know that how our home looks and feels is important to us. And while we know the people matter more than the house, we can’t help but feel a bit discouraged or flustered if our dreams and reality are too far apart.

We want our home to be a true sanctuary in every sense of the word. We want it to be comfortable. Nurturing. We want it to reflect who we are. A place to welcome our friends and family. The way we see and care for our home greatly impacts our feeling of contentment in life and even our ability to effectively impact the world around us.

Do you relate?


There is an inner conflict many of us house-lovers face.

We live here–therefore our house is a mess.

We live here–therefore we don’t want our house to be a mess.

It’s a tug-of-war between what we dream our sanctuary should be and the reality of what we see around us. And we try to find that balance in unfulfilling ways.

We need to make changes in our approach to find lasting contentment and love for the home we have.

Love the Home You Have - The Inspired Room Book - Melissa Michaels

I understand the struggle to find contentment, because I’ve felt it too. The solution for me isn’t to just accept the house in its mess (or I feel defeated, discouraged, and uninspired), and it isn’t to chase perfection (because I’ll never find it or be satisfied).

I wrote the book Love the Home You Have because after years of searching, trial and error, failure and success, I now know where contentment with a home isn’t found. And best of all, I know what it takes to find it.

I wrote this book to encourage dream-house seekers, apartment-dwellers, homeowners, renters, perfectionists, imperfectionists and everyone in between.

You’ll find inspiration and doable action steps in the book if you look around your home and …

…you feel at all discouraged by what you see.

…you love what you see, but you still wrestle with discontentment.

…you enjoy your home, but never feel you can keep up with your own expectations.

…your house feels out of control.

…you want your home to be your sanctuary.

…you wish your home was prettier or cleaner.

…you just moved in to your first home or you’ve been around the block a few times and want to remember what it’s like to dream.

…you don’t want to invite anyone over because you are ashamed of the mess.

…you wish you had a friend to come alongside you to cheer you on to get out of your slump so you can see your home in a new light.

… you need to find a balance between embracing the beauty and mess of everyday life.

…you can’t help but wonder if you are in the right (or wrong) house.

…you want to create a meaningful and intentional life within your own four walls.

…you want encouragement with how to love what you have and find contentment right where you are.

Home is Right Where You Are - from the book Love the Home You Have - The Inspired Room

This is my first book, and it’s the first step on the journey to love the home you have. It will be officially released on March 31st! It’s a cute little book full of encouragement, practical tips and inspiring advice. It’s not a decorating book. It’s not an interior design book. But I’ll help you get started with that, too. It’s a book that will motivate you to take action with what you can do or change in your surroundings. Your new outlook on your home will change the way you view your life. All without spending a fortune or moving to a better house.

I’m so grateful to you all for your help in making this book what it is. Without you, without your encouragement, I would never have been brave enough to put these words and my stories on paper. Thank you for every comment, every high five, and every “me too” along the way.

It would be amazing and SO encouraging if you would pre-order the book at AmazonBarnes and Noble, or iBooks and let your friends know they can pre-order it too (pin or share this post?) Soon I’ll have a special book page so you can read more about the book and find lots of goodies created just for you.

Love the Home You Have Book by Melissa Michaels of The Inspired Room - Back Cover

PS. Our amazing designer at Harvest House, Nicole, did a beautiful job on the hand-drawn quotes in this post and created so many other sweet details inside Love the Home You Have. I can’t wait for you to see!

We will have LOTS of fun book launch activities coming up. I’ll share more of how you can help me with all that needs to get done in the next few weeks to get this book out, if you are able to help me? I would love for you to join my launch team — I’ll post details on what that’s about soon :-D! And, just so you know, I’m just about finished with another book (a coffee table book), called The Inspired Room, and I’m ridiculously excited about each one for different reasons! Eeek! :)

Thanks for joining me on this wild journey! XOXO

Don’t forget to pre-order at: Amazon or Barnes and Noble!

Meet Cassie {An Introduction and Mini Home Tour}

Hello! It’s Courtney here today to share a special announcement! Over a year ago we introduced you all to Michaela, our “long lost sister” and kindred spirit. We love having her share her inspiring projects and ideas here on The Inspired Room. We are looking forward for her continued posts! Today, I’m very excited to be introducing you to another kindred spirit and friend of ours, another “long lost sister” to add to the blog family:

Meet Cassie - The Inspired Room

Cassie Kulp - The Inspired Room

Meet Cassie! Cassie and I met my freshman year at Seattle Pacific University when we lived on the same dorm floor. She was a sophomore at the time and had probably the cutest dorm room on our whole floor (which was a fun discovery for me since I had been planning my dorm room many months in advance, ha!). Her well-decorated dorm room made perfect sense once I realized she was majoring in interior design as well. We later both got to know Michaela (who was also an SPU Interior Design student), and the rest is history! We all graduated from the same college with degrees in Interior Design. I’ve always appreciated her great sense of style, creativity, and strong talent for design.

She now has an adorable little family and a house near Seattle! And, as is required of the sisters (me, Kylee and Michaela), she has a Goldendoodle! Can you believe it? Michaela has an English Creme Golden Retriever (Hope), Kylee has a Labradoodle (Bella) and we have our Goldendoodle (Jack) and Labradoodle (Lily). So, obviously, she is a kindred in more ways than one.

Every time I saw photos of her house or creative projects I knew you all would love following along with her and her ideas as much as I do.

Cassie and MichaelaMichaela and Cassie a few years ago

So, recently we asked Cassie if she would be interested in sharing a bit about herself and her home on The Inspired Room, and we were thrilled when she happily said yes! She’ll be popping by here on occasion to share anything from bits of her house, to DIY projects, to inspiring decorating ideas. We know you will LOVE her and enjoy what she has to share with us! So without further ado, let’s welcome her to the sisterhood!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Hello friends!

I am so very excited to get to know you and chat with you here on The Inspired Room! Today I will share a few things about myself so that you can get to know me, and show you a bit around my home.

I went to SPU and majored in Interior Design, just like Courtney (and Michaela) did! Although I took a break from design after my graduation, I continue to foster my creativity at home and in my personal time. I was married my last year in school to my husband, who is a designer and software developer. We both love working on projects together and share a passion for creativity and good design.

Cassie Family

After multiple teeny, tiny apartments in downtown Seattle, we moved out of the city to the small town of Snoqualmie and bought our own home two years ago. Along the way, we gained a dog (a goldendoodle of course!), a new baby, and are now expecting another new baby!

Needless to say, my hands are usually full. Full of everything from diaper bags and puppy leashes to paintbrushes and baking pans. I enjoy the often challenging task of creating a home that is both beautiful and practical for where we are at in life. Our home isn’t perfect everyday (honestly most days), but I love doing my best to give it character, love, and warmth.

Since moving into our home, we have tried to prioritize certain spaces. We began with our downstairs, since that is where we often host people and spend time as a family. Our downstairs has an office, 3/4 bath, living room, dining room, and kitchen.  So far, my favorite room here is our dining room.

Navy blue dining room

Our entire home is painted a very light grey-beige, and although I usually like neutrals, I knew I wanted a deep, rich navy  for our dining room. I couldn’t be happier with how the color turned out (it’s Seaworthy by Sherwin Williams)! I also love the light fixture we chose (it is from Pottery Barn, but no longer in stock). Watching my husband hang it was one of my more stressful moments!

living room with goldendoodle

Our living room is still a work in progress, and probably will stay that way while we have young children. Our front window faces the street and park, so that’s where our dog, Summer, likes to make herself at home.

Upstairs, we have really enjoyed making progress on the kid spaces. Evalyn, or Evie as we usually call her, is 15 months old and about as lively as they come. We loved making her nursery special and working on it was one of my favorite ways to pass the time while we waited to meet her. There are many details I love in her room, but the ones I like the most are probably the quilt that I made for her and a few prints I found on Etsy.

Girls nursery with gallery wall

Bookshelf ledges

I am big on reading, which means we have quite a library started. We installed these little book ledges in the nursery, but also store some books out in the playroom.  Being that we live in the Seattle area, we get a lot of rain. This means we spend many hours indoors playing, so a playroom was kind of a “must” on our list. Our playroom is currently in the process of getting pulled together, but so far I am so happy with the rug we chose and our storage solutions.

Playroom with storage

We are on a journey with our home. We have made many improvements, and we still have many more on our list. I am excited to share more with you from around our home and some DIY projects along the way!


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