My One-House Drive By (Ok, it was a walk by)

My husband and I took a walk on a sunny fall afternoon this week and I just had to snap these photos for you all. Those window boxes, aren't they amazing?! Such gorgeous fall colors! The whole front yard and setting of the home was just lovely. I … ** Read more **

12 Weeks Until Christmas? 3 Things to Do Now

Yikes, when Simple Mom jolted me out of my Fall bliss to remind me that we only have 12 weeks until Christmas {faint}, I nearly passed out. How could it be? Now you all see why I wanted to get a jump on Fall, just about the time you realize Fall is … ** Read more **

Cozy “Homespun” Decorating Details

DIY decorating ideas to make your house cozier! N ow is the time to gather up your soft blankets, wool scarves and felt to re-purpose them around the house! I'm not that skilled with a lot of the domestic arts, but I love ideas that make me feel … ** Read more **

Simplifying A Room Makeover: A Before & After

Before Ilove using SIMPLE SOLUTIONS in decorating. When it comes time to repaint a room, it is quite possible to spend forever trying to decide what paint colors to choose for woodwork and walls, how to fix less than perfect features, and then … ** Read more **

Fall Front Porches: Get Your Cameras Ready!

The Fun Begins October 20! Hey Friends! I am gearing up once again for another Drive By! But this time, I want YOU to participate along with me. How you ask? Head out in search of the best Fall Porches -- you too, non-bloggers! And I'm giving … ** Read more **

The Most Simple Party
Decorating Idea Ever


Mason Jars It doesn't get much easier than this. And I like simple and easy! I use this idea year round when I want to add some quick and festive flair for any event, and this is one of the cutest variations ever! We used Mason jars last winter to … ** Read more **