Elisa Lou Designs Summer Giveaway!


I love having every day things that are fun and pretty. Even accessories we use like purses and bags. Pretty things all through our house just makes life happier. If you are going to have a purse or a laptop bag laying around your room every day (and … ** Read more **

Reality Check: Life is Still Good

Keeping it real here, friends. It has been awhile since I shared anything around my house. Why? Because, um, well, um {covering head and ducking} ... I'm not working on my house? {faints}. Yeah.  I know! I moved in six months ago. I should be all … ** Read more **

Small Space Solution: Benches


Country Living Need more space? How about using less furniture! Benches are the perfect solution. I don't think you can have too many benches, you can move them around and use them in so many different ways! BHG Benches can be built in or … ** Read more **

Collection: Inspired by the Sea

via Coast Magazine I love old bottles. They make such simple, subtle and beautiful statement when grouped together on a table top, in a basket or on a shelf. Look through your cupboards, you just might have a collection of bottles hiding … ** Read more **

A beautiful life is right in front of us!


I like the simple, homey look of that quilted round tablecloth! {House Beautiful} Wishing you all a wonderful 4th of July weekend! I had a busy week (ha, as usual!) and am looking forward to some family fun and fireworks this weekend! How about … ** Read more **

A Summer Porch Makeover

I know it has only been a few days since I talked about my BBFF Meg, but that is how it is with your best blogging girlfriends. It is fun to talk about them. I can't remember when we met, but it has been a long time in blog years. I have always … ** Read more **