…on feeling insecure

Me: Hiding in my room by Chatting at The Sky I always feel a little sad after returning from conferences. Don't get me wrong, I LOVED Blissdom. I had a great time! But let's be honest, conferences can bring out the best and worst of our … ** Read more **

Blogland: Be Inspired by others
to be the best YOU


Home Bloggers! From left to right: Julia, Sarah, AnNicole, Beckie, Me, Kimm, Kimba, Sandy, Rhoda, Layla, and Kate photo (above) stolen (with love) from Layla disclaimer: the women in this photo were the ones in the hall at Blissom at the time we … ** Read more **

Shhh…I’m Pretending this is MY House
{get ready to swoon, girls}

Welcome to my home. I'm finally all settled! OK. I know, I totally can't fool you. You know I'm lying. This house is FABULOUS and I just can't help myself. I have to show you. Isn't this just so amazing? Her front door? WOW. Those LINEN … ** Read more **

Inspiration: Transom Windows
& Painted Wood Walls

inspiration:: I enjoyed Tim's post last week about exterior elements being used as interior walls. Such a great way to bring some character to a space. Speaking of exterior-inspired walls, I ran across this photo at Southern Living and I LOVE … ** Read more **

The Awesomeness.

photo: MooshinIndy I had an absolutely fabulous time at Blissdom. FABULOUS. Seriously, I can hardly believe how many wonderful people I met this year. This photo shows just a TINY fraction of the awesomeness of Blissdom. I learned, laughed … ** Read more **

A LOVELY Drive By in Orlando!


No, I didn't go to Orlando to do a drive by. But one of my blog readers happens to live there. And ... she just started a new blog! Woot! Love hearing about new bloggers. When I went over to visit her at the new blog, I was tickled pink to find her … ** Read more **