Make it beautiful

Drab wood cabinet looking worse for wear? Choose a happy color to make it beautiful again! Tiny bathroom with no storage? Be creative and make function beautiful! Boring yard with no architectural detail? Salvage something old to make a … ** Read more **

20 Little Happy Things to Celebrate in Life


Between the stinky economy and swine flu pandemic, I'd say things are looking a little dismal out there! Good grief! So what can we do to keep ourselves inspired to find the beauty in life? You know me, I like to celebrate the little things! When … ** Read more **

Project Procrastinators Party:
The BEFORE Photos

BEFORE Tell me I am not the only one who procrastinated on making a decision on WHICH project to do for our Procrastinator Party? I had so much trouble deciding. If I decide to paint something, I want to make sure I am picking the right color. … ** Read more **

My Kitchen: The Top 10 Things I Learned While Remodeling on a Budget

kitchen remodel

Yesterday I said good-bye to my beloved kitchen. Let's all have a moment of silence, shall we? We packed up our final U-Haul and made the trip back up to Washington. It has been a long exhausting move, so I am thrilled to finally be done … ** Read more **

Quick Tips: Mix Things Up With Pharmacy Lamps


If you are short on space or have too many lampshades in a room,  you might want to consider a pharmacy lamp! Inspired by lighting from pharmacies in the early 2oth century, these lamps are classic and always in style. I just bought two for my house … ** Read more **

Weekend Projects:
3 Inspiring Ideas from Blogland

1. MAKE YOUR OWN THRIFTY BEACHY PILLOWS! via The Eck Life 2. MAKE OVER A THRIFT STORE FIND! (and of course save the before & afters for our party!) via Living With Lindsay 3. GIVE THE KIDS "SOMETHING TO DO" IN THE … ** Read more **