Inviting Beauty Everyday {Fresh Flowers}

Inviting Beauty Everyday {Fresh Flowers}

The past couple of months have felt like a whirlwind (to say the least). The thing I knew I would miss the most through this transition to our new home was feeling settled enough to just relax, enjoy our home, set a beautiful table, or even just style a shelf. You know, just puttering around the house for a little fall nesting? Those are the simple things I love to do.

Being unsettled is a little unnerving, so when The Bouqs Company, a new florist, offered to send me a couple of housewarming bouquets the week we moved in, I was so excited. In fact, in the days leading up to the delivery, I couldn’t stop thinking about the fact that these flowers were coming! You wouldn’t think a bouquet would be that big of a deal when you are just moving into a house, but somehow when the flowers from The Bouqs Company arrived, they brought with them a dose of joy just as I knew they would.

Inviting Beauty Everyday {Fresh Flowers}

The Bouqs Company‘s flowers are cut the day you order them and shipped (with free shipping!) the next day. Their flowers are grown on the side of an active volcano in Ecuador, because more sunshine and mineral rich soil makes for better flowers! The flowers are shipped directly to your door from the farms, so they aren’t waiting around in warehouses until they’re ordered. That means your bouquet arrives fresh and pretty, just as you imagine it should.

All flowers are grown at sustainable, eco-friendly farms that follow strict responsible farming practices and are 3rd party certified by Veriflora and The Rainforest Alliance.

Inviting Beauty Everyday {Fresh Flowers}

My bouquets came neatly packaged in an attractive box with a card. All I had to do was unwrap the bouquet, cut the stems, place them in water and ENJOY! Any blooms that were still tightly closed began to open into their full natural beauty by the next day. I’ve been enjoying them for days and they still look just as pretty as they did when they arrived. I love the mix of flowers and the unexpected combination of colors. They are gorgeous! You need to go check them out to how many type of flowers they offer, you’ll love browsing their site.

Inviting Beauty Everyday {Fresh Flowers}

I didn’t even have a special vase unpacked yet or a beautifully furnished room to set these in, all I had were a couple of random containers and a pile of moving boxes. But what more do you need to enjoy flowers? They offer you a smile, no matter what your house looks like or what kind of day you’ve had.

Inviting Beauty Everyday {Fresh Flowers}

These bouquets have made such a difference in my week, by simply bringing beauty to the chaos around them, I decided I wanted to start sending more flowers to friends to brighten THEIR day!

Inviting Beauty Everyday {Fresh Flowers}

Inviting Beauty Everyday {Fresh Flowers}

If you’d like to bring a little joy to a friend (or to yourself!) this week, here’s a coupon code for you!

Get 20% off of your order with code GETBLOOMS (offer expires 9/17).


9/11 … We will never forget

Moving In!

Moving In!Thanks to PODS® for partnering with us on our move!

We are all moved in! I cannot tell you how happy that makes me to finally BE ALL HERE! Our beds are here! Our table and chairs are here! Our furniture is here! We are all here (see the video if you want the “before” house tour so you’ll know where “here” is)!

If being ALL HERE sounds like we are all settled, we are not. Ha! As many times as I’ve moved you’d think I would know the secret to instantly being settled, but I’m not sure there is a secret to that. Is there? Other than just not owning anything so there isn’t much to do, or maybe buying a bigger house, or one that is fully custom or remodeled for you so you just walk right in, set things down, and everything has the perfect home! Even then, you still have to unpack.

In a new-to-you house and/or one that you’ll be remodeling or improving over time, everything will come together slowly, and a bit differently than it did in the old house. And isn’t that part of the adventure? Making a house a comfortable home is a process, not an event.

Moving In!

Anyway, we were so excited to have our PODS containers delivered so we could see our furniture again! After almost a month without it, we were really ready. There’s something comforting about having places to sit in a new home and familiar pieces to prop up your feet and rest a bit. Even the dogs were happily sniffing everything that reassured them that they are in fact, home. Once Jack’s ottoman arrived, he was in heaven because he was able to look out the window again.

The experience with PODS was great, it was the perfect solution for us, especially knowing they could store our belongings in the same containers during the time we were without a house. That worked really well. We also loved that we could have one of the storage containers returned to us at a time, so we didn’t overwhelm the street or ourselves!

Moving In!

We had a couple of movers help us again from Hire-A-Helper (who sent over Washington Moving Labor Services), which was wonderful! They were really helpful, we were so glad that PODS had referred us to these professional movers. They had packed our PODS containers so efficiently and effortlessly that we knew we wanted their assistance (and strong arms, ha!) to reverse the process. If you want to find out about hiring helpers in your area, click here!

This house was a breeze to move into, as we didn’t have to haul furniture up or down flights of stairs. It’s just a compact but open one level house with the basement family room you can access easily from the garage. The only container we unloaded ourselves was the one that held our outdoor furniture and even that was an easy shot for us right to the backyard.

Moving In!

To help us space plan and to assist the movers, we ran around taping paper plates to the wall to identify where we wanted our furniture placed. We couldn’t find paper so in a pinch, you use what you have!

While we were right there to direct everyone, the plates on the walls still really helped us to make sure we had a place for everything and everything would find its place. Even so, there were a number of pieces we forgot about and had to think on our feet. And of course, many things that will feel a little out of place until we rearrange and get them settled in properly.

The furniture delivery was the fun part, but all the bins? That’s where things are a little more crazy. Even though we had downsized so much over the years and felt pretty comfortable and organized in our last house, it is still kind of shocking to see all of your belongings out of cupboards and closets and stacked in front of you creating a maze-like wall of bins and boxes you have to navigate.

If the thought of unpacking all that stuff doesn’t make you more determined to say good-bye to stuff, I don’t know what will! This house has a smaller (much smaller!) kitchen (and my other one wasn’t even huge, compared to some!), so there’s another good reason for us to downsize further.

Moving In!

You know we will have to be very deliberate about what we keep and what we have to rethink! I don’t mind though. Y’all know I love a good design and organizational challenge. Moving into a new house or a smaller space is like a puzzle.

As I mentioned before, we rented some plastic moving bins to use for packing, and we are so glad we did! We rented them from EZ Binz in Seattle, a wonderful company that services the Seattle area. I’d highly recommend using them if you’re in the area. They dropped off the bins right to our house and will be picking them up for us too. It’s not only convenient to not have so many leftover boxes around the house after moving, but it motivates us to get them all unpacked sooner than later!

We decided to leave a lot of the bins in the garage and downstairs so we wouldn’t feel as overwhelmed right away. Nevertheless, we still ended up with a lot in the house (after these images were taken!). We will just work our way through putting things away, one room at a time!

If I had all day every day to organize, I’m sure I could be done in a shorter period of time. But I’ve got a lot going on right now with a new book project, so I’ll just have to be patient and pace myself.

Fortunately in our old house we had acquired quite a few free standing console cabinets, dressers and bookcases that we were able to bring with us. We packed the contents of each and labeled the bins accordingly, so we can easily unpack them right back where they belong!

Moving In!

Yes, those are dog scratches you see on our (fairly) new leather couch. :) I’ll do an update post on this sofa soon, we still love it even with the character Jack added!

Even though it feels a bit like someone took my house, shook it up and turned it upside down here, I know it won’t be long before we feel like we are reasonably settled again. I’m really looking forward to putting our own stamp on this house and making it our home one step at a time.

So, now that we are finally moved in, I’ll be giving you a closer look at each room in our house with a peek at what we are starting with, the pros and cons of each space, some inspiration for where we could go design-wise with the room, and the next steps we will take to make it more our home. I can’t wait! I also will have more tips for those of you who are moving soon.

Have you moved much? What are your “settling in” tips?

Thanks again to PODS for their great service and support through our move.

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Moving In!