Laundry Rooms


Pretty laundry room inspiration! BHG BHG HGTV BHG Ta da! Introducing my new laundry room! For the first time ever, I will have a real laundry room! I feel so grown up! It is not very big or fancy, but it is a real laundry room with a … ** Read more **

Before and Afters
& Charming Storage Solutions

Are you all planning on getting organized in 2009? I will be getting organized out of necessity! I'm downsizing 2000 square feet off my house size in this move, plus losing an attic and storage shed. Yikes! By the looks of things around here, I am … ** Read more **

White Farmhouse Cottage {Where Dreams & Reality Meet}

white farmhouse cottage

Farmhouse Style Cottage No, this is not my new house! Nice, though, eh? I found this lovely Dream Home on HGTV.com and paused for a moment to enjoy the beauty. Of the many styles of houses I love, I have a white farmhouse in my mind as one of my … ** Read more **

Merry Christmas to you all!

Reprinted from The Inspired Room, December 2007 As we are drawing nearer to the Christmas holiday, I finding myself strangely calm and quiet, yes, introspective! I am increasingly pulling back in my thoughts. I am less able to focus on creativity, … ** Read more **

Oh the Packing Inside is Frightful
But the Weather Outside’s Delightful

A few days ago, Winston was wondering when the snow would end. Little did he know, we'd break a 40 year record for snowfall in the Portland area. We are on week two of being house bound. At this rate, we'll be having empty taco shells for Christmas … ** Read more **

Pretty rooms for inspiration

We've been snowed in for over a week! We were able to get out only once for a quick run to the store in between storms. Portland has experienced a ridiculous amount of snow and ice -- we have a foot of powdery white snow on the ground now under a … ** Read more **