More Creative Ideas for Shutters

If you are looking for ways to establish a breezy beachy look for your home, shutters are a perfect solution! We talked about shutter ideas recently in this shutter post, but I wanted to share two more more with you today. You can see both of the … ** Read more **

The Beauty of an Antique
& A Very Rare Giveaway

vintage grain sacks I love antiques. Whether it is a charming old house, a vintage accessory or a well-crafted piece of furniture, I adore things of quality and age. That is not to say I want a dowdy, out of style old lady house -- I love mixing … ** Read more **

Vacation & Keepsake Memory Jars

vacation memory keepsake jar

My son loves collecting little keepsakes and treasures. Sometimes we go on leisurely treasure hunt walks through our neighborhood, hand in hand, to see what we can find. We pick up pine cones, bottle caps, pretty rocks and leaves. I love going on … ** Read more **

I {heart} Striped Rugs: Dash & Albert

I just realized I goofed and I was supposed to post my Beautiful Life Friday post! Instead, I was posting about boys rooms and dogs. Ahhh! I thought tomorrow was Thursday! Gasp, I've lost a day! I'm all mixed up. Deep breath. Ok. I'm straightened out … ** Read more **

A Child’s Theme Room
That is Not Too Themey


My good blogging friend Holly has been designing an adorable room for a little boy and she gave me permission to share it with you! She knows I love a theme that is not too themey. And this one is PERFECT! The theme here is dogs, but it would be … ** Read more **


When I was a girl, I spent a lot (ok, A LOT) of time creating inspiration boards from my mom's magazines and catalogs. I decorated my Barbie Dream House (aka a moving box) with shoeboxes covered in fabric for beds and sofas, pasted wallpaper remnants … ** Read more **