Inspiring Ideas for Small & Budget-Friendly Kitchens

Small Kitchen - Patterned Rug house and home mag

House and Home / Photo by Michael Graydon - Design by Mandy Milks & Mazen El-Abdallah I love kitchens. But I adore smallish kitchens. I think they can be so homey and comforting! Yes, sometimes small kitchens are frustrating to work in. I'll … ** Read more **

Rattan & Bamboo Accent Furniture {Classic & Trending}

Woven Pendants Kitchen Studio McGee

Studio McGee - Woven Pendants Rattan and bamboo pieces are both classic and a trending look for the past couple of years. Some people are currently really getting INTO them and some people (ahem, like myself) always knew they were cool :). Maybe … ** Read more **

Our Rattan Daybed {Cozy Corner with a View}

The Inspired Room - Rattan Daybed

When we first found our house and started dreaming up ideas for the living room, we had a vision of incorporating a window bench on one side of the room. As we continued dreaming and planning, we started veering away from a built-in bench and leaning … ** Read more **

The Entry {Design Mock Up, Lights and Collecting Artwork}

Entry Hallway - Paneled Ceiling with Black Door and Tile Floors

One of our inspiration pics for our entry, source is unknown (please let me know if you know it) We are really excited to see the tone set for the style of this house right at the front door. We pretty much have had the same basic vision for this … ** Read more **

Inspiring Ideas to Get Organized and Simplify {Blogger Tour}

Make Room for What You Love - The Inspired Room blog

Happy Monday! You are in for a treat today, I'm so excited that this day is finally here! I have the honor of introducing you to some great blogging friends. These ladies are incredible not only because they are amazingly talented and inspiring, but … ** Read more **

How to Make Room For What You Love When Too Much Sparks Joy

The Inspired Room - Entry Hooks

There are plenty of things we tend to hang onto in our home that we know is just unnecessary clutter. The problem those of us who are home and decor lovers face (I'm guessing you are a probably home-lover since you are here at The Inspired Room) is … ** Read more **