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Eye Candy: Lamps

by | Aug 20, 2007 | Decorating Inspiration | 7 comments

Some eye candy lamps, just for visual fun!

Whatever your taste or style, you can find a lamp that makes a visual statement. Why have a boring lamp when you can have one with a personality! The possibilities are of course endless, these are just to get you thinking. All of these lamps are under $200 (except for one).

You can find much better deals at flea markets and garage sales, so don’t pass up a vintage beauty–a diamond in the rough!

You can make a lamp out of almost anything, so enjoy being creative and have lamps no one else has. Lamps with personality will give your home a visual punch and an individual flair.

Eye Candy: LampsEye Candy: LampsEye Candy: Lamps

Lampshade Anthropologie $38

Teardrop Light Anthropologie $268

Garden Toile $18 and up

Flowering Thistle Anthropologie $68

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  1. The Feathered Nest

    I love Anthropologie and Ballard! Funny you should do a post on this – I was looking at lamps today. I want to revamp some of my lampshades too.


  2. Rhoda

    Hi, Melissa, these are all beautimous lamps, but I’m way to cheap to spend that kind of money on lamps. I know it’s probably worth it to put in some upscale lamps around the house, but I still love my yardsale finds & the ones I’ve had for years. I do love to change lampshades too to give them an updated look. I did a post on lamps several weeks ago, probably June. I love pretty lamps too!


  3. melissamichaels

    I will check out your post on lamps. I agree, there is really no need to spend a ton of money. Of course, not every one takes the time to hunt down bargains so there are those who will spend a pretty penny for a special lamp! And it is sometimes worth it to have a couple of really special eye catching ones, they can make such a statement. And making a visual statement is the key, whether you spend $100 or $5, why be boring right?!

    I personally like to look at the fancy stuff for inspiration. But I think finding a bargain and fixing it up is well worth the effort. It is hard to find nice lamps under $200! A new shade or some paint on an old one can work wonders, huh? I will post on my creative attempts sometime too, just so everyone can see the full range of options! Or even better, I will defer them to you, project queen! :-) Thanks for the comment, Rhoda!

  4. Karen

    I’ve been enjoying your blog!

    This post is especially timely as my 2-year-old son just broke a lamp tonight. Thanks, and have a great evening!

  5. Terri

    Incredible post! I love it! Melissa, it’s amazing but that teardrop Anthropologie lamp is a great find. In our new house we have a lovely purple Moroccan looking lamp, in the foyer, that people seem to love. I’ve been thinking I would like to find another similar, but it’s an antique and unusual. Then I see this teardrop and although it is different it is so similar in shape and style. Perfect. I may be ordering this one. Hope Anthropologie ships to Canada…! Talk soon, Terri x

  6. melissamichaels

    Glad it was helpful. I love feasting my eyes on lovely things and expanding my appreciation for beauty in unexpected ways! That Anthropologie lamp would be quite wonderful, wouldn’t it? I hope you can get it! :-) Thanks for the kind mention in your blog. I’m not worthy! Really! But I do thank you. Have a wonderful visit with your friend and we will see you around soon!

  7. Joanna

    Just surfed onto your site from Terri’s (Wind Lost)… beautiful! I am such a big fan of Anthropologie – I own a few items of their clothing so far. Those lamps are gorgeous… I am definitely going to make your site one that I visit for inspiration!
    Thanks :-)


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