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McMaster and Storm Giveaway

by | Dec 2, 2007 | Creative Inspiration & Projects

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McMaster and Storm Giveaway

McMaster and Storm Giveaway


To find the McMaster and Storm Gift Wrapping Tutorial, click here. The tutorial is divided into four posts, labeled Gift Wrapping Tutorial, part one through part four.

Wow, can you believe the awesome gift wrapping ideas the ladies from McMaster and Storm shared with us? They are amazingly creative, I am really wanting to try some of those ideas. Boy do I wish I could visit their shop! Be sure and contact them via their blog or email address if you would like to make a purchase from their store. Word is they will have an e-commerce site up soon, and more exciting things are in the works for them! Thank you SO much for sharing, Kara and Darcy!

As if their tutorial wasn’t enough, they have put together a fantastic assortment of gift wrapping goodies for a lucky winner! Please leave a comment on THIS POST between now and Saturday December 8 for the drawing. Feel free to comment on all of the posts (in appreciation for our lovely guest contributors!), but don’t forget to leave one here! However, there is a small catch, just to make it fun and spur our creativity as we head into gift giving season!

McMaster and Storm Giveaway

In order to be entered into the drawing, please leave a comment sharing your favorite creative gift idea. Something any of us could find or put together pretty easily to make a fun gift. What are some great ideas for filling those boxes Kara and Darcy shared? I loved the idea of lots of little gifts within the big gift box. So much fun to open! We can all use ideas, so share away!

Have fun and best of luck to everyone! The winner will be chosen at random and announced here by Monday December 10.

McMaster and Storm Giveaway

McMaster and Storm Giveaway

Thanks again, Kara and Darcy!

Don’t forget there will be another fabulous giveaway this week from French General, so you will have yet another chance at winning a prize! More inspiration to come, click here for A GLITTERING ICE SCULPTURE PROJECT!


  1. Naphtali

    i like to look for vintage purses, platters, bowls, etc all though the year and then use those items to package my gifts. placing lotions, soaps and candles on a vintage tray makes your gift seem so special!

  2. Lori

    The gift wrapping tutorials were wonderful and I will be sure to try them this year. I’m not very creative, but I will use scarfs, sheets, blankets and wall paper to wrap my presents. I also use many of the shells and stones and sea glass I collect during the summer to decorate the present. This makes the gift wrapping also part of the gift. I will even use fabric headbands to decorate smaller packages instead of a ribbon and use a barrette instead of a bow. I go to tag sales during the summer to collect all my goodies to use as wrapping and for the decorations for the gifts.

  3. shelbi

    did someone say my 2 favorite words in the whole wide world…??? !!! ‘french general’…!!! oh. my. GAH! please please please allow me to enter into that most amazing of all give aways!!

    girl, YOU rock! and come on over to my blog to get your ROCKIN GIRL BLOGGER award….cus i have nominated you…you are just so amazing. i love your blog, it always make me smile to come and hang out with you!
    hugs and a big fat smooch!

  4. Elzie

    Oh, you make it difficult for me Melissa!! I’m not good in wrapping presents normally, uses the ordinary paper and braid. But for my DH I would love to make a lovely thing with red, glittery paper and a lovely braid for it. AND a big, big bow. And inside it’ll be his favorite book of his favorite author (the only one he reads actually LOL).
    Hope you’re having a good Monday.
    Love Elzie

    PS! I missed all the wrapping things yesterday. Must get a look at them now.

  5. All Things Bright and Beautiful..... Creativeflairchic

    dear Melissa, heres an idea for wrapping for Christmas biscuits/slice/food etc, from my friend Joan & if I win I’ll pass the prize to her – she is the QUEEN of Gift wrapping.

    Take one of those white plastic thin bin liner bags
    – put the paper plate with the food in the centre of the bottom of the bag. Gather the bag tight above the food, & tie with beautiful ribbon. Cut straight across the gathered bit about 6 inches above the ribbon!

    Looks like a beautiful half pompom when finished

  6. Teresa

    Gift ideas: both especially suited for the -many gifts in one box concept- manicure items…files, buffers, polishes, lotions–for the “girly girl”, and for a night on the town…gift certificates for dinner out, movies, coffee & dessert after! If the weather cooperates, I hope to visit McMaster & Storm over the holidays…there just 45 minutes away from my parent’s house.

  7. Teresa

    I mean “they’re”…it’s early here!

  8. Jill Flory

    One way I like to wrap a gift is to wrap a box in beautiful paper and then use part of the gift as the ‘bow’. An olive wood stirring spoon tied in with the ribbon, chocolate covered spoons with coffee or hot chocolate, a glass Christmas ornament, chocolates, and the list is endless! Having something on the outside of the package makes it so tempting and fun to savor what may be inside!
    Great fun here Melissa! Can’t wait to see what else you have coming this week!
    Jill Flory

  9. Kathy

    I work in an office with several women and I give a little something to each of them. So, I like to take inexpensive items and “dress them up”. Last year, I bought some pretty tin containers, added some green and red “fill”, a cellophane bag of homemade hot cocoa,a cellophane bag with mini marshmallows, a third with my favorite sugar cookies and complimented all with a bunch of peppermint sticks tied up. Each one tied with beautiful ribbon. It’s about time, not money. Thank you for the ideas using tissue paper! I loved them all.

  10. rosieswhimsy

    Three years ago, I made big, I mean big, Santa bags out of green big wale corduroy with a burgundy satin lining. I had the casing for the drawstring low so the tope edge would flop over to show the satin when they were sitting. I made one for each kid and put all their gifts inside. It made a great presentation and even though the kids are adults they smiled like children when they saw the bags arrive. That was a great memory :-)

    May I be entered now, please :-)

  11. Becky

    Never overlook the beauty of a wine gift tube/box as a gift container. I love to make and give stem gel candles that are so lovely on a beautifully dressed table. They are so wonderfully protected and pretty inside these boxes all layered in pretty and colorful tissue paper.
    Becky K.

  12. Dawn-Enigma Artist

    home baked goodies are a good choice this time of year!
    Cookies, Breads, divinity, peanut clusters, etc

    A Movie night gift of either a DVD (or two) or a gift card to Blockbuster (or the local DVD place), some boxed movie candy, a couple of bags of Microwave popcorn, and powdered drink mix (Kool-Aid, Crystal Light,etc or wrap up a 2 liter)

    I love giveaways!(so much I’m doing giveaways this month,too)

    Thanks, Melissa! Looking forward to this BIG week of Creative Inspiration!!!!

  13. Julie

    Great ideas already! I was just telling my husband yesterday that I want to buy parcel paper to wrap my gifts for under the tree. I’ll put raffia bows and red ribbon on them. He wasn’t nearly as thrilled as I am. But keeping with the whole country theme, won’t that be cute??


  14. Cerri

    Creative gift idea..I have had this mulling around in my mind and do not have all of the details worked out, but for one of my husbands gifts this year, I am going to make it a box about us. Matching his/hers mugs from Anthropologie, and gift certificates for dates. I am thinking I will include a gc to his favorite restraunt, movie tickets, a gc to the comedy theater. All sorts of fun things that we never seem to take the time to do these days. I want to include several different items in the box, so that they can be used long after the holiday is over, a celebration of “us” through out the year. (or at least the beginning of it! :0)

    Please enter my name to win the wonderful gift packaging assortment from McMaster and Storm.

  15. Lynn

    Hi Melissa, Ohhhh…this is so much fun. Last year I made peppermint bark to give as a small gift to my neighbors. I put the broken up bark in wine glasses, then tied it up with pink netting and pink bows. It looked so pretty and festive and the recipients had a sweet treat and then a pretty wine glass to use. ~ Thank you again and the ladies participating for putting together this wonderful week. xoxo Lynn

  16. Jennie

    What a fabulous giveaway!

    Over the past several months I have become a huge fan of etsy and am now a huge supporter of the mantra “buy handmade.” For years, I’ve scoured stores looking for the perfect unique gifts and etsy is the answer. I’ll wrap many of the etsy gifts in plain parcel paper tied with beautiful ribbons. The tags will all be made from some of my favorite etsy sellers.

    Happy Holidays!

  17. Claire

    Melissa – I learn so much from your blog – thank you for introducing so many great people with such creativity.

    I, too like the wine tube. One of my friends loves chocolate kisses – I purchased every kind imaginable and filled the tube with hundreds of kisses – it was a huge hit!

    Please enter me in the give away – it’s a great gift!

  18. Wendy Updegraff

    Great ideas from everyone! My kids and I love to buy brown parcel paper and stamp designs on them with different colors. We make our own wrapping paper! I also use photos as gift tags with the person whom the gift is to and who it is from. This idea started when my kids were too young to read but wanted to pass out presents Christmas morning. They just had to look at the photos to see who they were to.
    Thanks for all of the inspiration

  19. Chris Mattingly

    OOOOOH! I love McMaster and Storm! I happened upon them at the Country Living Fair, and have been talking about their style ever since! Please enter me in their gift wrap give-away!

    My tip for gifting is this – I keep a library of quote books around, and usually attach a hand-made tag with a meaningful quote on it to the gift…usually a quote that ties the gift and the person or event together….Happy Giving!

  20. Ellen

    I enjoy making breads as gifts. I like to wrap the bread in plastic wrap, then wrap a pretty kitchen towel around it and tie with a big bow… very festive looking and fun to vary with the holiday or occasion.

  21. Susan

    LOVE everything on your blog!

    Please, please enter me in the giveaway!

  22. Sherry M

    Love giving my “favorites” for the year. Last year were sunglasses with a mixed cd of summertime music from iTunes. Several chinese takeout containers held fabric fortune cookies with “clues” about the gift. This year I will be shopping at McMaster & Storm for new favorites… I live close to nowhere! Going to Greenville tomorrow! Thanks for the inspiration! Enjoy the blog.

  23. Debe

    I like to keep on the lookout during the year for plates at thrift/antique shops that are inexpensive. Then when I give a plate of cookies as a gift at Christmas, they can keep the plate! Not very original but that is why I love blogging. All of the wonderful ideas that aren’t mine but I get as gifts.
    Thanks for the grand tutorials from Kara & Darcy. We will be visiting Ohio in the summer…I will *find* you!!

  24. Tamara

    This has been a great series of tutorials. I love creative gift wrapping ideas! I love your use of tissue paper, and all of the cute embellishments. Sometimes I like the simplicity of a beautifully wrapped gift with a hand-made bow, but I often look for something out of the ordinary to add. I love natural/outdoorsy packages, so I like to add a sprig of cedar or an oak twig with an acorn still attached. I’ll tie these items on with jute twine, raffia, or scraps of fabric. For kids’ gifts, I love to make the wrapping “fun”. One year I wrapped my nephews’ gifts in white shirt boxes with large floral paper ribbon bows in their colors. (I have triplet nephews, and each has an “assigned” color-coded color to keep things organized.) Then I used matching Sharpies to write a secret-coded message all over the box(they were having a spy-themed party). This year, they got a shared gift. Wrapped in brown kraft paper, and with the same 3 colors of Sharpies I wrote their names in many different fonts all over the large box, then added a coordinating hand-tied bow. Sometimes at Christmas, I’ll make Christmas fabric sacks (open on the top), then tie with ribbon around the top of the sack. These are great for awkward-sized items, and make a nice, strong carrying sack for carting “loot” home.
    I like to use unusual “ribbons”, like ric-rac, shoe strings, yarn, paper, wire, etc. At Christmas, I generally use simple, coordinating wrapping paper (elegant, not kid-like), so I like to add something more cute & kid-friendly to kid’s packages…yarn pom-pom bows, tiny stockings, funny ornaments, etc.

    Thanks for sharing your great ideas!

  25. Lisa

    When giving wine as a gift, I always place the bottle in a nice fabric wine bag. Most linen stores have velvet and organza bags in holiday colors this time of year.

    Also to dress up the wine bag, attach a small vine of faux grapes to the tassle after lightly brushing random areas of the grapes with gold paint. It looks really festive.

    You can find the plastic grapes, acrylic paint and brushes at just about any craft store.

    Happy Holidays!

  26. Lorrie

    One of the special people on my list has asked for flower vases for Christmas. She’s a new bride and loves arranging flowers. I thought I’d find some vases at the thrift shops, a new one or two, and then package them all in a storage box that she can use year-round. I’ll also wrap up some floral tape, wire and clippers to go along with it. Some ribbons might be fun, too. I’m wrapping all my gifts in recycled grocery store paper bags (printed side in) and will tie up this parcel with a wide green ribbon and add some fabric flowers for the bow.

  27. Amy Wald

    I found this great idea I’ve been using for hostess gifts. Take a 12inch mailing tube and cover it in pretty papers. You can embelish with ribbon, stamps, jewlery, whatever inspires you & fill it w/ 5 votive sized candles. I have been taking this as hostess gifts when we go to a get-together. Thanks for all the inspiring ideas. I can’t wait to start wrapping!

  28. diane

    I love giving handmade gifts. We usually try to do that each year, if time allows. One of my favorite gift ideas for the men in our family is custom bookplates. My husband and I both come from a family of readers. We designed custom bookplates on the computer and then printed the bookplates on adhesive backed paper. We usually find a great small box to wrap them in and also serve as the storage box for the bookplates.

    Thanks for doing a drawing!

  29. sondra

    I like to create my own gift tags. I have a few in my etsy shop now and just put some more together, which I posted on my blog yesterday. It shows that some effort and thought went into the little details. Loving the giveaway goodies!!

  30. julia

    Last year we gave our friends B-bq theme containers.
    I bought medium oval galvanized buckets (from local hardware store, or feed store) and filled them with bag of mesquite,three varieties of b-bq sauce, dish towels,salsa,bags of homemade carmelized pecans for salad topping, and i used a burlap bag underneath to showcase it all (with newspaper to “fluff” it up underneath) we even put in a bag of tri-tip,a few intersting bottles of soda pop and sweet treats nestled in and around the other goodies. I topped it off with a big bow of burlap like ribbon with red and green Christmas greenery. They were beautiful and everyone absolutely loved them.
    Thanks to everyone for sharing all your super creative ideas, I already feel like I have won a prize!

  31. Cre8Tiva

    i love to paint brown wrapping paper for my gifts…and my gift tags…i love to use the 18K gold pens to embelish…thank you for doing this melissa…it was a great gift to your readers…blessings, rebecca

  32. Terri

    Creative gifts! I love them. But I am a simple girl. One of my favorite Christmas gifts is baking. I love to receive it and love to give it, especially to older relatives who no longer like to cook. What I do is a variety of baking and then package it in beautiful Chinese food boxes. Usually I spend some money and get really beautiful ones, with patterns. Then I pack it up with layers of squares or cookies, separated with layers of parchment paper. Then I close it up and put one of those stickers “From the kitchen of..” on it, and wrap it in a beautiful silky ribbon and bow. It is always a hit!

    The other creative gift idea I’ve done before is making my own gift wrap using photos and images I have around. Take a lovely black and white photo, a landscape scene, a vintage post card, etc. and photocopy it onto good quality paper or colored paper. Then use it as wrap for a small gift. Or wrap in white paper and use the photo, cut to size, on the top surface of the gift, lightly attached. Then, a ribbon and bow. They look really lovely. :)

  33. kari & kijsa

    Great stuff as usual!

    As for our ideas- monograms, monograms, monograms! We love these- We use oversized letters coordinated with paper and ribbon, large tags with handpainted monograms, wispy intricate monograms on watercolor paper (heavy poundage) with punched holes and woven ribbons….Even printed or stamped monograms on the wrapping paper…the list goes on! From simple and elegant to over the top!

    kari & kijsa

  34. Vee

    Just wanted to say that I’ve enjoyed peeking in…very creative and lovely wrapping ideas. I particularly like the idea of hat pins.

    The only semi-interesting thing that I’ve done is to wrap Christmas foods in a beautiful linen dishtowel with a scrumptious ribbon…perhaps tuck a wooden spoon in or a whisk. Oh, I also buy tulle by the yard and cut my own ribbons. Very feminine.

  35. Meghan

    I love the tutorial!! I am not the best gift wrapper, and I have actually developed quite a reputation for how poorly my gifts are wrapped – I try so hard, really! I am excited to try these new ideas this year!
    I often pick up small things throughout the year and keep them in what I like to call my gift armoire – special soaps and bath items, small picture frames, coin purses, pretty notecards, a compact mirror. And for kids, my favorite is making their own art supply kit – crayons, markers, stickers, paper….fun!

  36. Laissezfaire

    Thanks for sharing the tutorial. I love wrapping gifts and wouldn’t mind having a job wrapping gifts all day! ohh……I looove French General!!!!! …..loooveee…..very very muuuchhhh!!!!

  37. Laissezfaire

    Forgot to say thank you for your comment at laissezfaire! =))

  38. Wendy

    I like to find old cigar boxes to contain presents. You can line them with paper and collage the outside if you like. They make great boxes for kids to use later to hold treasures.
    Thanks for sharing.

  39. JO

    Being an artist I love to paint anything and everything I can get my hands on… I have a friend who loves gardening so I painted a huge flower pot with a touch of whimsy… bought garden tools and painted them to match the pot…got some seed packets… peat pots… a small gardening book… gloves that coordinate with the pot… well you get the picture… I filled the pot to the brim.. tied a lovely bow around it and watched her grin from ear to ear….

    Great give away … classy and elegant … cant wait to see what is next

  40. Joni Webb

    Melissa – thank you so much for these tutorials!! What great ideas to make a gift “POP out” of the wrapping! I can’t wait to try some of these ideas.

    Sorry I’m crashing you out!!! What is that all about? GEEE – I hope you are the only one!


  41. *Heidi*

    How fun! I’d love to win! (I came over here via Black Eyed Susan’s blog.) It’s fun to buy a portions of fabric matching either the gift or the recipent, then just easily tie up with coordinating satin ribbon! But, because not everyone likes fabric, another fun wrap is a vintage map from a hometown, or home-state. The map idea is endless and almost always enjoyed!

  42. Robin

    How about a movie treats box…maybe with a Hollywood Video Gift card…some theater candy and a package of microwave popcorn?

  43. Rhoda

    Hi, Melissa, I like creative basket ideas…putting together a personalized basket for someone…a chocolote lovers basket, Italian feast, soaps & bath salts, there are so many things you can do to personalize a basket…and make them pretty too!


  44. Vicki

    Wonderful presentation, I will definitely use the fabulous ideas that they shared!!! I definitely think I will be taking a roadtrip to McMaster and Storm!!! Thank you for sharing!!!

  45. Carol Casey

    Last year for my bunco club Christmas party, we were to wrap our gift as special as possible, I found a small old book with a charming green cover, I glued half of the pages together in the front, and the back half together as well, I took a craft knife and cut out a space big enough to fit a book store gift card in. Then I tied the book shut with a red ribbon, a sprig of Christmas greens and two jingle bells. It was a hit. Next time I make one, I think I will cut a hole in both halves, so that someone could use it as a photo frame.


  46. Susan Ericson

    Once a gift is chosen, I get crazy creative with the wrapping part of it..thats where the fun is. For teens, and anyone else getting DVD’s, I buy a bucket of microwave popcorn, put a little Easter grass in, and the gift along with some candy and cellophane wrap with lots of ribbon. I also like to buy little vintage items, wrap each one separately in a little box, color coordinating the wrap and make a tower of gifts again tied up with lots of pretty ribbon. I could go on and on. Susan

  47. Bejeweled

    What wonderful gift wrapping tutorials! As someone who is terminally gift wrap challenged, I can use all the help I can get!

    The creative gift idea I’m trying to pull off this year is chinese food cartons painted with holiday treats (cookies, pies, etc.) on the four sides, filled with holiday cookies for the neighbors. The top of the carton will have a big bow on it. At least, that’s the plan :)

  48. Polly

    How about filling the box with hard candies (peppermints, jolly ranchers, whatever) and hiding the gift therein. Or a handmade tote filled with individually wrapped gifts (a compact, a pretty hair-tie, a chic eyeglasses case). Or small toy rather than a bow on the box for a child. Hmmm… always lots of ideas but little time to apply them. =) Blessings… Polly

  49. Louise

    I like to use Christmas stockings as gift wrap for gift certificates, because they come in all sizes you can go big or small.
    What I do is put the Gift Certificate wrapped in pretty tissue with lots of ribbon in the
    toe and add inexpensive gifts some wrapped some not to fill the stocking
    One year for my sil the stocking was filled with warm pretty socks and a few snowmen
    ornaments all which I bought the year before on sale.
    a few years ago for my son’s teacher the gc was for a movie rental place so in the stocking I placed movie
    treats like microwave pop corn…
    Most adults don’t get filled stocking anymore so it fun for them and brings back happy childhood memories.


  50. Jill

    I think my best gift-giving idea this year is to my son who is in Germany, preparing to go to Iraq. We sent him 12 Days of Christmas – 12 gifts each with a numbered tag to open day by day during the 12 days before Christmas. I had a great time deciding the order of the gifts, scattering his favorite holiday candies among the more substantial presents, so when he’d likely be finished up with one treat he’d open another.

  51. Michele Corrao

    Thank you so much for sharing all the wonderful gift wrapping ideas,they were fantastic. Love all the great info your sharing.
    Thanks so much!

  52. Kristin

    Great gift ideas…lets see…

    A pair of simple-cozy slippers with hand cut felt flowers, stars, or your shape sewn on to the side/front of the slippers… take a wooden trinket box and write a special message or proverb on the bottom…anything hand painted…home cleaning service gift certificate with fresh cut/potted flowers…a salt crystal lamp or votive holder- great for anyone!

    I really hope one or more of these inspired you to give a great gift during this festive season!

    Please enter my name in the contest!

    I would love to wrap my gifts in these ornate goodies!

    Kristin O.
    [email protected]

  53. Deborah

    I don’t feel nearly as talented as a lot of ladies out there at wrapping gifts, so my best idea is to shop at McMaster and Storm etc. and let them wrap beautiful packages for me!!
    I do like to use Christmas ornaments on top of packages. I like to find cute ones after Christmas and really like to use the ones that say things like hope, joy, noel etc. Also bells and snowflakes and this year I found some really cute gold feathers! It’s very fun to read everyone’s ideas and to see the wonderful pictures and ideas you have been posting! Happy Holidays!

  54. girlmeetsglamour

    Yes, thanks for sharing these tutorials!!! I can’t wait to start wrapping gifts this year…isn’t it so relaxing for some reason!

  55. Tangee Hiebert

    It’s all so gorgeous, thank you for sharing.

  56. My Melange

    I love to make homemade gifts. Everyone always loves food. I usually pick one or two recipes and just make some in bulk. Last year I did some nuts. Either brittle or candied walnuts, spices peacan etc. I buy some clear candy bags, dressy wired ribbon and then I use simple brown lunch bags, fold over the top, make two holes, feed the ribbon through and tie. Then I use some sticky letters to label them! I include the handwriten recipe…if they like it, they can make more!!!

  57. Nicole

    The wrapping tutorials are very helpful – I’ve never been good at that part. I used to do hunts for my brother, though. I’d give him one small thing, and also a clue (usually rhyming) for where to go next. He’d have to follow the clues to either collect a bunch of small gifts or reach a big one at the end. It was great fun when we were kids.

    As far as gifts themselves, I’m ridiculously uncreative. Cookie baking somehow became my job, so now I just give cookies to everyone except my immediate family.

  58. lorraine

    one of my favorite ideas was to get ribbon printed up that says, “lorraine loves you”, and tie the package with that ribbon!

  59. chloe

    for me, the favorite thing is decorating the envelope with the gift card inside. no envelope shall ever be undecorated

  60. Lynda

    I save everything to embellish gifts … scraps of lace, silk flowers, baubles of any kind. This year I’m determined to use nothing but Kraft paper to wrap my gifts so that the embellishments will really stand out! Thanks for this wonderful tutorial! ~ hugs, Lynda xo

  61. Phyllis R.

    Here is a great little handmade container for small items such as bracelets or M&Ms! Scrapbookers will have plenty of patterned paper on hand.

    Cut a 6″x6″ square (size can be adjusted, but these are so cute!). Place adhesive along one edge and make a tube (pattern side out), adhere securely. On the bottom end of the tube squish it flat with the seam slightly off center. Make creases on each side that measure about 1/2″ from the bottom. Fold up the the bottom 1/4″ (or slightly less), adhere with adhesive (you can fold twice for a more finished look). On the top end of the tube squish it the opposite way so the tube ends up looking somewhat like a triangle (instead of a pillow if you squished it in the same direction). Again make creases on each side that measure about 1/2″ from the top. Fold the top over about 1/4″. You can punch a couple of small holes in this top fold and thread a ribbon through to tie your tiny package.

    It’s kind of hard to give directions for a project without any photos, but this is really very easy.

  62. Cecilia

    Wow, I am not very creative, that is why I visit here for neat ideas. LOL… But I will try.

    I have made homemade sachets. You can whip those up pretty darn quick with some oils, fabric and pillow stuffing. Oh and of course some silk ribbon accents and some lace. Lavender is my favorite fragrence to use. But I do have an addiction to the smell of balsm oil. My designs are really basic.

  63. Marcia G

    Sure would love to win this festive gift wrap for this holiday season!


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