So far, so good

So far, so good
Oh, wait. It isn’t 2008 yet. False alarm. Sorry.
Back to the truffles people, you’ve got another day.
Time’s up! Wishing you all the success in 2008!
I know it is hard to tell, but that photo is not really us, it is from cottage living.


  1. ha ha good one…. LOL

  2. that’s hysterical!

  3. Now you really made me disappointed. I thought it was you and your hubby working out. Well, you can’t get it all. Have a great holiday anyway LOL.
    Love Elzie

  4. We are expecting an increase in the number of folks at our local gym starting tomorrow.

  5. First grin of the morning!

    I’m trying to eat everything that shouldn’t be here by Wednesday. Probably going to make myself good and sick.
    Licorice sticks for breakfast…hmmmmmm.

  6. Haha….I am rolling out of the sofa!

    Wanted to stop by, leave you a message. I really Enjoy your blog, tons of gorgeous pictures. In my eyes you have created an unique world, many thanks!

    Have a splendid celebration tonight girl!!

    Kisses from Holland

  7. He! I started the day before Christmas! Darn holiday pounds…

  8. Hey, how’d you get that pic of me and hubby? LOL! Yep, I’ve told myself tonight (party) is the last night of eating junk and then back to normal eating!


  9. Brilliant! I have a few more days of amnesty as we will be in the US til the 8th, but after that… I’m taking up Pilates on the grounds that I know I will be too lazy to leave the flat on cold February days after the first wave of enthusiasm has worn off.

  10. Now that was funny! Hope you’re enjoying those truffles… I’m going to have another piece of pie with my coffee.

  11. Ha, ha! Here I sit eating my raisan bran, like a good girl. The truffles are in a bag on the kitchen table. And I’m going to spin class at noon!

    Happy new Year, Melissa!


  12. LOL….you are the best!

    blessings, kari and kijsa

  13. HILARIOUS! I just hit the lindt milk chocolate balls for a last hurrah! LOL!!! Happy New Year to you & your family!!! :) chris

  14. Too funny!
    Seriously, I’ve gotten to move soon or I’m going to turn into leftover dip!

  15. Tee, hee, hee….

    Yes, no jumping the gun!!! Still time for Champagne and hot Artichoke Dip and grapes and Roasted Peppers with Brie and crackers and chips… tonight! ,-))))

    Happy, Happy!

    We will get healthy again, come … how about Jan. 2? ,-)


  16. Ha-Ha!!!
    We wish you all the best in 2008 Melissa! So glad we found you!
    Kara & Darcy

  17. Well there goes that chocolate chip cookie with nuts that I just demolished….. right to my HIPS!

    Good one Melissa!


  18. I ATE all my truffles already…had to get rid of the evidence before father Time got here…..

    Have a Happy Happy New Year!!

  19. I so stuffed myself with chocolates and treats last night with the reasoning: I only have 1day left so I’m going to eat it now while I can! So pitiful. Blessings… Polly

  20. Happy New Year, Melissa!


  21. I could have sworn this was you!

  22. Happy New year. Stop by my blog. I’m having a party for a friend of yours.

  23. Whew! You almost had me there! I have all my weights and exercise videos ready…but I’m glad I have one more day before starting!

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I enjoyed reading yours and seeing your decorating ideas.

    God bless!

  24. Whew!

  25. Girl – you make me LAUGH!!
    Off that tread mill and back to the computer I say!!! :-) Hugs All Things Bright

  26. Haaa! I love it! I just finished eating a Lindt Lindor Truffle and the second one is currently melting in my mouth! Hmm…the bag is still sitting in front of me and those chocolate balls are staring at me. I’ve still got 22 minutes til midnight – hee hee!!

    Happy New Year Melissa!


  27. Sweet Cottage Dreams says

    Hey, this should be me! After back surgery, the weight just seems to stay put! Great post!

    If only I could be skinny again like Nicole Kidman! grrrrrr!




  28. Too funny!

    Loved all the inspirational quotes from your previous post. Happy New Year and all the best to you and yours in 2008. Linda

  29. oh, i just knew that was ya’ll in the picture and i thought, boy, they don’t waste any time! lol…Eat another piece of chocolate and one for me!
    Thanks much for the birthday wishes ….Happy New Year!

  30. Stop the clock!!!
    keep those truffles coming!!!
    Happy New Year Melissa.

  31. Ugh. I hate working out but I’ve decided to try to put down the chocolate and go back to the gym too. Until last summer, I had worked out for15 years straight and quit because of headaches and boredom. Then I coasted for a year and now I am feeling yucky, so back on the wagon for me and everyone else, it seems!

    Your Christmas sounds amazing but extremely BUSY!! WoW!

    Hope you have a wonderful, wonderful, successful and healthy new year! Love to you and yours, Terri xoxo

  32. Ha ha, that was cute! Gosh, I wish I had that room, hmm and maybe that body, and maybe make over my hubby to that guy? :)

    Happy New Year

  33. michelle…ho ho ho…i think i can wait until after the turnip greens and black-eyed peas…right???…visitng you always brightens my day…may the spirit of a new year fill your home with an abundance of love, laughter, and joy…may the magic of the moment bring peace to your heart all year long…may your creativity take you to amazing places and may you experience the resulting bliss…much love you and your family…rebecca

  34. Esther Sunday says

    I would love to have a room like this! That’s not you? Really? ; ) Happy New Year, my friend! Love ya, Esther

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