Sweet Escape: Stunning Rooms

Sweet Escape: Stunning Rooms

Let’s take a peek at some stunning rooms, shall we? After a few weeks of feasting on tasty food that went straight to my hips and pondering food for thought, I thought I’d induldge in another of my loves, a feast for the eyes! Yeah, there’s a theme here. My friend over at Things That Inspire featured a virtual Dream Home to kick off the new year and define her taste at this point in time. It was very fun and she has great taste, go check it out! I might try to put together my dream house next week when my brain returns from vacation.

Meanwhile, I am going to get myself back into my design phase of blogging (oh, yeah, that!) by gawking at some lovely & jaw dropping rooms. Just for a fun escape from all of my holiday boxes now strewn all over the house (and to keep the feasting going)! Enjoy some beauty, just don’t drool on the keyboard. That is so messy.

Sweet Escape: Stunning Rooms
Sweet Escape: Stunning Rooms
Sweet Escape: Stunning Rooms
Sweet Escape: Stunning Rooms
Sweet Escape: Stunning Rooms
Sweet Escape: Stunning Rooms
Sweet Escape: Stunning Rooms
Sweet Escape: Stunning Rooms
Speaking of Dream Homes, did you know you enter can win one? Yep, it would be quite a dreamy place to live! Go to HGTV for details! Contest is on now so don’t miss out! This is really generous of me to share this because I am limiting my own chances of winning.
All of these photos are from Architectural Digest
Designers Alexa Hamilton (green room, plaid dining room, golden living room & entry), Mario Buatta (pink bedroom), Victoria Hagan (top kitchen), Countess Angelika Bolza (bottom bedroom), top image dining room of the Palazzo Pucci, Italy, Mariette Himes Gomez (bottom kitchen).


  1. These are really beautiful. Thanks for the relief from the hum-drum of my tired rooms. I love the first white kitchen the most. Wish mine looked like it.

  2. Penny, Mosaic Artist says

    WOW! And I really mean WOW! Those rooms are stunning.

  3. Oh.My.Word! So much eye candy!


  4. ah..yeah!
    Gosh, I think I found my dream Kitchen…uhm..bedroom..I mean sunroom!LOL!

  5. Love the white kitchen. The rest, though obviously gorgeous, are a bit over the top for me!! I am just a simple Vermont girl at <3 ( heart).


  6. If you can gain weight in your eyes, then I just did because I really feasted on this wonderful post. Thank you for a heaping helping of inspiration! I love your blog. Check out my new one http:/www.bayoucontessa.blogspot.com
    May we trade links?

  7. What gorgeous dream homes……every room more beautiful then the other. Linda

  8. WOW-eyepoppingly gorgeous! Love the coffered ceiling in the Tudor dining room. Thanks for the inspiraton,

  9. Oh My Gosh! These really are stunning rooms! Do people REALLY live like this??? Will they adopt me? lol Melissa, I hope you and your family have a truly amazing 2008. Happy New Year sweetie!
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  10. Great collection,thanks for sharing and happy new year,hope you a great blogging year!;)

  11. Thanks for rooms full of eye-feast! Truly beautiful rooms.

    Wish you equally amazing and beautiful, bountiful 2008!

  12. Seems I’ve been a bad visitor the last few days. One thing is that I have began to work 50% again and it takes most of my time (!).
    I loved the pictures you showed us. Would be great to have such a big kitchen. Guess I could place at least 3 of my own kitchen into one of those on the picture!!
    Hope you have a good day.
    Love Elzie

  13. Oh lovely. I love the blueish bedroom!! I am falling asleep the bed right now. zzzzzzzzzz

  14. Thirkellgirl says

    You have a thing for complicated upper-walls, don’t you? :) LOVE most of the photos, especially the kitchen. Happy new year! I check your blog daily. :)

  15. Yup, stunning is right. A bit too stunning for me as I am a very simple gal. (Should I confess that?)

    Some color combinations that I would never have tried, but I really like particularly in the first photo. Off to follow your links!

  16. OK, now I’m properly inspired. Maybe I’ll get busy & start doing that decluttering that I’m supposed to be working on. I’m getting a slow start into the new Year & laziness has crept in!


  17. Beautiful rooms, I really like the biiig windows in some of the rooms:)

  18. Those are the kinds of rooms that make me feel the need to remove my shoes before entering! *lol* Stunning!


  19. Just gorgeous!!! I think that first bedroom and kitchen are my very favorites.

  20. All of the rooms you posted are lovely, but I absolutely love the kitchens! I especially love the first one.

  21. Melissa,
    Love all this gorgeousness on this cold winter morning. That pink bedroom by my over the top hero, the prince of chintz himself, Mario Buatta is my favorite of all.
    Haven’t been around much but have so enjoyed catching up on all your posts of late.

  22. Thank you for the rainy day inspiration! i will have to get brave and post my “designer” kitchen one of these days. it’s inner city chic (gold penned bible scriptures tagged over my very old kitchen cabinets!) now very sentimental of course but oh for a kitchen like these.

  23. Sweet Cottage Dreams says

    Such opulence! My fav is the plaid dining room – so grand! I’d have just enough seating for family at Christmas! I can only dream of living in such grand rooms.

    You know, each year I enter HGTV’s contest and do you know that I have not been chosen one time!? ha. My fav was the home in Tyler, Texas. It was just perfect…..oh well….sad face…..

    Have a great weekend my sweet friend!


  24. WOW!! What gorgeous rooms!! I love that pink bedroom!


  25. oh my goodness…those are too nice. i would be afraid i’d break something. but i would love to sleep in that pink bedroom – even for just one night.


  26. cityfarmer says

    How’s you get into my house for photos???? haha

    I could stare at these all day!

  27. I love tromp le… whatever it’s called when they paint scenes on the walls =) I have clouds on my dining room ceiling but not nearly that gorgeous! And I love the last bedroom – so tuscan looking. Have a great weekend. Blessings… Polly

  28. Melissa, these rooms are amazing! I like the second one best–the green with the arches and pillars–elegant yet so cheerful–a sweet escape indeed!

  29. Melissa, You really know how to find such lovely pictures. Each one is yummier than the last. Always a treat to stop by.

    Happy New Year!

  30. Oh my! These are stunning! can you imagine living in such a place? I’d be afraid to make a mess.

  31. Wow~ I am late to the party! It has been a crazy couple of days, and I have not been checking my favorite blogs like I usually do. Luckily, a couple of your wonderful readers left comments and let me know about your post!

    Thank you for the mention. Thank you for the amazing pictures too! I think I may have a new kitchen for my ‘Virtual Home 2009’ (the 4th picture, with the white cabinets, black countertop).

  32. All I can say is WOW! Those are some gorgeous rooms. Just stunning. Melissa, I want to wish you a wonderful New Year. I really appreciate hearing from you. Maybe we can try to get together over at Monticello soon. First I still have to put away Christmas. I keep procrastinating on that one.

    Best wishes for a fab 2008!


  33. Such beauty! Thanks for getting the escape!

  34. oops, I meant to say- Thanks for the escape! LOL

  35. looking so pretty over here- what I could do with some of that space!…but I would just fill it up with more stuff. happy new year, Melissa! xoC

  36. nelle tue foto ci sono case da sogno!!!!!!!!!!!!! ti auguro un merviglioso 2008!!!!!!!!!!ciao mary

  37. Yes!!!!!!!!!!! I’m ready to move on from Christmas and onto design too!!! love, love, love that top dining room – it could bring tears to your eyes!

    Love this post!!

  38. Thanks for sharing those beautiful rooms. I especially love the one with the fabric canopy.

  39. Love the Sweet Escape rooms. My fav is the green room with the large white columns and and beautiful arches. Just gorgeous:)


  40. Jenn and Jacqui says

    Hi Melissa, Architectural Digest is an amazing magazine. Love that kitchen, serious wow factor. These beautful rooms remind us of those Grand County Manors you see in movies and can escape to for a weekend in the country! Bliss!! Jenn and Jacqui

  41. Gorgeous post!
    Sandra Evertson

  42. Ohhhhhhhhhhh, yummy rooms all.


  43. Esther Sunday says

    These rooms are beautiful!

    Hey, about your post above – happy early birthday! I have got to say that I LOVE my forties! I have a whole new awareness about myself and life around me and I love it! So much better than the 20’s and 30’s. Such a learning curve, was those years! Love, Esther

  44. Oh, be still my heart! These rooms are just Gorgeous! If only I go through the computer monitor and spend an afternoon in one of these!

  45. Ooops! I think I’m setting a new record for typos today. That’s “If only I *could* go….” :)

  46. OH MELISSA!!

    These ARE stunning – my fave is the pink one – beautiful! and the Green one above it is fab too!!.

    I have to laugh that you have turned the comments of on the 6 month post!! he he he:-).

    I know you’re a busy chickateeta so dont worry replying to my comment – I know there are lots here .

    I’ve been to visit and I think you’re great and as long as you know that – I’m happy:-)

  47. Wow…those rooms are truly stunning!


    kari & kijsa

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